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Metallic Lips - Flag It or Grab It?

21 April, 2019 - 03:54pm by - Head Pixie | 21 Comments

By BR Kellie

I was out doing a spot of shopping a few weeks back and found myself having a giggle at the fashion. Not because it was bad, but because I'd officially become my mother and seen it all before. Denim jackets, dungarees, long floaty skirts, a-line dresses, bodysuits. It was like stepping into my mid-nineties/early-2000s wardrobe. As I took said floaty skirt and denim jacket up to the counter I mentioned my observation to the young fella behind it and he shrugged it off with 'fashion is cyclical, it all comes round again every twenty years'. Astute lad, that. 


It goes a long way to explain though why there's been a resurgence in metallic lipstick. It gives me wicked 90s vibes. But, dare I say it, it seems this go round it's a little more elegant than the pink frosted tones of back in the day. 


Even the Urban Decay Game of Thrones collab is in on the trend with a couple of metallic lips in the mix. And while I swore off going down the metallic lips route when it first took off once more... this Cersei Lannister shade is giving me a case of the needs.


Prefer a more daring look? Metallic lips has your kissers covered. MonCATS Beauty is rocking the shade 'Kale' from Bite Beauty.

What we appreciate about this look is that you can keep it subtle my applying your usual lipstick then dabbing a little metallic nude lippy in the centre of your lips and blending it out at the edges, or you can go the whole hog and go full metal your mouth.

So what say you, beauties? Are you mad for metallics or is this one trend that needs to be melted down?




Home page image: Urban Decay.


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13th August, 2019

Looks nice on some people but not for me.

6th May, 2019

I bought a coupe of metallic lippies from Sephora last time I was there. I was going through a rose gold faze and also bought the Zoeva rose gold pallette so now I match!

28th April, 2019

Metallic wine, dark copper and nude are very wearable shades that I have, not very out there for my complexion. Metallic can make your look more interesting if you feel like keeping the eyes simple or matte, but still be low maintenance. Gotta try some out though, if you have dry lips it needs to be a creamier texture lipstick.

28th April, 2019

Oh and remember the metallic pink lipstick of the 80s? Barbie would approve! I think a slight metallic bronze or nude on me is okay and in the past I've worn coloyred lipsticks with metallic gold through them from Avon they were pretty - the older versions not the new. But really, I prefer to play up my eyes. I love highlight too but it accentuates my textured skin

27th April, 2019

I love metallic lipsticks!! Growing up I never thought I would but always saw mum sporting them. I wish I could pull them off. It just looks weird on me so I just have to sit back and admire how mum wears her metallic pinks and browns.

25th April, 2019

Nope. It usually looks like people have something stuck to their lips... like a stray bit of glitter has accidentally stuck to their lips. That said, if you can make it work for you then that's totally awesome and enviable!

24th April, 2019

I love metallic shades - but not too sure if I would pull them off as I have small lips :(

23rd April, 2019

Yes I like it :)

23rd April, 2019

I love metallics. I’m excited about the GOT range.

23rd April, 2019

I am secretly excited about the fashion resurgence! Some of the new metallics look amazing - time to go shopping

23rd April, 2019

I love metallics lipsticks, especially the red shades are gorgeous!

23rd April, 2019

I like metallic lippies, but not every shade - it still needs to be a colour that suits me. But a metallic mauve or pink looks nice and I still like this makeup trend.

23rd April, 2019

I'm a bit boring when it comes to lipsticks, I tend to go for more natural shades, and if I do get a bit more daring I tend to put a more neutral coloured gloss over the top just to tone it down a bit. As for metallics, I quite like the look of the first one above, that's far more my style of colouring than the one below. I doubt I'd rush out to buy one, but would happily sample to decide if it's my thing, or not.

23rd April, 2019

I love metallic lipsticks and have a few from different brands in different shades. I remember hunting like mad for them when I was in New York because at that stage they were only just coming out here, came back home and suddenly they were everywhere.

22nd April, 2019

I like the look of these but I always chicken out and never stray too far from my natural lip colour.. creature of habit.