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Makeup Must-haves... What Are Yours?

6 November, 2023 - 07:45pm by - Head Pixie | 13 Comments

by BR Tabatha

Life if full of non-negotiables. The things we are adamant we need - or don't need - to get by. For me that means having a fridge full of condiments at all times, at least half a tank of petrol in my car (the fear of running out on the motorway is real), and using my manners on the daily. When it comes to makeup though? I am on the more-is-more side. I love cosmetics. I'll rock a full face to go to the dairy. That being said, recently in discussion with some of the girlies at BRHQ a question was posed: What are the absolute basics of makeup one must have. The desert island items. Those you can't be without. BR Amelia settled on a lip balm and mascara. It was mascara and concealer for BR Kellie. As for me? My non-negotiable list was a touch longer...

BB Cream

Garnier SkinActive BB Cream All-In-One Perfector Anti-Age - rated 4.3/5

When I tried for a full-coverage foundation, I was shot down and told "your skin is fine, you can live without it", so in an attempt to appease the outrage of the BRHQers, I convinced them that a BB Cream was a must, because it was skincare with a touch of colour to even out my skin tone. They didn't look convinced, but let me have it.


Nars Creamy Concealer - rated 4.6/5

Concealer is a must for those dark circle eye days. For those red around the edges of my nose days. For those "how am I still getting blemishes at this age" days. Wouldn't be without the stuff. And if I hadn't been allowed to make BB Cream a must-have, you can always mix a little moisturiser with your concealer to create a light to medium coverage foundation.


Maybelline Volum' Express The Colossal - rated 4.3/5

Even on the days when I'm not going anywhere, when no one will see my face, I like to swipe on mascara. It makes me feel more alive. Less droopy. Less tired looking. Mascara all day, any day. Mascara for the win. 

Brow gel

L'Oréal Brow Artist Plumper - rated 4.5/5

Even I'll admit that if this is a must-haves article, that I'm pushing the boat out a bit. (BR Kellie note: Yes, Tabby. You are. You really, really are.) The thing is, I like a groomed brow. Just as mascara makes me feel more awake, a groomed brow makes me feel more pulled together. I'm not going full Insta brows, but I do appreciate the polished appearance that a dash of brow gel gives. 

Tinted lip balm

Rimmel Kind and Free Tinted Lip Balm - NEW to BR!

For a quick lip boost, you can't beat a tinted lip balm. Not only will it nourish your kissers, it'll add a little life into them, while making it look like you've made an effort.  Amelia is going rogue with her pick - the newly listed Rimmel Kind and Free Tinted Lip Balm.   It glides on and stays on, softening and hydrating lips while adding a subtle colour boost.  Ame loves them so much she's literally owns every shade!

And that's it. My makeup non-negotiables. The absolute bare minimum of products I need on the daily. Or nearly-daily. Five products I can pop on in under five minutes and be out the door looking and feeling swish. And yes, while that's more than most people have on their list, it's still nowhere near what I could've had... Blusher, contour, bronzer, colour corrector, eyeshadow, eyeliner... If I hadn't had the BR beauties keeping me in check, this article would've been one long read.

So, my beauties, do tell... What are your makeup must-haves? Your non-negotiables. The cosmetics you wouldn't be without? Let us know by chatting below!


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26th November, 2023

I won’t leave the house without mascara and my brows done. After years of over plucking my brows are very minimal and my lashes are quite fair so these are both essentials.

13th November, 2023

I don't use makeup, my absolute essential is a day cream with SPF!

12th November, 2023

In summer I must have a sunscreen or I burn fat too easy

10th November, 2023

Those lips balms look like something I will definitely be keeping an eye out for plus I am also on the lookout for a new concealer and that Nars one has my name on it.

10th November, 2023

I do like concealer and toner

9th November, 2023

I need a new lip balm, will try the Rimmel Kind and Free one, and the Nars Concealer looks good, too. Must have, lip balm, bb cream.

8th November, 2023

Love maybelline mascaras! Including this one. My must haves roughly match bb, mascara, brows, lip stain and blush are my goto essentials

7th November, 2023

I use BB cream every day and that's it.

7th November, 2023

BB cream, powder, mascara, eye liner and brow gel. :)

6th November, 2023

Oops! I use concealer and BB cream every day.

6th November, 2023

I u`se coneale

6th November, 2023

I u`se coneale

6th November, 2023

I u`se coneale

15th November, 2023

and a nice lipstick too !!

12th November, 2023

Far **" too easy I should say

15th November, 2023

We all need sunscreen so that is wise.


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