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Review ANY Fragrance and you could WIN!

22 October, 2018 - 08:59pm by - First Lady | 20 Comments

We love reading fragrance reviews -  but we also know, they're the most difficult type of reviews to write.  

Here are four talking points to use in your fragrance reviews that will make them amazing to read!

  • The Product.

Do you own the EDP or the EDT?  What size bottle do you own?  Is it your signature scent, do you use it daily or for special occasions?  How long have you been wearing it?  Was it a gift or did you choose it yourself?

  • The Scent.

What sort of notes does it have? Is it sweet?  Spicy? Fresh?  Floral?  Does it remind you of anything else?  Does it last through the day, or do you need to reapply regularly? 

  • The Bottle.

Do you like the packaging? Did it influence your purchase?

  • Price.

Is the product worth the price tag?

Easy peasy right?  No more - "This smells nice, I really like it" or "Smells great on my mum" reviews!

Review any fragrance this week and you'll go in the draw to win 1 of 4 bottles of the fabulous Thierry Mugler Aura fragrance!

Click here to browse fragrances!

T&Cs.  AKA. The Boring Bit

  1. Competition open to Beauty Review members only.
  2. To enter, a review must be submitted against a fragrance and approved by our moderator.
  3. Each fragrance review submitted per person is an entry.
  4. Competition closes midnight Monday 29th October
  5. Winners will be notified via their BR inbox on 30th October.


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28th October, 2018

i love my perfumes, as pierre cardin said " a woman is naked without her perfume", how true

27th October, 2018

I've always struggled with perfume reviews and have given up trying so this is really useful. Must give it another try especially since the winner is drawn on my birthday #feelinglucky

25th October, 2018

Looks awesome!

24th October, 2018

Love theirry Mugler fragrances!

24th October, 2018

Yum :)

23rd October, 2018

I'm a huge perfume fan, so this should be fun!

23rd October, 2018

Love the sweet scents of The Coach perfume and Juicey Coulture’s Sucre.. but too bad they are not available for review ...

23rd October, 2018

This is going to be a toughy, but I'm up for the challenge!

23rd October, 2018

I have two favourites - reviewed both - price doesn’t sway me, so I don’t comment on the price of them as hubby has always bought them for me so it’s a completely guilt-free experience for me!

23rd October, 2018

Katy Perry Meow is so so divine ...stays on all day and have had alot of compliments about it :)

23rd October, 2018

I would love, love, love to receive this fragrance, have done a review of a scent I love to use and will keep my fingers and toes firmly crossed here lol

23rd October, 2018

Done. There has been some fragrance reviews I've been procrastinating on.

23rd October, 2018

Wow beautiful!!!

23rd October, 2018

Ooooh that bottle is gorgeous!!

23rd October, 2018

That bottle reminds me The Wizard of Oz. On a separate note i don't buy perfumes that often though i would like to in future. Won't be able to enter this giveaway.