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How will you pair red lips this Christmas?

6 December, 2018 - 08:15pm by - First Lady | 7 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

images: via Pinterest

If there was ever an occasion for rocking the red lips, surely it was Christmas? Whether a homely family Christmas or a Christmas meal out, red is festive.  Red is ladylike.  Red is classic.

From bold and bright, to a little more red than your natural shade, red portrays confidence and femininity.  It'll also never look outdated - not even when you're scrolling through Facebook photos in twenty years time!

But here lies the eternal red lip dilemna - other than finding your perfect shade - is how to pair your pout.  Should you go for neutral eyes, or should you bring the drama with a smokey eyed look?


Will you be rocking red lips this Christmas Day?  How will you complete the look?

Get chatting below!

Will You Be Rocking Red Lips This Christmas?

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12th December, 2018

I have such fair skin I've never felt confident enough to pull off wearing a bright red colour lipstick

12th December, 2018

I totally know what you mean! red lipstick scares me a bit as well

12th December, 2018

It is a great Christmas shade! I can't pull it off that well, but love it on other people.

9th December, 2018

I love red, it's my go to shade for every occasion

9th December, 2018

I always wear my classic Chanel red lipstick on Christmas Day and pair it with sparkly silver eyeshadow and black eyeliner.

7th December, 2018

I do pretty much all the cooking on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve at my home so I actually go makeup free as it's just more convenient for later when my eyes are tearing from chopping onions. However when I take my yearly photo shoot for a new face book profile pic, I like wearing a red lippy and usually it's pics near the Christmas tree as well. I've done both and because of my Asian monolids a smokey eye doesn't show very much. I'm always wearing winged liner, lately I've been doing a more natural toned down eye with winged liner and so I'll probably do that.

7th December, 2018

Plus I kinda prefer that it's either the eyes or the lips that are bold or dark rather than have both compete.

6th December, 2018

Red lips is something I do not do often but I really like the look it is classic and timeless. I might just do it and wear my green/brown pigment on the eyes which looks like a dark emerald green. Christmas shades!

6th December, 2018

I love red lipstick.