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Project Pan

1 January, 2014 - 10:34am by - First Lady | 42 Comments

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Article posted by BR Natalie

Have you sorted out your bathroom cabinet lately?  What about your makeup bag (or drawer, or closet?!).  If you're like a lot of women, when it comes to beauty products you hoard. 

We like lipsticks and nail polish in every available colour.  We want to try the latest black eyeliner, even though we have three barely used pencils already.  Why have one scent of shower gel when we can have a different smell for each day or mood? 

The "side effects" of the beauty bug are three fold - we run out of space, we spend a lot of money and we end up with too many half used products just going to waste.

Well once upon a time (not that long ago) a vlogger invented Project Pan.  The concept is simple.  You challenge yourself not to buy any more beauty products until you have used up x amount of your existing products.  So a Project 10 Pan would mean you couldn't buy any new beauty products until you had used up 10 of your existing products.  We've even read of a Project 50 Pan! 

Most people who take the challenge don't include necessities...if you run out of shower gel, you don't have to go au natural, but you can only buy a necessity if your stash of it has run out completely!

So for all the makeup, perfume and cosmetic hoarders out there - Project Pan - Could you?  Would you?  Should you?

What do you think of Project Pan?

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21st January, 2017

I have soo many products I simply know I will not use or finish... I must do something and make way for products I know I will use.

17th January, 2017

I don't know if I could do this challenge lol I am one of those "oooo new fad, gimmie a turn" sort of girls. I like variety and choices so I am never tied to one thing. I will eventually get to the bottom of everything but until then I will hook myself up with puuurdy things every once and a while.

17th January, 2017

this is a great idea. i have heaps of makeup and i still love buying more.

16th January, 2017

I think it is a good idea. I do try to use up creams before buying new ones, although it is very hard when I see a bargain! I also love buying and trying different kinds of makeup. I am fairly certain I have bought the same shade of red lipstick several times - only made by different brands! I do need to be more careful as I start to run out of space, and forget about things I already own.

16th January, 2017

Yes I have way too many unopened products!

15th January, 2017

I cleaned out my bathroom cabinet yesterday. Yay no unwanted products left and also found a few expired ones.

15th January, 2017

This is great idea! I have collected a lot of things over a couple years and now that I will be going to uni, my plan is to use them all up before I buy anything else! It will be hard though, always so tempted by new products!

14th January, 2017

I like project pa especially seeing them happen when vloggers have tonnes of makeup I don't need anymore makeup except for things I pan such as concealer and skincare hut for makeup I think I should be set maybe a darker shade foundation as ai on have cc cream

12th January, 2017

I already am trying to get rid of things before buying more but it is hard if you are trying to re sell and you like collecting different varieties of things

10th January, 2017

I'm on maternity leave with my second bub so going down to one income is awful as I have to restrict my beauty buys! I am currently on a no buy buzz until I go back to work in November and know I have more than enough to get by with but I still want more! Waaaa!!!!

10th January, 2017

I don't like to hoard, so I generally use up beauty products before I buy more. I do end up with extras though with the bbbe and the vault considered.

10th January, 2017

Oh boy, I need to do this so so badly!! I was motivated for a while, but I don't know what happened... Skincare is my Achilles heel. I def need to spend less time online shopping and more time washing my face!

9th January, 2017

I absolutely love this idea. I did a huge cull before Christmas, not with the intention of buying more, more for the fact that I really did have so much, I mean I did 83 lippies in the lipstick challenge and still had more! I am going to try this year. I did actually buy 3 lip glosses and one lippy, they were 75%off, I didnt stand a chance! From now on, only essential items, promise xx

9th January, 2017

I love this idea! Ill be giving it a go, project 10 pan that is, not project 50 pan lol. I love beauty products and most times I purchase anything on sale, this year I want to reduce what Ive collected significantly, Ive already given away at least half of my makeup to family and friends but want to get my collection down even smaller. 2017 is my plan to minimalise everything, beauty products specifically :D

9th January, 2017

So many products, I even have a box of new products, waiting, unopened. Unfortunately with these amazing beauty boxes, it is just so difficult! Some of my eye products I give them a deadline - current mascara and liquid eyeliner will be disposed of at the end of Jan. Currently I have so many cleansers, day creams, and face masks!


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