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Need A Reason To Ignore Your Device? Tech-Neck!

17 May, 2021 - 06:19am by - Head Pixie | 6 Comments

by BR Kellie

Few things strike fear into me quite like the notification I get on my mobile every week telling me how much time per day I've spent looking at my screen. The hours are... many. And that's just for my phone. That's not including the hours I spend in front of my computer screen working every day, or the time spent on my iPad watching adult shows with adult themes and adult words on Netflix away from the delicate ears of my child.

I try to tell myself that my thirty minute walk a day makes my tech usage better. But my aching shoulder, crooked neck, and spine that has my osteo telling me to straighten up when I work, says otherwise. And let's not get started on the phenomenon that is writer's bum...

Now, it seems I have another reason to step away from the screen... the wrinkles caused by tech neck.

So what is tech neck?

Simply put, tech neck is when you hunch over your tech for hours in a way that causes some muscles to tighten while others to lengthen, which can result in neck and shoulder pain, headaches, not to mention the potential for damage to your spine in the long term.

Why, from a beauty perspective, might we want to avoid it?

As above - wrinkles. Too much time hunched over your phone, tablet or computer can create vertical lines on our necks. Yes, wrinkles will make their way to that spot in time, but why hurry the process? 

What can we do to reject the tech neck?

The obvious thing would be to spend less time on our phones/tablets/laptops/computers. But let's be realistic here and admit that's unlikely to happen. This is when being mindful about your body comes in. Lift your phone up to eye level when looking at it so that you don't hunch. Get a set up for your laptop that ensures your shoulders are back and your head is facing forward, rather than hunched over. Same goes for your PC. Perhaps look into getting a standing desk?

When not using your tech, remember to use your core muscles to pull your stomach in and sit up straight, keep your head facing forward, with your chin tucked im a little, while keeping your shoulders down and your shoulder blades tucked back (my osteo calls it 'pulling my wings in' - because I'm an angel, clearly). Stretching regularly also helps, as does regular exercise*.  From a wrinkle perspective, while doing all of the above, it's important to cleanse, moisturise and wear sunblock.

So, my lovelies, have you heard of tech neck? Are you aware of the position of your body while texting/talking/working? Will you be adjusting how you work to avoid tech neck?

Chat below!

*As always, before you start an exerecise programme, or if you want to learn proper stretches to help with tech neck we recommend a trip to see a health professional. YouTube has good videos, but correct technique makes all the difference and can help avoid injuries.


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22nd May, 2021

Oh yeah that reminds me my mother always use to tell me not to play with my phone all the time when im in bed as it will give me a double chin hahahaha. It’s going to be difficult, but will have to work on this one

22nd May, 2021

Posture is everything. My desk set up at work could be better. Am a but more mindful of when I'm not sitting properly. Definitely need to get up and walk every hour or so, get a sore butt from sitting too long.

19th May, 2021

I know it doesn't help my eyesight :-)

18th May, 2021

Nooo!! I did not know that. That's horrible, time to slow down the tech time!

18th May, 2021

Im a culprit all these gadgets dont help. Get terrible neck ache and headaches Whilst on that note im logging off lol

17th May, 2021

I definitely have tech neck this is something I would’ve never found out about! I’m definitely gonna be more conscious now!


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