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Would You Have Your Skincare Ubered?

7 June, 2021 - 08:40am by - Head Pixie | 12 Comments

by BR Tabatha

Out of all the things I thought I'd see come out of living through a pandemic, one thing I did not expect was the creation of Uber Beauty. You read right. Overseas more and more beauty companies are partnering up with Uber to offer customers super fast delivery of their favourite beauty products.

Late last year The Body Shop led the Uber Beauty charge in the US, with Estee Lauder being the most recent brand to partner with the delivery service. When I first discovered this shopping adaptation I had myself a 'what the heck?' moment, but now that I've had the benefit of a day or two to consider it... I've decided it's a bit genius! 

Let's be honest, courier companies in New Zealand are a bit... well... let's just say that I've had a parcel sent from Auckland to be delivered to me all of twenty minutes away in Auckland take anywhere between four days and a week. I'd love to say this was an anomaly, but it's the norm, so the idea of being able to get a product I need on the same day? Well... I'm all for it!

While there are some products I'm happy to wait for (like a summer top I bought on sale in winter), when it comes to things like makeup or skincare it's often a need it now situation as the end of the bottle or tube has caught me unawares, and while we've been lucky enough to have more freedom than other countries to pop down to the shops, some days our busy lives make it impossible to just head into a supermarket, department store or a pharmacy, which is when Uber Beauty becomes a brilliant option!

Sure, you'll pay a premiuim price to get what you want now... but does that matter when it means you actually get what you want in a timely fashion, as opposed to waiting seven days for it?

Uber Beauty - turns out I'm here for it! How about you?

Would you Uber Beauty if you could? Hit the poll up, then tell us your thoughts below!

Would you Uber Beauty?

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13th June, 2021

I would give it a go . Especially if I’m away from home or busy that week .

13th June, 2021

I don't mind waiting for couriers.

12th June, 2021

I find mine usually turn up fast enough without Uber. I've ordered stuff from Brands a couple of times lately and it only took a few days.

11th June, 2021

Not sure if I would do this it would depend on how much the delivery cost was.I agree it does seem like it takes forever for a parcel to arrive in NZ from a NZ owned business but i'm not prepared to pay anymore for faster shipping so I tend to just wait for the courier.

9th June, 2021

I tend to just buy online and wait. I don't mind waiting longer if it saves me money as I usually buy well before I have completely run out. As long as it gets delivered and not lost, I am happy.

8th June, 2021

I do online shopping and just wait. But if I desperately need something ill go instore and purchase it.

7th June, 2021

TBH I can't se any reason I'd ever be that desperate for something. I'd much rather just wait for the courier or grab it next time I'm out.

7th June, 2021

No I would order online and wait..... I'm not in that much of a hurry to get any make up or skin care products ...

7th June, 2021

Nah I wouldn't, I already hate waiting for online shopping and tend to buy all my beauty products in person anyway, so I get them straight away as it is.

7th June, 2021

I’m unlikely to run out of anything anytime soon, so I can wait for the courier.

7th June, 2021

Being brutally honest, I'm a real bargain-shopping kind of girl, and paying a premium to get something immediately rather than waiting a couple of days...? Not worth it for me. Plus, I like the whole joy of anticipation thing - two or three days of excitement leading up to the wondrous moment when you receive that precious little package and get to rip it open like a maniac pass-the-parcel winner... Love it!

7th June, 2021

I'd be keen!