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Put Your Best Face Forward! ... With Our Ten Top Rated Masks

9 June, 2019 - 07:25pm by - Head Pixie | 21 Comments


By BR Kellie

Maybe it's the change of season. Maybe it's the hormones. Maybe the evil pimple fairy decided to set her sights on me. Either way my skin's been giving me a hard time of late. Pimples. Acne. Wrinkles. Dullness. The whole shebang. What's a gal to do? Get her mask on! Whose advice do I take when I want to know the best mask for my situation... whether it be dull skin, dry skin, zitty skin - or all of the above? YOURS!

The keen observer would spot the Kellie in the wild swiping and tapping on her phone as she looks up skin care reviews on Beauty Review... and you know what? Your reviews haven't let me down. In fact a fair few of my favourites have made our Top Ten Top Rated* list of face masks. So what will help us put our best face forward? Read on...

10. L'Oréal Paris Pure Clay Purifying Eucalyptus Mask - 4.4/5

They say:  L'Oréal Paris Pure Clay Purifying and Mattifying Eucalyptus Mask combines 3 Pure Clays with the purifying properties of Eucalyptus to cleanse and mattify the skin.

You say:  I love this mask! After just one use, my skin felt tighter, clearer and definitely matte and seemed to stay this way for several days after! The pores on my cheeks and nose looked noticeably smaller and cleaner. Super impressed.  Beauty Review Member - jennys.



9. Oasis Beauty Fruit Smoothie Exfoliating Mask - 4.3/5

They say:  What is Fruit Smoothie?  It's a face mask and enzyme + physical scrub in one naughty little number!  It's a powerful but gentle multipurpose product for glowing skin in no time at all. Contains natural clay to draw out impurities for super smooth skin while the jojoba beads combined with papaya, pineapple and pink grapefruit exfoliate away rough skin. 

You say:  This is one of my favorite masks especially during summer! Although my skin is dry this exfoliating scrub leaves my skin feeling and looking smooth and bright and I love that I'm not putting any harsh chemicals on my face. I definitely recommend this product.  Beauty Review Member - suezy2001.



8. Evolu Rehydration Rescue Masque - 4.4/5

They say:  This luxurious facial masque will rescue your skin from the visible effects of long-term dryness and nutrient depletion. Potent botanical actives deliver deeper, more lasting hydration, to reverse persistent moisture-loss and restore balance.

You say:  I love the feel of it on my skin, it feels like a moisturizing cream and is so light that you can’t even feel that it’s on your skin once it has absorbed (which is very quick). It has made my skin feel so soft and dare I say, youthful. While I have the masque on, I can’t stop touching my skin as it feels amazing. It feels much more hydrated than it usually does, and actually the best it has felt in a long while.  Beauty Review Member - casabella.


7.  Queen Helene The Original Mint Julep Masque - 4.4/5

They say:  Mint Julep Masque is the original natural home treatment to absorb excess oil, and help minimize appearance of pores.

You say:  Usually products that are meant to absorb excess oil leave my skin feeling super dry and tight after removing it, but this one doesn't. My skin felt super smooth and like the oil had been absorbed but not super dry. It also didn't cause me to breakout which is always a plus too!  Beauty Review Member - Reems.


6.  Trilogy Very Gentle Hydra-Mask - 4.6/5

They say:  Treat stressed-out skin with a serious hydration boost. This luxurious mask contains maqui berry oil and nourishing sweet almond to protect, hydrate, and calm reactive skin. Breakthrough botanical complex SyriCalm® soothes and strengthens the weakened skin barrier for added protection.

You say:  My skin absolutely loves this mask. This mask is very gentle and there has been no burning, stinging or breakouts from this mask.  This mask definitely gives my skin a 'serious hydration boost’ and leaves my skin soft and smooth to touch.  Beauty Review Member - Emily-jane.

5. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask - 4.6/5

They say:  Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask have been used for centuries to beautify and refresh when used as a facial mask.

You say:  This face mask is intense. It really did what it said it would. Made my face a little red the first time as it said it would but literally felt so pure after taking it off and seeing extreme results.  Beauty Review Member - oliviajury_nz.



4. Alpine Silk Bee Venom Nourishing Face Mask - 4.6/5

They say:  This advanced nourishing face mask helps to relieve tired skin from daily stress.  Bee Venom encourages the stimulation of the facial muscles to tighten and firm your skin.  Vitamin E will assist in protecting your skin cells from free radicals while acids in the manuka honey help the clearing of dead skin cells.  Use regularly and enjoy younger, newer looking skin.

