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The Beauty Vault - Aug
The Beauty Vault - Aug

Our Top Ten Halloween Looks

25 October, 2016 - 10:38pm by - Head Pixie | 26 Comments

By BR Kellie

Love it or hate it, Halloween is sure great for one thing – and that’s for discovering true makeup artist talent. I mean, it’s one thing to be able to contour yourself into a Kardashian, but it’s next level to create a look that will send little kids running for the hills, while leaving adults wishing they had some grownup nappies on hand.

So who’s wowing us in this lead up to the scariest day of the year (if you don’t count the horror that is the Boxing Day sales…).

Now she may have said on her post she wasn’t thrilled with the look… but whatevs, we were!! This look from the amazing Sophie Garth is all at once cute as a button and a tad unnerving. We wouldn’t want to meet that Cheshire Cat in a dark alley!


Lions and tigers and bears – oh my!! Nothing to fear hear – the beasts would be running for cover if they saw this version of the Tin Man by Samantha Ebreo. It’s fierce! Running for cover or fawning all over her that is…


There are a fair few Harley Quinn looks floating around at the moment – but our favourite? This badass look from janetteaikenmua. She really does look like she’s stepped out of the pages of a comic… not that we’d want to run into her in real life, because that Harley Quinn is cray cray.


Who looks absolutely edible? Nikkifrenchmakeup that’s who! How amazing is this look – half Little Red Riding Hood, half The Big Bad Wolf. Naughty and nice. Good and evil. Sweet as a cupcake and severely hungry looking. All rolled into one fabulous package. Oh to be able to wangle makeup brushes like her.










Actually, no, we won’t link to it. We can’t. It’s actually that amazing/gross. But you can check it out here (if you dare!).

So clowns. Yep. They’re back. And they’re scarier than ever. When they’re not freaking out people by lurking in towns across the world, they’re being so evil as to attack poor unsuspecting humans (so not cool), and if they’re not doing that they’re making terrifying appearances on Instagram. This work by akhanartistry certainly captured our attention. The clown fear is real.


Always dreamed of releasing your inner mermaid? Well this look is doing exactly that… quite literally.


It’s not just the girls that get to have all the fun, the boys can get their faces gussied up too. Check out this fantastic Frankenstein look! The bolts in the neck!!


Holy moly. When clay masks go wrong!! How amazing is this look from nerissamakeup? It’s a total showstopper – and to think it uses something most of us have sitting in our beauty cabinets. Although we’d hate to think what wearing a clay mask on your face for a few hours could do to your skin. The horror could well end up being real!


Oh gosh, after all that horror we need something nice. Something relaxed. Something chilled. Something… frozen.


Oh, hey frostbite Elsa. Making a Disney princess freaky – now that takes talent.

So there you have it… our top ten Halloween looks. So which are your favourites? What are you not so hot on? And are you taking Halloween to the extreme this year? Upload your looks to the Photo Wall - we’d love to see them!




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I like the prettier halloween looks, I think that the scary ones are far too gruesome for me!!

OMG I clicked the link and while pretty gross, that clown is the one that'll give me nightmares tonight!! Beyond terrifying :O These looks are all so amazing, seriously humbled to grace the list Kellie, shucks! Especially loving this original take on Harley Quinn amongst a sea of varying versions of her this year too.

The clay one looks amazing. Her eyes!!

I'm not one to be scared of clowns, but that one is very frightening!!

I think Sallyjos white walker was pretty impressive and unique

Omg I clicked the link and I'm alone lol gave me a huge fright . For halloween make up I'm loving full face and body art . I'm drawn to sugar skulls, zombies and animals. Halloween is my sons favourite holiday. w

Sugar skulls are so awesome!

26th October, 2016 at 8:40 am

Some really amazing talent there... just incredible <3

Woww that is some amazing detail!!!, absolutely love

WOW these are amazing! My faves are definitely the Cheshire Cat and the Big Bad Wolf - so creative. Love love love!

Incredible talent here!!! I love the clay faced one, and the clown is terrifying. I don't think I like the Red Riding Hood/Wolf as much as the others, but that's just personal preference.

Oh and so excited about dressing up and decorating for this Halloween!! My partner and I have some new upstairs neighbors including 3 young (ish) kids, so we want to go all out with decorating but make it more fun than scary. Cartoon-y ghosts and bats and witches with hats! That's the ticket

Wow well done :)

Yay I love Halloween! Yes they all look awesome.The clown is pretty freaky!

LOVE that you guys have featured a fellow BR member!!

love the detailing of the looks!!

These are so well done!

I've never been big on scary looks, I usually do something fairly non scary if I dress up for halloween. From these looks I like the mermaid and half red riding hood half big bad wolf ones best.


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