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Do you opt for a matte cosmetic finish?

7 February, 2018 - 09:50pm by - First Lady | 156 Comments

posted by BR Natalie

The matte finish has been incredibly popular the last couple of years - many of us have been powdering down unwanted shine on our face and searching for the perfect matte lipstick for what seems like forever.  This trial team might just be the ultimate review opportunity for our matte lovers!

The first Maybelline product we're putting to the test is the Superstay 24hr Full Coverage Foundation.  It contains saturated colour pigments to provide an ultra-transforming effect. The lightweight yet high-impact coverage glides onto the skin for a flawless finish that lasts all day.  It's available in 16 shades!

The second product up for review is the stunning Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink.   Available in 9 gorgeous shades, this lip ink features a unique arrow applicator for precise application and a super saturated colour punch!  

JUST look at those shades!!  I'm completely in love with the first three, as the kids would say...heart eyes!

Now 50 reviewers will be putting BOTH of these gorgeous products to the test.  To put your hand up to join this trial team you'll need to take our survey and select your preferred shades.


So over to you - are you a matte or shine girl?  Do you like matte lips or do you need a bit of sheen to your smile?  What about foundation - is your foundation choice dictated by your skin type or is it just the look you prefer?  Will you be looking to change things up in 2018?

Get chatting below - and don't forget to hit the share buttons to share this amazing opportunity with your nearest and dearest!

Do you opt for a matte cosmetic finish?

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I have changed my foundations to matt and dusting with powder to take away any shine, i think it is better for hiding those lines, 24 hour coverage is a big call, just wonder how long it does last and if it stands up to hot weather

Definitely love a matte lip that can stay on the whole night! The colours from this range look so pigmented and bright, I'm in love with them all! Also love a long lasting foundation with good coverage that's versatile for both everyday and evening use.

I love matte colours! My favourite lip colour is one that my best friend got for me form oversees and I haven't been able to find it here in New Zealand! I would love to try these to see if I might have a new favourite colour!

I find it hard to get a fountain that doesn't Make me look like im wearing million layers. Matt finish lipsticks are great if they stay on all day!!

I love a bit of shine on my lips - but tend to opt for matte finishes on my face. I haven't actually tried matte lips before - would be interested to see how it was!

I prefer matte lips and a matte foundation. Its the look I prefer. to change things up I'm thinking of a darker lip clr.

This is such an awesome opportunity. I always love matte liquid lipsticks and would love to be part of this trial.Love to try the new SuperStay foundation formula too.

Definitely prefer not to have a shine to my makeup.

Definitely like matte makeup- both foundation and lips. Don’t mind a bit of sparkle on the eyes and some highlighter. Not too much though.

I do like shine but would definitely love to try a matte finish

Loving the pink n purple creator and romantic beautiful

Lovve matte liquid lipsticks, some nice bold shades avaliable!. Id be interested if the foundation has full coverage for a whole 24 hours! Thats a long time.

I love matte finish. Would love to try this product

I prefer the matte finish as I feel the shine look makes you stand out and often I am called a clown so I like the more natural look.

The Matte and Poreless foundation is my absolute favourite, so I'm super excited to try this! Hoping it's similar but fuller coverage. So excited!


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