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National Unicorn Day Is The Perfect Excuse To Treat Yo'Self

9 April, 2018 - 07:51am by - Head Pixie | 18 Comments

By BR Tabatha

Are you ready for National Unicorn Day? We're ready for National Unicorn Day. Bring on National Unicorn Day!

April 9. You are one sparkly, sensational, magical, mystical day - and we've never loved you more!

Bring on the rainbows. Bring on the glitter. Bring on the horns! Bring on all the pretties! If ever there was a day to treat yourself to something unicornesque, National Unicorn Day is it! So what's out there for our pretty pleasure? Check these beauties out!

Not afraid of a little colour? Amp up your hlghlight, blush and bronze with Fenty Beauty's Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick in 'Unicorn'. This irridescent shade will make you stand out, just like any good l'il unicorn should!

Better yet, go next level and swipe yourself silly with these Australis Unicorn Drops. These strobing drops are technically meant to go on the high points of your face and along your decolletage, but on unicorn day? Bathe in them! Be a walking reflector! 

If a little gleam isn't enough bling for you, level up with a sprinkle of glitter! How pretty is In Your Dreams 'Purple Unicorn'? Apply it in your hair, on your cheeks, dust it over your shoulders and collarbones. The only thing limiting application is your imagination - but you're a unicorn, so we bet you've plenty of that!

Not feeling up for fiddling with loose glitter and glue? Let Unicorn Snot do the job for you! Just dollop it up, smooth it on and you're good to go!

Winky Lux Gloss Boss in 'Unicorn Tears' could well have you neighing... I mean, gasping... at its beauty. Slick it on your lips then blind the world with your gorgeous smile!

I like to imagine that unicorns bathe in rainbows, but since that's not something we can easily do without using a lot of water and angling hoses to the sun and doing all sorts of jiggery thinkery, we suggest bathing ourselves in Unicorn Essence from Farsali. 

Don't want to spend a fortune on trying out unicorn makeup but still want to do something to celebrate the day? Then this Holographic Unicorn Lipstick from BYS is a good dip-your-toe-in option. Just $7, it's designed to transform your lips by creating a multi-dimensional look.

Say you're not one for all things glittery and sparkly, irridescent and holographic. Say you're an on the down low unicorn lover... you too can celebrate National Unicorn Day with this pretty in pink nail polish from Sinful Colors in the shade 'Unicorns'. Subtle, chic, but still magical!

This Unicorn Makeup Brush Set from Not Socks certainly commits to the unicorn theme. Not only do the handles feature a unicorn horn design, the brush heads are in all the colours of a unicorn fart. Love it.

All these unicorn goodies need a home, and what better home than this delightful makeup bag. Look at that rainbow and tassle hanging off the zip! How could we not!?

So will you be celebrating National Unicorn Day? Are you a unicorn in disguise? An out and proud unicorn lover? Or will this day of sparkle and shine trot on by like any other? Chat away!

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For the very young I think -Go and enjoy !!

So pretty! I love it all!

I'm intrigued how hologram lippy works!! Love the makeup bag, and brushes... My little girl would go crazy for the glitter body products!

yes my grand daughters would also love

10th April, 2018 at 7:29 am

Lmao unicorn snot! The brushes are cool though :-)

Unicorn snot is not an endearing name. I love me some glitter but have gone neutral brown and gold glitters as I am at work today.

I shall throw on my holographic lipgloss from NYX.

I love those brushes super cute. Not really a unicorn make up girl . My daughter would love it.

Hmmm the serum looks interesting ...

Love the unicorn brushes! Super pretty

Yes I put on my magical highlight today blinding duochrome holographic one and went shopping for what? make up of course

I seen this lady yesterday with unicorn hair colours, looked so pretty in person

Unicorn drops yes please! So girly and fun, albeit a bid of a fad.

Unicorn Snot!! Love it, that's a great mane for a product

I never used be into anything unicorn, but all these makeup to hair styles to do with unicorn shades are very beautiful!

I love the look of the mythical creatures but not enough to wear rainbow colored makeup and sparkles every where. I like my highlighters golden and natural colors.


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