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Miraculous Facial Oil
Miraculous Facial Oil

Summer's Here! It's Time To Bare Your Rear!

20 January, 2019 - 07:34pm by - Head Pixie | 15 Comments

By BR Tabatha

We are all for the belief that in order to have a beach body you just have to whack on your choice of swimwear, take your body to the beach and declare yourself beach body ready... but... and there is a but... that doesn't stop us having a touch of the vanities about that which we show the world. It's the touch of vanities that sees us shave our legs and care for the lady garden before slipping on the togs. That sees us whack on some waterproof mascara, add a touch of tinted lip balm and moisturise our body... and that includes our bums. 

You see while we don't have the time or (let's be honest) the inclination to do a bazillion burpees or lunges or squats or whatever fresh hell they're putting people through at boot camps and gyms these days, we still like to at least give the illusion that our butts are in the best shape of their lives... and that means giving them a skin care workout. So what's on our butt-training beauty list? Check these out!

Simply Essential Massaging Bath Brush

Cellulite is just one of those joyous facts of life for a goodly amount of us (90% of women and 10% of men according to this article in Scientific American). While we may not be able to banish it forever we can work on its appearance - and the first step to that is getting our circulation moving. A simple tool like the Simply Essential Massaging Bath Brush (or a loofah) is the first step to making a difference. It exfoliates, massages and invigorates blood flow, all which help to improve the appearance of cellulite.

Evolu Invigorating Body Scrub

Want to really ensure your bum and surrounding areas are smoothed and invigorated? Hit it up with a body scrub, like Evolu's Invigorating Body Scrub. With coffee, harakeke and kawakawa, it will beautify your booty while removing dead cells and getting the area glowing.

Now that you're exfoliated and the circulation is flowing, it's time to add some firming moisture. We've found three options to suit anyone's budget from 'oooh that's luxe' to 'I'll pop it in with the groceries and no one will ever know'.

Clarins Body Fit

Love a little luxe in your life? Then Clarins Body Fit could well be for you! It claims to smooth away cellulite while firming and lifting the silhouette. If it can do all of that without making us break an exercised-induced sweat, we are in. Alllllllll in.

Nivea Body Lotion Firming

Featuring Q10 Plus to help boost the Coenzyme Q10 (which occurs in our skin and helps with firmness), along with Vitamin C, Nivea Body Lotion Firming is an affordable option to help nourish and tone your skin. It's claimed too that if used daily you'll see a difference in firmness and elasticity ten days! 

Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream

How could we write a tush-toning article without including Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream? We couldn't and - fun fact - it's not said 'bum bum' it's 'boom boom'. (Our inner grinners died when we found out, but we've come to terms with it. Mostly.) With guarana, cupuaçu butter, acai and coconut oil, it works to firm and smooth your skin. As for the scent? Divine. And the scent sticks around on your skin, so if you find yourself walking down the beach with a gaggle of people trying to sniff you - don't say we didn't warn you.

So there you have it! Three steps to get your best looking butt ever to the beach without a squat in sight! Have we mentioned any of your fave products? More importantly, what are your tips and tricks for firming and smoothing the derrière? Sharing is caring!


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29th January, 2019

I have the Sol de Janeiro bum bum cream. Sooo good.

26th January, 2019

Bum bum cream has to be the coolest name ever! I use the Q10 year round, it’s an awesome moisturiser, might have to try the massage brush though!

23rd January, 2019

I have a big big bottom so I do not show it off. Except to my partner. I would like to try those things on my thighs and tummy

23rd January, 2019

I have been using the Nivea firming cream for years and find it works really well providing you use it everyday.It definitely helps keep the skin firm but that Bum Bum cream looks amazing so I would love to get my hands on some of that.

23rd January, 2019

I would love to try the Clarins Body Fit. I workout 5 times a week, but still have alot of cellulite under my thighs and bottom inspite of doing weighted squats,lunges and running and other HIT excercises . I seriously need help.

22nd January, 2019

The bum bum cream sounds like it would smell so good.

22nd January, 2019

I always wanted to try Evolu’s body’s scrub.. So..tempting...

22nd January, 2019

that evolu body scrub looks lovely... I moisturise everyday, but a bit slack with the scrubs etc.

21st January, 2019

These all look good

21st January, 2019

Some of these look like they would be lovely on the skin.

21st January, 2019

I would love to think that it is as simple as smoothing on a lotion to take away the cellulite but I don't think it's that easy. However a good scrubbed and moisturized bum looks better than a scaly dry one. I have really loved the Frank Body Scrub but recently tried the Evolu one and really liked it. It's less messy and a little less scrubby since the granules are less concentrated but it does leave your skin smooth.

21st January, 2019

I use a scrub in the shower. That massage brush looks really good as does the bum bum cream lol.

21st January, 2019

That Evolu exfoliant looks lovely i'd like to try that out. I do generally use exfoliants in the shower but am a bit shocking when it comes to regular moisturising. I don't have the figure for butt showing so it's not something I do anyway but I like it to nice for me lol.

21st January, 2019

Since I am a little self conscious about my bottom and thighs I decided 6 months a go to give things ago to help me feel more confident and now my routine is: scrubs/exfoliants, massaging tools, I moisturise my body everyday; This helps to remove fat pockets, helps smooth out cellulite, helps relax the muscles and to desensitize nerves.

I also do exercise, stretches, some yoga and use the shake plate=) I love to try and test all products.

21st January, 2019

Me too. I don't do the massaging tools but a good scrub does leave the surface skin a bit smoother coupled with a good moisturizer.

21st January, 2019

I have been eyeing up the Bum Bum cream at Mecca - would love to hear how others have found it!