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OMG, Really?! Our Beauty Pet Peeves.

21 April, 2022 - 12:48pm by - Head Pixie | 14 Comments

by BR Kellie

What's the beauty equivalent of a blaring alarm you can't turn off? A beeping you can't find the source of? An itch you can't scrathch? Something that drives you mad but you can't do a single thing about. In other words... a beauty pet peeve. 

The beauty crew put their heads together and within minutes came up with a fair few. Things that, in the grand scheme of things, aren't that big of a deal but drive us a little big mad. Things like these...

Disappearing Bobby Pins

Where. Do. They. Go? Seriously. You buy a pack thinking they'll last forever and within months you find yourself looking under sofa cushions or fishing around under your bed for enough to keep your bun in place. They're the little magicians of the beauty world, but instead of disappearing stray hairs, they disappear themselves! 

That Little Last Bit of Product You Can't Get

Flawed packaging designs can be so irritating. Especially if a product costs a small fortune. You can see a goodly few days of usage just sitting at the bottom of a bottle, or in the corners, and no matter what you try - the scraping, the shaking, the lying upside down on an angle - you can't get to it. So. Frustrating.

Seeing People Apply Tester Lipsticks Straight On Their Lips

To be fair, I've not had to witness this lately thanks to the pandemic (who'd have thought we'd ever have anything to thank Covid for?!), but pre-pandemic the amount of times I witnessed people taking a tester lipstick and going straight in without sanitising it or swiping off the tip or anything was terrifying. How many germs are on that thing? Germs that aren't even yours! It's a hard no for me, and it takes everything I have in me not to grab a bullet out of a person's hand before the lipstick hits their lips.

The Hair You Feel But Can't Find

The hair is on your face. Or the back of your neck. You know it is. You can feel it. But no matter how much fossicking you do, how much swiping, you can't find it. The source of the hairy tickle settles for a second, then comes back. You take action to find it once again, and come up empty handed. So annoying.

Burning Down The House

Recently I spent a good half an hour trying to find the source of the most horrible burning smell. I searched up and down the house. I unplugged any and all electrical products I'd used that day. Then I saw it; the glowing, blue light that told me my straighteners were still on. Despite me being sure I had turned them off. Honestly, the fault lies with me in that I should've turned them off at the wall, but would it kill a manufacturer to add in an automatic switch that turns hot tools off once they've been on for ten minutes? Maybe even fifteen? I'd gladly pay a few extra dollars for that innovation over paying for the time and money of dealing with a house fire.

The Ever-Present Hair Around The Hair Tie

It's not the biggest deal, but that ball of hair that gets stuck around your hair tie, starting out small and quickly growing to the size of a rat is gross. Even if it's your own hair. It doesn't look cute. What's worse? The moment when you go to snip the ball of hair away with nail scissors and you accidentally cut the hair tie itself and then you're out of hair ties, because much like bobby pins, hair ties have a way of falling into beauty black holes.

Again, all of the above aren't the worst thing in the world to experience, but they're little irritations we could do without. Which makes us wonder...

What are your beauty pet peeves? What grinds your gears? Or are you pretty easy going and don't mind not being able to find a bobby pin or get to the last few drops of product? Get chatting below!



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25th May, 2022

Omg the tester on their lips!? ewwww. I have notices at our local farmers most the testers have disappeared due to covid. I did like the sanitizer tester by ecoya they had though

14th May, 2022

The Hair You Feel But Can't Find - hair in general on my face drives me crazy. I also think sharing mascaras is yuck. Loosing my tweezers annoys me. And when my kids get into my beauty products.

11th May, 2022

I have tweezers in my car permanently, I always seem to spot a stray hair in my rear view mirror.

9th May, 2022

Losing hair ties is up there. Finding other peoples bobby pins everywhere - I don't use them but still seem to find them in my car, washing basket etc. Totally agree with the hair on the face and the wasted product - so annoying!

1st May, 2022

I am hugely disappointed that there are so many products out there where it's hard to get the last bit out of the packaging. With some good, thoughtful packaging design this could be easily solved and it is a totally unnecessary nuisance and waste.

1st May, 2022

Yep, hair is a big issue - hair everywhere that is. Because My hair is white and very long, it turns up absolutely everywhere. I can see it wherever I go in my house and it totally fills my vaccuum cleaner. It's like white cotton lol

28th April, 2022

So many of the above (aaaahhhhh) .

26th April, 2022

Not being able to use an entire product due to the frustrating packaging design!!! Where I can, I will cut open packaging to get to the last smidgen of product. So much waste. Not to mention a stray hair that pokes me in the eye (often). Most of the time it will be one of our fluffy cats fine piece of fur. One teeny strand will weave into my eyelashes and do you think I can find it!!! And I can’t rub my eyes as it’s only when I have full eye make up on. Of course……..

26th April, 2022

Definitely that last bit of product you can't get... I now have a variety of methods for dealing with this, from sawing through thick plastic bottles or snipping through tubes to the classic gravity-feed option for glass jars. Funny thing is, my reward's usually just a small blob of product in the end. Not really worth the effort. But I can't seem to stop! Can't cope with the waste. I blame my Scottish parents :)

25th April, 2022

Definitely hate packaging where you can't get the rest of the product out, squeezy tubes are the worst for this so I always cut them open to get the remainder of the product out and often it's a lot! All hot tools I've owned have an automatic shut off after an hour for if they are left on so it's definitely a thing!

25th April, 2022

My peeve is definitely not being able to get the last of a product due to the packaging. I really hate waste.

25th April, 2022

Oh trying a sample of foundation in a store on my arm with cotton bud and it seems right color then when l use at home color is wrong !

25th April, 2022

Haha I hate the hair on the hair tie! Also when one is stuck to your face and you can't get it!

25th April, 2022

Definitely the hair thankfully my magnifying mirror is helpful there. Also when you've brushed your hair and notice later that one went down your cleavage and tickles.

1st May, 2022

And of course it is stuck to every hair tie!


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