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Lockdown: Are You Remaining Faithful to Your Pro?

26 April, 2020 - 11:13am by - First Lady | 6 Comments

Poll posted by Amelia

We're entering Level 3 - for a lot of us it's level 4 with a bit more online shopping.  

Our access, or lack thereof, to beauty services remains the same.  Hairdressers, salons and spas are closed and will be for at least another 2 weeks.  For salon diehards, we're facing 7 weeks without cuts, colours, eyelash extensions, tinting, waxing, infills...the list goes on.

With a lot more time on our hands, DIY products available in the supermarket, and from this week, readily online; I can't help but suppose that boredom is going to win out for many of us.   I predict an increase in DIY cuts, colours, hair removal and other salon services during the next couple of weeks.

I mean.  It's just so tempting.  What could go wrong, right?!  

And then I saw a hairdresser friend from the UK share this meme; and it made me all a bit sad. 

 The impacts of COVID-19 on the economy as a whole is going to be immense and the consumer decision to wait, or to DIY is going to be impacted by lots of variables.  For some, finances have changed dramatically, and those salon visits aren't viable for the foreseeable.  For others, the emotional impact of 'not looking our best' will be mitigated by a bit of DIY.   And others will be able to wait it out, and help boost the small businesses around the country once we hit Level 2.

So, in our judgement-free zone, why not chat to us below, and tell us - are you waiting for your professional services, or will you be DIYing them?  What has impacted your choice?

Are You Waiting For Your Salon Professional?

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2nd May, 2020

Oh I’m trying to do my own eye brows at home with tweezing. I’m not good at it either . I’m inspired to buy a eye brow groomer. I have used a box hair dye . Just to give my hair life . I miss my salon treatments .

28th April, 2020

I'm definitely waiting to get my hair cut and bleached from my fabulous hair dresser. I may have dyed it during the lockdown to pink & purple... at least it'll wash out before then! :)

4th May, 2020

Thank you so much Maree <3

1st May, 2020

Your hair colour is fabulous in your profile pic!

27th April, 2020

I went without dying my roots until today - the day before going back to work. No WAY was I going au naturel with the amount of grey/white I had going on!

27th April, 2020

I do my own brows and other hair removal with IPL. I did trim my hair, it is very long and layered that you can't tell if I muck it up lol. I generally just get rid of split ends. It's hair and it will grow back.

1st May, 2020

IPL is a lifesaver at a time like this Lisa. I'm using mine a lot!

27th April, 2020

I dyed my own hair but I'm okay with that as I wasn't planning to get it done at the salon. Looking forward to a trim. Then getting brows done, it's been a long time so why not pay and get someone else to make them look better. Really keen for a pedi. Then to the wax lady. Hair dresser and wax lady run their own businesses and I want to support them.

26th April, 2020

I'm definitely waiting for my brows and hair to be done. I have zero ability to try to wax or shape my brows at all, and I don't mind waiting as nobody is seeing them! I am in need of a haircut and half head of foils, I used to dye my hair at home when not blonde, but I don't trust myself to do blonde myself, and it's too much effort, so I'll be waiting.


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