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Do Your Hands Show Your Age?

29 November, 2020 - 11:05am by - First Lady | 7 Comments

Article by BR Natalie

Hi.  My name is Natalie and I'm 36 years old.  I have a few smile lines, a lot of fine lines appearing around my eyes and the odd grey in my otherwise virgin hair.  So I think, on my way up the hill, I'm probably on track, you know, ageing wise.  So on track that not too long a go I was asked for ID at the supermarket.  The glory was short lived, the supervisor barely looked at my driver's license - I was outed by my hands.  My decrepit hands which would be better suited at the end of the arms of an octogenarian.

And no, this isn't a complex, a fixation or me doing the girl thing of making a slight flaw into a mountain.  My hands are crepe-y, vein-y and dehydrated.  No matter how much water I drink nor moisturiser I slather on, I have old hands.  I watch period dramas wishing tea gloves would become the to-do thing again.

Misery loves company so I take solace in the fact that I'm not the only woman being outed by her hands.  So what's the deal?  Why no matter how young our face looks do our hands give in so easily to time?

The skin on the back of the hands is thin - much thinner than on our face or neck.  It is easily affected by the environment and the ageing process in general.  When hands lose plumpness, due to the breakdown of collagen and elastin and the loss of fat, veins and knuckles can start to look more prominent.  As we age, our skin everywhere gets thinner, so when you're dealing with the thin skin on the back of your hands any loss of 'fat' or collagen is noticeable.  Skin quickly becomes loose and crepe-like.

Now you could go the way of expensive laser treatment, chemical peels and micro-dermabrasions, or you could try one simple piece of advice, courtesy of my beauty therapist.  It's rocked my world, so brace yourself.

Extend your skincare routine to include your hands.

Here's a couple of pointers:

  • Sunscreen!  Anytime you are going to spend time in any amount of sun you should be using an SPF on any exposed body part.  UV rays interfere with collagen production - and  collagen is what makes our skin plump and young looking.
  • Extend your skin care routine to your hands.  When applying your moisturiser, night creams and serums, apply them to the back of your hands and fingers as well.  Morning and night!

So remember this young whippersnappers - look after your hands, starting now!  Wear gloves when washing up, doing the chores, colouring your hair.  Nudge, pout and turn on the puppy dog eyes every night, and get the hubby to give you a hand massage while you watch The Crown.  And if your hands have already started to show the signs of ageing - just include them in your skincare routine.  That miracle product that you rave about for minimising your fine lines?  Think what it can do for you hands!

So come on - hands up, whose hands are giving away their age?  What are your top tips for young looking hands?



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5th November, 2020

I think of my hands offen but get lazy and when I do use hand creams it usually gets washed off soon after. I have never sunblocked my hands.

3rd November, 2020

My hands are not too bad (not so my crepey arms - yick). I use moisturiser and when I get skin tags (the curse of aging) I smother them in banana (yep you heard right) and that gets rid of them. I think the banana is just good for skin in general though. I sometimes use it on my face as well.

3rd November, 2020

I must say my hands are really showing age! I don't think I ever sunscreen my hands

2nd November, 2020

I do need to look after my hands more. Every time I use hand cream I swear I then need to do something that requires me washing my hands, undoing all the good work.

2nd November, 2020

I do need to look after my hands more. Every time I use hand cream I swear I then need to do something that requires me washing my hands, undoing all the good work.

2nd November, 2020

I dont give much consideration to my hands aside from basic handcream applications many times a day. Will be taking these tips on board. Thanks!

1st November, 2020

My hands get so dry so I need to moisturise all the time. They really don't look bad for my age though.

3rd November, 2020

Sad but true - too much handwashing/sanitiser these days.

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