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Do you opt for a matte cosmetic finish?

7 February, 2018 - 09:50pm by - First Lady | 155 Comments

posted by BR Natalie

The matte finish has been incredibly popular the last couple of years - many of us have been powdering down unwanted shine on our face and searching for the perfect matte lipstick for what seems like forever.  This trial team might just be the ultimate review opportunity for our matte lovers!

The first Maybelline product we're putting to the test is the Superstay 24hr Full Coverage Foundation.  It contains saturated colour pigments to provide an ultra-transforming effect. The lightweight yet high-impact coverage glides onto the skin for a flawless finish that lasts all day.  It's available in 16 shades!

The second product up for review is the stunning Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink.   Available in 9 gorgeous shades, this lip ink features a unique arrow applicator for precise application and a super saturated colour punch!  

JUST look at those shades!!  I'm completely in love with the first three, as the kids would say...heart eyes!

Now 50 reviewers will be putting BOTH of these gorgeous products to the test.  To put your hand up to join this trial team you'll need to take our survey and select your preferred shades.


So over to you - are you a matte or shine girl?  Do you like matte lips or do you need a bit of sheen to your smile?  What about foundation - is your foundation choice dictated by your skin type or is it just the look you prefer?  Will you be looking to change things up in 2018?

Get chatting below - and don't forget to hit the share buttons to share this amazing opportunity with your nearest and dearest!

Do you opt for a matte cosmetic finish?

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26th April, 2018

Yes! If it's still moisturising then I love the look. :) The loyalist and lover colours are stunning!

13th April, 2018

I prefer all types =D

28th March, 2018

I like using many different ones, just depends on my mood =D I would love to try "Lover"

6th March, 2018

Having oily combination skin i tend to gravitate to any matte would love to try this

4th March, 2018

Never tried matte finish so this would be a good opportunity to compare ,love to review

26th February, 2018

Im a matt girl through and through!

20th February, 2018

I'd love to try a matte foundation that does what it says it does! And in my line of work although I'm customer service, a matte lip colour is much more preferable to shiny 'out-there' lip colours/glosses. Would love to take both of these products for a whirl!

20th February, 2018

Fingers crossed for this trial, very keen to try.

20th February, 2018

I'm a big fan of matt skin on me, but it can get drying in winter. Matt lips means it stays put!

17th February, 2018

I would Love to try this all my friends can't get enough of this product I would love to be able to doa trial for this

15th February, 2018

The more I look at that creator lippie, the more I want that one!!

15th February, 2018

Are these available to buy in NZ?

15th February, 2018

I love a matte finish. I'm literally obsessed! Its one of my fave beauty obsessions. And for foundation - Its my preferred finish that I base a product on

14th February, 2018

I love a good matte lip, it does require lips that are in great condition as it tends to be unforgiving but the finish and longevity is worth it!

14th February, 2018

I love, love, love matte lipstick. I haven't been a fan of matte foundation though, as I prefer a glow to my skin. I love that dewy look, and also I found matte foundations to cling to my dry skin. I stopped using them and haven't tried matte foundation in over 7 years!