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Do you opt for a matte cosmetic finish?

7 February, 2018 - 09:50pm by - First Lady | 156 Comments

posted by BR Natalie

The matte finish has been incredibly popular the last couple of years - many of us have been powdering down unwanted shine on our face and searching for the perfect matte lipstick for what seems like forever.  This trial team might just be the ultimate review opportunity for our matte lovers!

The first Maybelline product we're putting to the test is the Superstay 24hr Full Coverage Foundation.  It contains saturated colour pigments to provide an ultra-transforming effect. The lightweight yet high-impact coverage glides onto the skin for a flawless finish that lasts all day.  It's available in 16 shades!

The second product up for review is the stunning Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink.   Available in 9 gorgeous shades, this lip ink features a unique arrow applicator for precise application and a super saturated colour punch!  

JUST look at those shades!!  I'm completely in love with the first three, as the kids would say...heart eyes!

Now 50 reviewers will be putting BOTH of these gorgeous products to the test.  To put your hand up to join this trial team you'll need to take our survey and select your preferred shades.


So over to you - are you a matte or shine girl?  Do you like matte lips or do you need a bit of sheen to your smile?  What about foundation - is your foundation choice dictated by your skin type or is it just the look you prefer?  Will you be looking to change things up in 2018?

Get chatting below - and don't forget to hit the share buttons to share this amazing opportunity with your nearest and dearest!

Do you opt for a matte cosmetic finish?

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I would love a chance to try this matte foundation. As a nurse I need a foundation that is lightweight but that lasts all day.

I absolutely love matte lipsticks - I love the look, I love the staying power, I just love them! Foundation however, I usually go for a dewy finish, not because I prefer the look, but because I prefer the lightweight feel of it. Unfortunately that usually means it doesn't last long which is less than ideal for my busy lifestyle. This Maybelline Superstay foundation however sounds perfect for me - full coverage but lightweight! Amazing! I'd love to try this combo, staying power has to be my number 1 for lipstick and if my foundation did the same, I'd be in makeup heaven :)

I have been obsessing about shimmer/ metallic colours lately so i think its time for a change up..I would love to review this product.

I love a matte finish especially on lips! These colours are amazing! I’d love to find a pink that stays put, Dreamer is the one I’d go for! Can’t wait to read the reviews...or even better write a review if I’m lucky enough to get chosen! :-)

I'd love to try these products! I'm still looking for a foundation that is truly "24 hour wear" as I find myself looking so washed out by the end of the day! The fluorescent lights in the bathrooms in my office don't help either. These days I just avoid looking in the mirror at any time past 3pm! lol. As for the lippy, the bright red shade was soooooo cool, but I went for Lover because it looked like such a versatile shade and would be fantastic for work. My current lipstick is a Karen Murrell one and I love the shade, but i find that it wears off really quickly and I'm not very good at remembering to reapply.

Love the lip inks! Gorgeous colours and I’d love to try the foundation too. I think I’m in a bit of a rut makeup-wise and it’s always good to try something new. They look beautiful but it was a little bit tricky to see the names of the shades.

ive never tried matte before, but loving the look of it, so year would definitely give it a go

At my age I'm all about luminosity and keeping a dewiness to my skin, giving the illusion of youth. This also has the advantage of being less likely to sink into fine lines. Matte looking face and lips are not a look I gravitate towards. However, a Matte foundation claiming "lightweight yet high-impact coverage" could be a technology I'm willing to explore. I'm ready to be convinced.

I love the idea of matte especially matte lips but to be honest? I'm too lazy! Matte takes more work to make it look flawless! Dewy base and a slick of gloss is easy to do. So for everyday simple wins every time. Nights out are a different story!

I am a sweaty girl, hyperhydrosis, especially in the face. I love a matte look but this is hard to achieve without botox (only viable treatment for facial sweat- topical creams don't work). I bought some toner from the U.S, used on Broadway, but it hasn't worked. The sweatiness isn't all-the-time 24/7 so I have times when make-up with a quality primer and setting spray will achieve my desired matte look. Ironically, I often use The Ordinary's Serum Foundation and find this effective. It breathes and provides some moisture- not something you would think I need but sweat is quite drying. I grew up with lip gloss, I am 33, but I prefer the distinction and definition I get from matte formulas. Lip gloss tends to travel and I look like I have no lips!

I prefer a shine to my lipstick, always think matte makes your lips look dry. But in saying that, would try a matte just to see the difference. Been using the same foundation for about 20 years, maybe time for a change

I have really oily skin and I am forever on the hunt for a great affordable foundation. I like a good matte foundation that will last through out the day with a minimal touch up since I’m always on the go. So would love to see if the claims of the foundation is true and if it will last through out the whole day. As for the lips, I prefer a moisturising matte lipstick as opposed to a extremely matte lips.

The Matte finish suits me better in the summer as my skin shines in the heat , I have not tried the Matte Ink before but keen to trial it if you are looking for someone in the older age group

I'm still on the search for my holy grail foundation! I love a Matte finish because I hydrate my skin and prime well, then a Matte finish helps to keep the foundation on all day! Also I can always add highlight for a glow after ;) still keen to try the L'Oréal prow glow foundation, but i gravitate towards a Matte finish for most of my foundation products. Same with lip products. The more matte the longer they stay! Matte liquid lipstick is my go to, even when I'm wearing hardly any makeup at all! These shades look really unique too!

Yessss, this duo is my dream. I love matte lips and a foundation that's lightweight but has awesome coverage. Yes please!


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