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Miraculous Facial Oil
Miraculous Facial Oil

Mad For Mousse! The 80s Staple on the Comeback Trail.

28 March, 2019 - 06:58pm by - Head Pixie | 21 Comments

By BR Kellie


Ah, the sweet sound of fluffy clouds of product squirting out a nozzle into an upturned palm.

Mousse. An 80s and 90s staple.

It was with enamoured eyes that I'd watch my mother apply this to her hair before blowdrying it, teasing and going crazy with the hairspray. So glamorous. So fabulous. So... er, hot right now?

Rumour has it mousse is ready to make a comeback, and I'm not remotely surprised. I'm seeing a-line dresses, body suits, dungarees, long denim skirts all over the place. A revivial of the late 80s and 90s is here. A time when mousse had its strongest hold. (Pun sort of, kind of, accidentally, but why not, intended.)

So should we be excited about this revival? Heck yes - a good mousse can:

Fight the frizz.

Add that delicious 'air in your hair' feeling.

Create va-va-volume at the roots.

Define and style curls.

Add texture to fine hair. 

Give hold to hairstyles.

Best of all... it can work on fine hair, thick hair, straight hair, curly hair. It can add texture to braids. Boof up buns. Lush up curls. Lift flat hair. It's an all-rounder!

The way to use it? Start out with a smallish egg amount and apply it from the roots of your hair down, then get the hair dryer out and style it however you fancy. As you get more comfortable with how it works with your hair, add more or less product. 

And how do I know all this? I'm a fan! Having inherited a wavy/curly head of fine hair that likes to frizz, mousse has been on my radar for some time and was a staple hair product for me pre-mum bun life. I kept it basic - aka lazy - by working it through my hair and letting it air dry. The result being soft, defined curls. Bliss!

I'm not sold on the long denim skirts with buttons down the front that have been appearing in fashion mags, but I'm glad to see mousse blazing its way back into our lives.

So, are you excited to see this product comeback? Do you have a favourite mousse we need to know about? Or is the only mousse likely to pique your interest that of the chocolate variety? Chat away!


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8th April, 2019

Wow I didn't think the 80's nor mousse actually really ever left? I use a non-aerosol organic mousse everytime I wash my hair and blow dry - the mousse gives me all the body I need by itself! It's an amazing product and I wouldn't be without it!

8th April, 2019

I have had a love hate relationship with mousse. If you get the right brand it can be amazing but if you get the wrong one it can end up a disaster. Some either don't fluffy cloud enough for me or they are super sticky, leaving your hair a stick mess.

Looking forward to seeing some new products coming out to try though.

6th April, 2019

I always used mousse on my hair in my early twenties,think it was a sunsilk brand.Ahhhh yes the gorgeous smell and the crunching through the hair to tame my wild frizzy mop,always worked wonders but I hated the stickiness from using a mousse.Lets hope that hair mousse has improved over the years.

5th April, 2019

I remember using mousse in my early teens. I'm sure today's stuff will be better and less sticky then what I remember.

3rd April, 2019

I think this style is ideal for someone like me I have fine hair it can look ok straightened but it really flattens it and enhances that I don't have much hair. Volume is valid vroom I think

2nd April, 2019

As someone with wavy hair I have always loved mousse. I am excited to see it come back!!

2nd April, 2019

I’ve been using it all along lol

2nd April, 2019

Lol!!! Growing up, my poor parents were constantly stocking up my mousse and hair gel collection. Oh, and hair spray.

31st March, 2019

Interesting... Maybe I need to check it out!

31st March, 2019

Oh my gosh I haven’t thought of mousse in soooooo long but I loved it! The beautiful foam, the delicious scrunch and the scent. Can’t wait to use it again!

30th March, 2019

One of my fav styling products, and so hard to get hold of these days! Great for taming frizz, holding a style up or down, adding moisture and if you get the right one - protecting against heat. Really miss this and can’t wait to see it on the shelf again!

30th March, 2019

P.s. also super for lazy hair days, beach tousled hair or scrunched curls!

31st March, 2019

It's at the supermarket, usually a couple of reliables on offer.

30th March, 2019

I never knew how to use mousse - is it meant to keep hair in place like hairspray? Add volume? Sounds like it is meant to do both, so I might just give it a go!

2nd April, 2019

What kind of hair have you got, and what length? It sorta depends on that plus what you want to do. My hair is fine and short and mousse holds the general idea, but hairspray still needed to catch flyaways.

2nd April, 2019

I wasn't sure how to admit that myself EliseMM - thanks! I sometimes feel everyone is going to hair and beauty classes that I don't know about....

30th March, 2019

You had me at frizz

30th March, 2019

Guess what, mousse has been in fashion all the time, not just in the 80s. I'm not ashamed to still be using it!

+1 for Schwarzkopf's extra care styling keratin strength mousse in the black tin.

If you apply it to damp hair and then blow dry till properly dry, there is no scrunch factor, just bouncy but soft hair. After this I just need a little hairspray to keep my fringe in place.

30th March, 2019

I actually don't use much hair product because the more product I use the more I have to wash my hair and that's a hassle especially during the cold months of the year. So I probably won't be using mousse, although I have a feeling if I tried it I'd probably like it.

29th March, 2019

I'm excited to see these back! I want it for my wavy//curly hair. I don't like using hairspray.