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Mani or Pedi? Are You All About the Tips or Toes?

12 April, 2021 - 05:43am by - Head Pixie | 7 Comments

by BR Kellie

The gals of BRHQ are always up for a good debate. Matte vs gloss, grey vs colour, volume vs length. If there's a 'pick one' debate to be had, we've had it. The latest 'if you had to have one of these forever but only the one not both' conversation was most recently centred around manicures vs pedicures.

Some of the team love having their tootsies pampered, others prefer looking at their pretty nails while they type away.

Me? I always manage to smoosh or chip my nail polish after two seconds, so I find a manicure is a big waste of moolah, and I have a phobia that's grown year on year about an angry beauty therapist having a bad day and popping my toes out of their joints, so the idea of a pedicure gives me a wicked case of the shudders. Which is why as the resident 'I'd rather not have either' member of BRHQ, I have been designated to give a (relatively) unbiased pros and cons list of both the pedicure and manicure so that you, my beauties, can join the team in their 'mani or pedi for life' debate.

The Manicure


There's no denying it - a good mani is a pleasure to look at, and can bring you much joy as you spy your pretty nails while you go about your day.

Then there's the enjoyment of even-looking nails. The symmetry is divine.

The compliments! People see nice looking nails and they say nice things to you about them. What's not to love about that!?

A manicure is a great way to force yourself to take a break. While your hands are in the hands of another you can't move, you have two options: chat, or meditate, or let your mind meander. You could say a manicure is good for the soul.

Lastly, there's the joy of talking to a nail tech you know well! You goss, you laugh. It's not just good for the soul, it's a good time!


The discomfort. The handful of times I've had a manicure, I've felt like my hands and nails were being tugged and twisted and given about as much care as a soggy, smellly tea towel. 

And let's not forget the discomfort of having a manicurist get overzealous while dealing to your cuticles. Ouch!

Post-manicure you have to be careful. After spending good money you can't just rush your way through life for a good few days. Everything must be done at delicate 'mustn't wreck my mani speed', and who has time for that?

On, and then there's the awkwardness of sitting in silence for a million minutes while a nail tech you don't know and who doesn't want to know you does the job. Good times. Yup. *insert cricket sfx here*

The Pedicure


Pedicure's, much like manicures, force you to sit back and do nothing while your feet soak and your tootsies are tended to. It's enforced me time. You can read a magazine or constantly refresh social media on your phone while enjoying a little pampering.

They fabulize your feet! It's so easy to ignore your feet, to let them get all crusty and peely and bleurgh. A good pedicure will freshen your feet up and leave them looking and feeling fantastic!

The massage. Can I be bothered massaging my own feet/calves? No. Am I happy for someone else to? Yes.

And who doesn't enjoy looking down and seeing the pretty colour on your toes?... It's the icing on the pedicure cake!


I mean, does anyone else feel weird about having someone sitting at their feet working away? Just me?

Pedicures shouldn't be painful but, trust me, they can be. I once had a nail tech treat my toes like my sisters and I used to treat each other - she tugged, she wrenched, she slapped them around a bit (okay, that's an exaggeration - but there was zero care taken. It was like my feet offended her and she felt obliged to let me know it.). I couldn't get out of that seat fast enough.

Then of course there's always the danger of the ANGRY NAIL TECH SNAPPING AND POPPING YOUR TOES OUT OF THEIR JOINTS!!! (Sorry. I had to put it in there. The fear is real.)

So there you have it. The pros and cons of manicures vs pedicures.

If I had to choose one, it would be the manicure, but believe me when I say it would be under duress because me and manicures = a big waste of soon-to-be-chipped-nails time.

So if you had to choose one, just one, to get for the rest of your life? Which would it be?

Hit that poll up, then get chatting on your pros and cons below!

Choose one! Fab fingertips... or tip-top toes!

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18th April, 2021

I have never had a manicure or pedicure, but love painting my own nails! I never ever have my toes bare, always have polish on them, I think because feet aren't the prettiest of things, I think pedicure's are more essential to keep them looking nice.

15th April, 2021

I love pedicures . I’m on my feet at work most days. This is the most relaxing one for me . I haven’t treated myself to one in a while.

15th April, 2021

I have a fear of getting a pedicure now, as the last two I got, the operator made the edge of my nail bleed by being rough with it.

13th April, 2021

Haha I have never had either a manicure or a pedicure, sad but true

12th April, 2021

You're not the only one that I know of who has a fear of their feet being touched.

I'm too rough with my hands to warrant a manicure but I do paint my toe nails and will try a pedicure one day :-)

12th April, 2021

Definitely a pedicure! I like my tootsies looking good :-)

12th April, 2021

It would be manicures for me. I hate anyone touching my feet.