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Make Mum's Day Her Most Beauty-full Ever!

5 May, 2019 - 12:59pm by - Head Pixie | 9 Comments

By BR Kellie

If you could describe your mum in a few words, what would those words be? The nature-loving mum? The gardening mum? The needs-a-break mum? The perfectly turned out mum? The wine o'clock mum? Personally, if I were to describe myself it would be 'the beauty loving mum'. Although others might describe me as the 'is her house ever tidy' mum? (Answer... no. It's not. Life is too short to be worrying about perfection. I'm too busy experimenting with blue eyeshadow.)

With that in mind we've put together a list of mother's day gift ideas that will suit all sorts of mums... even the ones who won't touch makeup with a ten foot pole, and don't see the point in a five-step skincare plan. 

So what do we think will make mum's day? Read on...

The Makeup Loving Mum

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. We say eyes are the window to hours of makeup-playing fun! And if your mum falls into the makeup loving category, we think an eyeshadow palette is the perfect way to make her day come Mother's Day. Our pick? The Sinopia Palette from Mellow Cosmetics. Beautiful neutrals for those who like to keep it simple, with pops of colour for the mums who like to put a spotlight on their peepers.

The Skincare Loving Mum

You know what's given me most of my wrinkles as a mum? Not worrying about my child (though there's a goodly dose of that) but loving my child. All the laughter. All the smiles. All the kisses. Not to mention spending hours at playgrounds under the pigmentation-creating sun. Do I regret it? Nope. Am I bothered by my love wrinkles? Not at all. Do I want to minimise them because I'm a bit face proud? Absolutely. No shame in that! I know I'm not the only mum who feels that way either - and if your mum falls into that category I can hand-on-heart recommend (because I've tried it and loved it) the Revitalift Laser Set from L'Oréal Paris. It's such a treat for the skin and my old wizened face has never looked plumper.

The Mum Who Needs To Take A Load Off

Rush rush rush. This mother is always on the go. Working. Doing housework. Grabbing groceries. Running after her loved ones. Her poor feet are taking a beating, and need some love. Give her the gift of Linden Leaves Foot Massage Cream (bonus points for giving a foot massage as well!!!) and she'll be forced to take a moment to pamper herself while giving those tired tootsies a treat.

The Perfume Loving Mum

'Serenity, freshness and balance' - that's what the Clarins Eau Ressourcante Treatment Gift Set claims to offer - and I've yet to meet a mother who isn't striving for at least one of those things. Best of all, it comes with a travel-sized perfume, meaning whenever she's out and about and having a case of the stresses, one squirt can help bring life back into focus.

The Mum Who Needs More Sleep

Maybe she's just had a baby. Maybe the perimenopause is waking her up in the middle of the night. Maybe she's just not a sleep person... If your mum's not getting the sleep she needs then help her fake it with Clinique's Beauty Sleep in a Box. It's amazing what a dose of hydration and a great mascara can do.

The Natural Makeup Loving Mum

Let's be honest, trying to pick a foundation or concealer for another person can be a dangerous business. Too easy to go wrong and leave with a 'what the heck am I supposed to do with this' gift. BUT... it's hard to go wrong with a good nude lip, which is why we're loving the Nude by Nature Ultimate Nude lip collection.

The Natural Skincare Loving Mum

For the mum who likes to keep her skincare natural as can be, you can't beat Essano's Superfoods Feed Your Skin Trial Pack. Containing a cleanser, moisturiser, night cream and oil, it's everything she needs to kickstart a skin care regime that'll have her feeling and looking fab. 

The Gardening Mum

I've taken up gardening. I thought what I'd need beauty-wise after such an undertaking was hand moisturiser. Turns out what the gardening mum really needs is a good body wash, like Trilogy's Botanical Body Wash, because gardening is sweaty, sweaty work. 

The Mum with the Mane

If your mum's mane is her crowning glory then a haircare treat is in order! And what could be better than an extra fabulous hair dryer, like the Remington PROluxe? With a solid 5/5 rating on Beauty Review it's loved for getting the job done in no time at all (great for a busy mum!) and its sleek, stylish design is sure to wow!

The Glam Mum

There's this 'glam' mum I see at the school gates most days. She's always fabulously dressed and her lipstick game is off the charts. I can just imagine her opening a Mother's Day gift, discovering a luxe lippy from Yves Saint Laurent, and being all shades of happy. Best. Glam. Mum. Gift. Ever. 

The Don't Get Me Anything Mum

Is there anything more frustrating than the 'don't get me anything mum'? You want to spoil her, show your appreciation, but she just wants a cup of tea in bed and a bit of peace and quiet. Well, piffle to that. While going all out might embarrass her, that doesn't mean she can't open a little something on the day dedicated to her. The best bet? A lovely hand moisturiser, like Oasis Beauty's Hand & Nail Guardian Angel. It's a little luxe without being over the top, it's practical, it's something that she can carry around in her handbag or leave on her bedside table, and when she sees it her thoughts will go to you and your Best Child Ever status will be renewed. (Who said Mother's Days were all about mums????)

The More is More Mum (aka... me.)

How could we not include this? It would have been rude not to. But for the mum who is a beauty fan, who loves makeup and skincare, you can't go past the Mother's Day box from Best Beauty Box Ever. It'll have her feeling beautiful from top to toe.

So what say you? Does your mum fall into any of these categories? Do you? What are you hoping to give or get on Mother's Day? Chat away!



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15th August, 2019

I would have loved al of these especially the essano i have been wanting to try there produckts for a while now

10th May, 2019

I would love the Mellow palette. It looks devine. I looked through my make up and realised I probably have too many palettes (is that an actual thing?) I have to use up some of what I have before I acquire another.

6th May, 2019

Nice... Her skin type is totally different to mine... so i need to be very careful if i get her skincare to ensure she will actually use it. But i do know mum loves loreal skin care... =D

6th May, 2019

All wonderful gifts. I used to buy mom heaps of expensive presents but the ones she's liked the most are the ones that are the most practical or that she specifically asked for (she knows I'll get her something).

6th May, 2019

Lovely choices, the Nude by Nature Lip Collection stood out for me, this is a really nice brand.

5th May, 2019

I have a skincare loving mum and myself am a need more sleep mum.. I know she loves L’Oréal so she’s getting a farmers voucher for mother’s day to spend on herself. So many different choices here good job coming up with ideas.

5th May, 2019

Wow, there's some fabulous choices there.

5th May, 2019

This is the first time I didn’t get anything beauty related. Nothing has really jumpers out at me. Instead opted fir tickets to Good Vibes Concert which I’m excited about. I’m working mother’s day . I’ll probably just buy a plant to place in memorial of her .

5th May, 2019

I've bought mum one of the L'oreal sets for Mothers day - she's not a 'skincare' person as such because she feels guilty spending retirement/pension on 'luxuries' - so I buy her skin care as gifts, which I know she loves. For Me - I'm a mum that needs more sleep, for sure - that Clinique gift would be amazing..... BUT my kids know I"m a gardening mum too, and they use their pocket money for mothers day (they're only 3 & 7) and I have hinted on a plant I want for the garden that fits with their budget - so I think that might be on the cards.... I get to share Mothers Day with my little girl who turns 4 - so that's a special in itself too.

6th May, 2019

The memorial plant is a really nice idea. I always struggle a bit on Mothers Day, because my girls spoil me, but my mum isn't here anymore. I might get a memorial plant too.

7th May, 2019

I really want the BBBE ...

6th May, 2019

I am tempted by that set. Don't currently have anything from Nude by Nature in my collection yet.


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