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Pucker Up! Top Tips for Lush Lips!

16 September, 2018 - 08:16pm by - Head Pixie | 22 Comments

By BR Tabatha

Oh for a beestung pout! To have the kind of kissers that made people stop and stare. There's something lush, lovely and wantable about a plump pair of lips, and people have been known to go to extremes to attain the look (remember that horrible shot glass plumping trend?!) Luckily, we don't have to risk blood and bruising to give our lips a boost - we just need to get a little tricky with our makeup!

Before you break out your kit - prep the canvas. Exfoliate your lips, remove dead skin cells, smooth the surface. Then add a lip balm and nourish those lippy loos. Once that's done it's time to play!

First things first - skip dark colours if you're looking to make your mouth even more magnificent, as dark colours can minimise the look of your lips.

With that one 'rule' out there... here's what you do want to do...

A quick and easy tip to faux-largening up your lips is to apply lipstick all over your lips, then to dab a lighter shade in the centre of your upper and lower lips and blend it out a touch so that it looks nice and natural.

An even simpler way to achieve this look - but one that will need touching up regularly - is to apply lip gloss to the centre of your lips. 

Another tip that requires a steady hand and a little patience is to overdraw your lip - but just a little. Take a lip liner that's a touch darker than your natural lip colour and draw just outside the line of your lip. Once you're all lined, fill your lips in, pop on a nude colour, then apply the lighter lip in the centre or gloss trick for an instant pop of pout.

It's not just the lip colours and products you choose that can have an effect on your lip look, you can also contour and highlight your way to larger looking lips - and it's not even that hard to do! Yuss!

Grab a non-shimmery contour shade that suits your skin tone and apply it just under the centre of your lower lip, then blend it out. THEN, take a touch of highlighter and apply it to your cupid's blow.

And there you have it... No surgery. No injections. No bruising. No blood. Just 'naturally' larger looking lush lips! 

So are you a fan of the beestung look? What are your tips and tricks for enhancing your pout? Remember, sharing is caring!



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3rd October, 2018

Yeah I think when I was younger my lips were bigger I have nice sized lips but ithey are down turned so I look sad. Nobody is perfect

29th September, 2018

Not sure if I want my lips to look like they've been stung by a bee or got them trapped in a door, but I do like to have poppin lips. I just purchased the Soap & Glory Pucker lip product to see what it is like (haven't used it yet) but I have used a couple of products over the years but no favourite as yet.

27th September, 2018

I'm a fan of the natural plump lips but NOT the over sized doughnut pool floaty device kind =)

26th September, 2018

Thanks. I do need more of these tips hahahaha =D

26th September, 2018

Love this, am going to give these a go :-) Never thought to go light though...

25th September, 2018

Such great tips. I struggle to do my lips to make them stand out. These are so simple, quick and easy which i love. My favourite tip that i WILL be using from now on is the use of highlighter in the cupid bow!

19th September, 2018

This is intriguing - the tip to mix two is great!

18th September, 2018

I actually like my pout just the way it is :) my lips aren't too big or too small, but I always prep the canvas.

18th September, 2018

I agree with the exfoliating, it makes a big difference and the rubbing makes them more plump too. Lip gloss always makes my lips appear bigger also.

17th September, 2018

The highlighter on cupids bow trick is really nice, I use it all the time! A gold shimmer on a red or pink lip looks gorgeous.

17th September, 2018

I exfoliate my lips, but I haven't tried the other tips. I have to try them out, especially over drawing the lips.

17th September, 2018

Great tips here . My lips have been a bit dry lately

17th September, 2018

MickCick try some sugar mixed with honey as a scrub then moisturise. I actually just use a flannel to buff my lips. I don't like the injected look it makes them look like trout haha best to accentuate what you have.

17th September, 2018

Don't love the beestung look haha. I have small lips too but don't think I would have any injections or similar. These tips are awesome though and will definitely try :)

17th September, 2018

I find that if you want a more luscious lip, glosses and glossy lipsticks are the way to go. I have this liquid lipstick that's somewhere between a gloss and liquid lipstick but so pigmented, from Sigma and I love wearing that when I'm walking around during the day because the sunlight bounces off of it and makes my lips look juicy.