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Just When You Thought You'd Mastered The Wing

11 October, 2017 - 09:20pm by - Head Pixie | 22 Comments


By BR Tabatha

Just when you've finally mastered winged eyeliner...

Meet the reverse wing. It's the outer corner flicks twin sister, and it's becoming a thing. Credited to Instagrammer dahliacreates, it's a look that has Instagram all abuzz as people flock to their mirrors to try their hand at taking their wing skills to the next level by bringing that line towards their nose. 

To be honest, it's a look we're on the fence about. On one hand it adds an exotic touch to the eye and it's something that can be played with, as Dahlia shows in a photo taken after her original went viral.


That glitter accent is to die for! And I feel like winging the inner corner of your eye gives a person more space to play with, especially if their outer eye area is of a more hooded nature. But on the other hand, it doesn't feel like a look one could head to the office wearing, especially if the office is of a more conservative nature. It could be seen as distracting or a little 'out there'. But what's the point of makeup if you can't play? And could it be a case of wearing it often enough that it becomes the norm? I mean bikinis were frowned upon not that long ago until women went 'bugger this, we'll wear what we want' and now it's go-to beachwear for millions of women.


Of course, if you want to be all extra on it you can do a Dahlia and wing it both ways. Don't you love that symmetry? I love that symmetry. I think I love this look the most. Bless that balance's cotton socks.

So what say you? Beautiful or banal? Crazy or cool? Magnificent or meh? The next bikini? Or should it go the way of hyper-colour t-shirts?


Is the reverse wing your thing?

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weird but effective.

I’ll give it a go just to see how it looks on me. It’s rather intriguing

I think it's an elegant, beautiful look! Will be sticking to a more simple look myself though :D

I would like to see the whole face -each eye looks stunning

12th October, 2017 at 9:16 am

I feel like it'll crash and burn, but I like the effect for dress up / festival make up. Can't you just see a simple tribal dot pattern somewhere over the middle - could look a-mazing.

I still haven't mastered doing a normal wing let alone a reverse wing haha

Just another instragram trend, definitely not the worst but something I wouldn't wear and it definitely wouldn't go well with my glasses. In the above pics it looks like she's got her eyebrows on the wrong way with that look.

Oh my! I might give it a try the double wing seems okay but i am not sure this will be a hit with me wing eyes are not easy

I think it looks great for a dressed up look - probably won't do it for everyday though

It looks good up close but I reckon in relation to the whole face it would look weird.

What does it look like in the context of the whole face?

What makes it a little extra strange in the first pic is that the lashes she has on are longer on the inside end - so it really makes her eyebrow look backwards!

This poll made me laugh. Thanks haha

Wow this looks so effective! I havent seen this before, ill have to give this a go sometime :D

I don't think I'll try it :)

I still can't master the wing the right way around lol. No no no I can't. This would be even harder lol.


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