You say:  Am I impressed with this product? YES I SURE AM! It does exactly what it claims to do. I can definitely see and feel my skin looks firmer, plumper and more radiant, not to mention really moisturised and hydrated.  Beauty Review Member - kirstyg.



3. L'Oréal Paris Pure Clay Purifying Charcoal Mask - 4.7/5

They say:  L'Oréal Paris Pure Clay Detoxifying and Brightening Charcoal Mask combines 3 Pure Clays with the magnetic properties of Charcoal to brighten the skin.

You say:  I really loved the pure clay mask! I found a little bit goes a long way. It's super easy to put on and take off. It left my skin feeling amazing! So fresh and smooth. It's not overly priced and I think you will get quite a lot of masks out of it.  Beauty Review Member - Waynenrachie


2. Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask - 4.7/5

They say:  Energise, purify and deeply cleanse with rosehip, kaolin and pohutukawa. Mineral-rich kaolin clay delivers instant radiance with a deep cleansing action. Native New Zealand pohutukawa extract helps tone and regenerate while emollient oils rosehip and evening primrose nourish and hydrate.

You say:  Boy am I glad I picked this mask. Once I washed this off my skin felt ah-may-zing! My skin is incredibly soft (even softer than a baby's bum if you like) and it looks radiant. Using this mask really feels like I'm spoiling myself and is a nice bit of indulgence for my Sunday morning pamper routine.  Beauty Review Member - MrsLissy.



1. Skinfood Mud Masque - 4.4/5

They say: SKINFOOD'S  Mud Masque is made with nutrient rich Rotorua mud, which is known around the world for its healing and rejuvenating properties. Combined with spirulina, Vitamin E and apricot oil, Skinfood's Mud Masque, gets deep into the pores to help remove built up dirt and dead skin cells from the face.

You say:  This has to be one of the best mud masques around, and it's so affordable! The mud is nice and thick but easy to spread, and always leaves my face soft, clean, and glowing - no dryness. Definitely a winner.  Beauty Review member - KiwiLass.

There you have it! The Top Ten Top Rated face masks as voted by Kiwi women. Has your favourite made the list? Do you see one you'd like to try? Chat away!


*Rankings are based on overall ratings combined with number of reviews against each product.


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8th November, 2019

I definitely agree with jennys and her review of the L'Oréal Paris Pure Clay Purifying and Mattifying Eucalyptus Mask. It is amazing, and my skin feels wonderful, after using it!

25th August, 2019

I'm getting the Aztec mask later this week and so excited to try it :)

13th August, 2019

I have not been a mask fan in the past, having tried only a few, including Loreal and Alpine Silk, but will try to use one at least once a week.

12th August, 2019

Love the L'Oreal masks! Really keen to try the Aztec healing one :)

9th August, 2019

Will try some of these great list

7th August, 2019

Thanks for the list I will be trying Some of these out always keen for a good face mask!

15th July, 2019

I just purchase thr Aztec healing clay mask. Can't wait to try it!

25th July, 2019

It is amazing!

3rd July, 2019

I haven't used a face mask in a long time! No wonder my skin isn't looking the best!

19th June, 2019

Love the mud mask by skinfood

18th June, 2019

Oh I was wondering about the loreeal masks!! Gonna try them now

17th June, 2019

I have the Trilogy Radiance Mask and it's amazing!

15th June, 2019

I have Queen Helene it’s one of my faves. I’d love to try the Evolu and Trilogy. Guess I’ll be doing a face mask tomorrow. First time in ages .

12th June, 2019

The Oasis, Evolu, Trilogy Mud and Skinfood are some of my faves. I liked used the Evolu overnight because it really does work to give you soft skin although I have found cheaper alternatives. The Trilogy Mud is one I would repurchase because it's so gentle on your skin. I used to use it after a chemical peel to moisturize, soothe and deep cleanse my pores. Oasis is good for that gentle quick scrub. And Skinfood is great for oily skin when you really need to pull the gunk out of your pores and you want something clean and affordable.

11th June, 2019

I have some of these but haven't tried them yet. I've been slack on the skincare beyond the usual cleanse tone moisturise lately!

10th June, 2019

The Evolu one is next on my list...

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