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6 Fabulous Products That Prove Orange Is The ONLY Colour You

21 February, 2018 - 08:25pm by - Head Pixie | 19 Comments

By BR Kellie

So a while back I was daydreaming about makeup, as you do, and my thoughts turned to eyeshadow. You see it feels like we've seen a proliferation of pink and reddy tones of late. Sure, those warmer hues always been around, but since Anastasia Beverly Hills brought out the Modern Rennaisance palette it seems like more and more palettes have come out specifically with those kind of rosy, pinky, reddy shades in them. They're pretty shades, no doubt about it, but part of me got to thinking... what about orange? Yes, the palettes do tend to have the odd orange shade thrown amongst the berry tones, and Urban Decay's Naked Heat was orangey - but more in a terracotta/copper kind of way, which is nice - but I want more! I want shades of tangerine and carrot, pumpkin and papaya. I want firey orange, muted orange, brownish-oranges. The lot!

Well - it turns out my waiting days are now well over, because the last few months have seen beauty brands pulling out the orange shades in a big way! Check these drool-worthy palettes out...

Natasha Denona. Swoon. Her Sunset Palette is divine. The not so divine part of it? The price. At US$129 it's a little hard to justify. Thank goodness there's another palette out there that's rather similar, in fact some say it's a dupe...

Yes, Please! Not only is that the reaction we had to to this palette (and it's far more affordable price) - it's also the name of it. Look at those sunshiney shades! It's happiness in a palette. Yes please, indeed!

While Urban Decay's Naked Heat palette didn't quite float my orange loving boat, the Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat with its burnt orange shade does. I have my fingers and toes crossed it hits Mecca, because I feel it needs to join my palette family.

Want to go next level with orange obession? The Morphe 35O2 Second Nature Palette is like an ode to a sunset. Or an ode to an autumnal day. A bit of both. Either way, we are here for it. 

If orange on your eyes isn't your thing, but you want to embrace the trend - then you can pop it on the toes for a delightful downward glance surprise, or make a splash and apply it to your fingernails. How gorgeous is the shade 'Cuba Libre' from Odeme? SO gorgeous! I want to add it to my orange nail polish collection... because I don't have enough already. (Yes, yes I do.)

Or if you're into all things bold, brash and beautiful, L'Oreal Paris Colur Riche Intense Lipstick in Orange Fever may well get you all hot and bothered!

It's a good day when the universe answers your makeup prayers! So, are you excited to branch out into orange? Are you ahead of the trend? Or does this shade give you the pip? Get chatting!

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The only time I will wear orange is for my nails. I don't like it in eyeshadows (I do on other people, just not me) especially don't like it in lippies. I have seen some gorgeous nails though.

I love these warm orange tones. It’s a Yes for me. I love using it as a transition shade.

I love the dark orange eyeshadow looks I have seen on Pinterest they look stunning

The Urban Decay palette looks gorgeous. I like eating oranges but not such a fan of wearing orange.

I like beautiful sunset eyes and orange is a dutch colour I am dutch too so yes I like orange

so romantic-wish it was my colour

22nd February, 2018 at 7:19 am

A big no from me! Orange is my least favourite colour to wear.

I love orange but it doesn't love me -I am totally the wrong colouring for orange shades but they look fantastic on my friend.

I barely ever wear anything orange, but is it bad that I still want all of those above products?! hahaha

I love the look of the oranges in the palettes - they're gorgeous, but other than my nails I probably wouldn't go near orange!!

Unfortunately orange and I are not good friends. I literally look like an oompa loompa when I wear that colour. The only orange I have is one bottle of orange nail polish and that is far as it goes. I only wear it for dress up parties lol.

I'm not so sure about orange, although an orange-pink is quite a nice shade for me in blusher, especially when I have a bit of a tan! Pro tip: Blood orange essential oil is really nice in an oil-burner :)

I can do lipstick and nail polish, but have to be careful about certain shades of orange on my face/eyes. A pinky peach is one of my favourite eye shadow shades though - it makes my hazel/green eyes pop!

With Autumn just around the corner, I am loving the orange toes idea, very nice indeed

I love orange, I had orange gerbras for my wedding, I own the Loreal Lipstick in Orange Fever. Using an orange eyeshadow really makes my blue eyes pop!

I love orange on my nails, and that lippy I’m peachy keen on


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