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Our Wish Has Been Granted! Flower Beauty is COMING!

24 January, 2019 - 09:01pm by - Head Pixie | 26 Comments


By BR Kellie


We're not dilly dallying on this. We're just spitting it out...


Remember ages ago when we wrote an article about brands we wished would come to our fair shores? Flower Beauty was one of them... and we've just discovered they truly, really, honestly are coming!

How do we know?

Well... we noticed that Chemist Warehouse in Australia had started stocking Flower Beauty, so we figured why not ask them if they're planning to stock it here?

Short answer? 

They are.


Stock will start being rolled out in store by early Feb is what our source at Chemist Warehouse told us.


At this point you'll want to live in Auckland or know someone who does as the roll out will initially be at Chemist Warehouse Westgate, Albany, St Lukes, Botany and Westfield Manukau.


Are you excited? We're excited! We've heard too many grand things about Drew Barrymore's brand not to be excited! First up on our list to try? The Light Illusion Liquid Foundation. Oh, and the lipsticks. And the Lash Warrior Mascara. And the EVERYTHING! (Thank goodness it is super affordably priced!)

So will you be doing everything you can to get your hands on Flower Beauty? What products do you have your eyes on? Chat away! 



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7th October, 2019

I would love to review some of the Flower Beauty products! I have been using some of them for a couple of months. None are currently loaded on BR to review

2nd March, 2019

So excited for this! love her products and hope they come to the south island.

8th February, 2019

I like her as an actress and her classic look she was a great promoter for cover girl!

7th February, 2019

Thanks for info on where to buy, we go shopping near that Chemist Warehouse at Westgate.

2nd February, 2019

I've been receiving their mailers and wanting to know where they are based. Thanks BR for the info. Sounds great!

1st February, 2019

I'm pretty exciteed aboutt thhis release!

31st January, 2019

I actually need to cut back on buying makeup this year so I know I shouldn't be looking into more things to want at this point.

29th January, 2019

Ooooh this sounds exciting. I love Drew Barrymore so definitely keen to try her brand eek.

28th January, 2019

Cool. I've loved following Drew's Flower Beauty journey on her insta.

27th January, 2019

I watched one of my YouTube favorites " Tati Westbrook" she had Drew Barrymore on her channel and they both were talking about her products

27th January, 2019

Greater choice is always good!

26th January, 2019

I'm so excited for this brand :)

25th January, 2019

Yaaaay I've been super keen to try Flower Beauty since it was released! They have botanical face masks I'm especially interested in.

25th January, 2019

Fantastic news! I first discovered this at Chemist Wharehouse Australia online and the products look great so super excited to hear the brand is heading to our shores.

25th January, 2019

Nice. I hadn't heard of it either but I'll look out for it. I guess it makes sense that if you wouldn't swallow it you shouldn't put it on your skin.

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