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Lash Serums - Top Five Myths Debunked!

3 November, 2018 - 10:03pm by - Head Pixie | 27 Comments

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By BR Kellie

You know who has magnificent eyelashes? Our very own BR Merilyn. Seriously. They're beautiful. I was sitting across from her talking business when I first noticed them and immeditely asked what mascara she was wearing. The answer? None. She then told me she'd been using a lash serum and the difference it had made was HUGE. To be honest, I'd always been skeptical about such things, but the proof of their greatness was staring me in the face. Literally.

So it got us wondering... what myths are out there about lash serums? What is the truth? There was only one thing for it... We tracked down our industry source, had a chat and got the low down... 

Eyelash Serums use Hormones!

This is not the case, normally this is simply a case of mistaken identity. Hormones are confused with Prostaglandins. They are very different. 

Hormones, which are secreted by glands, are transported by the blood stream throughout the body and act on distant cells. 

Prostaglandins have a short half-life and act only locally before being inactivated and excreted. Prostaglandins are a group of lipid compounds that are naturally present in practically all tissues in the body. 

The Prostaglandins used in active eyelash serums communicate with cell receptors in the hair follicle and encourage it to stay in its natural growing phase for a longer period of time. This is why Lash Serums that contain Prostaglandins create such noticeable length. These type are also the best rated ones on Beauty Review. 

Active Serums like: LiLash, Revitalash, fLash. 

 Some Eyelash Serums have been Banned in Australia and are therefore Not Safe!

Untrue. There is simply a difference between the product classification regulations in Australian and New Zealand. In New Zealand Eyelash Serums that contain a Prostaglandin ingredient are classified as a cosmetic as long as its only included in a very low concentration. In Australia any product containing this type of ingredient (regardless of concentration) requires a prescription. Some brands have been remove from sale as a result of this difference in regulation, not because of safety. 

Eyelash Serums can Change your Eye Colour!

This is incorrect. The only lash serum that had this as a potential side effect is Latisse which requires a prescription. Latisse was the first Lash enhancer to use a prostaglandin (Bimatoprost) and was derived from glaucoma medicine, when one of the side effects noticed from the medicine was longer lashes. Eye colour change was only associated as a side effect to the higher concentration of the ingredient Bimatoprost when applied as an eyedrop. But as it was a side effect of the medicine Latisse had to include it as a potential side effect to the Lash enhancer. 

Most Active Lash Serums now use different prostaglandins that are in lower concentrations and are safe to use with no risk of eye colour change. 

You Can’t use Lash Serums while Pregnant and Breast Feeding!

Every brand has a different position on this. Some say it’s safe based on studies and the fact that you’re only applying to the eyelash. Others are more conservative and ask that you consult your GP. Like most cosmetics out there, brands are not going to run clinical trials on pregnant or breast-feeding woman so there is no evidence to suggest its safe or not. It’s up to the individual to do their own research and decide what suits them. 

You Can’t use Lash Serums with Lash Extensions and Cosmetic Tattooing!

You absolutely can, as long as you do not try to apply the Serum while they are conducting the treatment you should be fine. The lash serum will help create stronger and healthier lashes and this will give more for the extensions to bind to. Again, as long as the tattooing has healed properly then you could use a brow serum to enhance the hairs that are on top. 

So there you have it! Lash serum myths debunked! Truths told! So, do tell... Are you a fan of lash serums? Which is your favourite? Are you keen to give them a try? Chat away!



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16th December, 2018

These sound so great- I can’t wait to try for myself.

28th November, 2018

I would love to try an eyelash serum. My eyelashes are ok now, although I was using a waterproof mascara a while back and lost a heap of my eyelashes because of it!! So I stopped and now use a non-waterproof one and my lashes have come back fine (thank goodness!). I would try a serum though, no mascara would be awesome!!

19th November, 2018

Ive used both li lash and flash in the past with good results. Flash is cheaper and didnt seem to irritate my eye area as much. I would like to try revitalash when I can afford.

14th November, 2018

Wow I like this information I have short lashes my partner and daughters are longer than mine and nice. Unsure how a serum would be of much help with low levels of the prostaglandins as it seems those with that formula are most effective. I like to try out different mascaras

12th November, 2018

Ive always thought id give it a go but just never got round to it, maybe now i will ive a friend that used the flash lash and really liked the results :)

12th November, 2018

Can you use lash serums to thicken your browns, or promote growth near your brows to help build better shape?? Or is there an actual brown enhancer serum somewhere..... xx

12th November, 2018

Okay, this covers why I have never tried lash serums before, I thought most of those myths were true! The next question though, has anyone tried these and have found it works? I am a bit nervous about buying it, but at the same time very keen now!

11th November, 2018

Never tried them before. Do they work?

12th November, 2018

Flash for sure works. Read my review on it. I think it's the one to start off with since it's the most affordable of the three active lash serums.

11th November, 2018

Thank you so much, just pick up some more Flash Lash :-)

11th November, 2018

Wow that's very generous - thank you :)

9th November, 2018

I have heard about the use of hormones in lash serums, and that really put me off using them. Especially since so many cosmetic products contain ingredients that can mess with your estrogen levels. I'm glad to have that myth dispelled though!

8th November, 2018

I have tried several serums including flash, lilash, avante and feg. I found flash didnt work at all for me. Lilash wasn't much better but the best was avante which I used along with the avante mascara. The lilash and avante were pricy (can't remember off the top of my head) I am currently using feg which was super cheap but I cant say I can see much of a difference but thought it was worth a go as it is so cheap. I think it is trial and error for most people..... some seem to work for one but not the other. I am pretty religious about using the serum daily, sometimes twice! Good luck with your lashes ladies x

8th November, 2018

I definitely am a fan! I have used both Lilash and Flash, both work very well, currently using Flash as it's more affordable, but I can rate them both!

6th November, 2018

I've always wanted to try the Revitalash serum, but it's too expensive. I've currently been using Noosa Basics Eye Lash and Brow Revitaliser which was around $25 and I've notice my lashes thicken.

6th November, 2018

I am definitely curious about these serums. A girl I worked with used Flash and you could definitely see the difference. For those of you ladies that use it how long does it take to see a change? And roughly how much extra length would you get or does it depend on the individual?

6th November, 2018

I’ve been using it for almost 4 weeks now and have noticed a huge difference. They’re a lot fuller and the length dramatically noticeable. I’ve also been using it on my eyebrows and they’re more fuller. It’s worth the investment.

6th November, 2018

Sounds promising thank you :-) Might have to treat myself for xmas.

6th November, 2018

For me it felt like an age before I saw results with fLASH but now my eyelashes look amazing. You do have to use the product religiously but it's worth it for the results. They're also definitely more noticeable after a regular eyelash tint!

7th November, 2018

I'll be getting Flash the others are a bit pricey. Thanks for your replies :-)