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The One Perfume Mistake We ALL Make!

23 August, 2020 - 12:44pm by - First Lady | 19 Comments

by BR Amelia

You'd think when it came to the very basics of beauty, we'd know what we were doing.  But then, every now and then we come across a piece of information and think "How did we NOT know this?!"

Case in point.

Do you spritz your perfume onto your wrist and then rub both wrists together?  Yes?  Well...


Turns out the act of rubbing kick starts the evaporation process which means the fragrance won't last as long as it could!  What you need to do is simple, so lets unlearn that old wrist rubbing habit and apply our fragrance like this:

Spritz on to each wrist, the chest and the BACK of the neck and leave to dry.

Other than less evaporation using this method, you'll also create sillage by spritzing onto the back of the neck.  Sillage is essentially the scent left behind in a room, a perfume memory if you will.

And one final tip - be sure to use an unscented body lotion daily to ensure beautifully moisturised skin.  Dry skin absorbs the water from the fragrance, meaning once again it will evaporate faster and the scent won't last as long!

There we go - the correct way to apply your fragrance.  So tell us, have you been doing it wrong all along?  Have we convinced you to apply it this way instead? 

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23rd April, 2021

I've read before you shouldn't rub wrists together but spraying back of neck good idea so will try that. Also read spraying back of knees good idea too!

22nd January, 2021

Yes I did know you weren't supposed to do this, but I can't seem to stop myself spraying onto my wrists then dabbing onto my neck. The moisturising tip is interesting too.

7th September, 2020

I've always rubbed my wrists together, I won't now though!

7th September, 2020

Mind. Blown. I’ve ALWAYS rubbed my wrists together, how am I going to unlearn that habit???

Love the back of the neck spray tip

5th September, 2020

I didn't know that about rubbing your wrists together causes it to evaporate faster. Good tips.

4th September, 2020

Hydration with the body lotion is a good tip. Spraying on my chest seems to make a rash on me though

28th August, 2020

I usually so one spritz in the stomach area because I like the idea that it will settle in my clothing. I'll have to rethink!!

28th August, 2020

I used to do it years ago(rubbing my wrists together), not anymore though and I love spritzing on the back of my neck too and even on my hair! :)

27th August, 2020

Aw.. haven’t tried spraying behind my neck.. shall give that a go.. =)

27th August, 2020

That was one of my bad habits! Luckily a few years ago I learned not to do it.

25th August, 2020

Yeah I’m in a bag habit! I’ve always done it going to be hard to break but shall give it a go.

25th August, 2020

Yes I must admit that when I spray my wrists I then rub them together only because I remember watching my mother do it. I spray the back of my neck and chest also but never rubbed it in.

24th August, 2020

I didn’t know about the neck thing but have been doing it for years! As a mum I didn’t want my babies snuggling in to my perfumed chest so started spraying the back of my neck.

24th August, 2020

I'd read that you shouldn't rub your wrists somewhere years ago, so stopped doing it then. Included in the article was the idea of spritzing 2-3 squirts in the air before you, then quickly walk into the spray. It stops the wearer from applying too much, BUT it does have the massive drawback of using much more than you would otherwise. I do still do this today as my favourite Jean Paul Gaultier perfume is very strong otherwise.

24th August, 2020

Knew about the wrists, not the back of the neck! How does it work for long haired people! Perfumed hair anyone? Lmfao ill try it next time anyway cos it sounds excellent:-D


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