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It's a Steal! The Best Affordable Makeup as Rated by YOU!

3 March, 2019 - 02:27pm by - Head Pixie | 20 Comments

By BR Tabatha

Growing up the word 'drug store' meant... welll... nothing. We didn't have drug stores in New Zealand. There was no meaning behind it. Then the internet exploded and people over the ocean began chatting about drug store makeup, and before you knew it drug store became a thing here in little ol' En Zed.

Drug store makeup is known for being affordable. It's its jam. It can also be known for being very, very good. Awesome for those of us on a budget. So what cuts the drug store mustard here in New Zealand? What do we Kiwi women rank as being a total bargain, quality and affordability wise? Check these* out:


e.l.f Mineral Infused Primer - RRP $14

They say:  Transform your face into a flawless and smooth canvas with the Mineral Infused Face Primer. Developed to combat against excess oil, flaky dryness, enlarged pores and fine lines. This clear multipurpose skin primer will prepare your skin so makeup goes on evenly for a long lasting satin finish.

You say:  I have previously used a couple of high end primers so was a little sceptical about a $6 primer. But after hearing great things I decided to try it! Only a small amount needed, very easy to apply, sets quickly and foundation lasts great and goes on so smoothly. Very comparable to expensive primers. BR Member - T-rish-e


Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation - RRP $17.99

They say:  A feather light, oil free formula with an airy mousse texture that won’t feel heavy or greasy. Delivers all day shine control and blends flawlessly for a natural looking matte finish. Minimizes the appearance of pores. 

You say:  This is my go to night out foundation! I love the texture of it and how it sits on my skin and it also worked with a range of concealers under and over it. It does NOT move!  BR Member - livvsm

BB Cream

Garnier Skin Active Nude Effect BB Cream - RRP $17.49

They say:  BB Nude is Garnier’s new lightweight BB Cream with a self-adjusting formula that transforms to instantly match your skin tone! With invisible encapsulated micro-pigments, BB Nude transforms from white to tinted cream texture to give you an instant healthy glow and natural coverage without the feeling of wearing any make-up.

You say: If you are a person who likes to wear lightweight makeup without the fuss and without the big budget; I highly recommend this BB cream. It has converted me from being a foundation wearer everyday to being only a BB cream wearer and still feeling confident. You won't be disappointed.  BR Member - Shana_Banana84


LA Girl HD Pro Conceal - RRP $9.95

They say:  Crease-resistant, opaque coverage in a creamy yet lightweight texture. The long-wearing formula camouflages darkness under the eyes, redness and skin imperfections. Provides complete, natural-looking coverage, evens skin tone, covers dark circles and minimizes fine lines around the eyes.

You say:  The formula itself is just what you want in a concealer, creamy but not too thick, buildable to cover imperfections without looking obvious or cakey and doesn't feel heavy or sticky on the skin. I'm suprised at just how often I reach for this and would highly recommend you try it if you haven't already, it's a steal at the price and I will definitely repurchase.  BR Member - Jesse


Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder - RRP $14.99

They say:  Up to 5 hours natural shine control with natural minerals. Helps minimise the appearance of pores. 

You say:  This is perfection! I hate having a shiny face, I pop this on after my foundation and it takes all the shine away and stays that way all day. It doesn't cake, and it doesn't look powdery. Could not do my makeup without this!  BR Member - ABeautifulBerry


Jordana Powder Blush - RRP $9.45

They say:  Color-True tints for cheeks. Face looks youthful & refreshed. Accentuates, sculpts & contours. Velvety-smooth formula blends easily 

You say:  These blushes are so cheap, so easy to find (heaps of dollar stores carry Jordana), so pigmented, so blendable, so stunning. Seriously, these are amazing quality, and I think they're far better than many of the far more expensive blushes I've tried.  BR Member - Sylvia


e.l.f Baked Highlighter - RRP $12

They say:  Create a radiant glow with this illuminating powder that highlights the skin with a sheer wash of shimmering color. The long-lasting baked shimmering color can be applied wet for a vibrant effect or dry for sheer pigmentation.

You say:  When I first started to get interested in highlighting my skin I decided to start with a more affordable product rather than spending lots in case I hated the look. I have very cool tone, fair skin so purchased the pink diamond shade. It's beautiful!! Having now expanded my highlighter collection to over 10 different products I still reach for this weekly. It's really is such good value for money!  BR Member - Candy


e.l.f Eyebrow Kit - RRP $9.00

They say:  e.l.f Brow Kits create brows that are fuller, thicker, and more defined! The pigmented wax defines and shapes brows and the color complementing setting powder keeps them looking arched and perfected.

You say:  I have been using this brow kit for 3 years and I can't believe how great it is for the price. A little goes a long way and it's great value for money.  BR Member - Siddy


Colourpop Super Shock Shadow - RRP US$5

They Say:  Highly pigmented eyeshadows in an insane number of shades.

You say:  These shaows are sooo super buttery to touch and blend so well. I am super impressed with the pigmentation of what I have seen so far and excited to try more shades. For the price point of these and the quality you get with them, they are an absolute steal!!!!  BR Member - kelly2011


LA Girl Glide Gel Liner - RRP $11.99

They say:  Makeup wearers no longer have to choose between the ease of application in an eye pencil and the smooth feel of liquid eyeliner. The new Glide liner has the soft and gliding feel of liquid that comes in a pencil that can be sharpened.

You say:  My first impressions with this liner is how pigmented the formula is, and for the brand LA girl I had a feeling because it was cheap it would perform badly, but I was so wrong! I have been using this to line my waterline for a goddess pop and it glides on really easy, 2 swipes and we are good to go!.  BR Member - lutece


Covergirl LashBlast Volume Mascara - RRP $22.99

They say:  Get a blast of bold, volumizing mascaras! LashBlast's patented volume-boosting hypoallergenic mascara formula and patent-pending brush are designed to max out each and every lash, leaving you with the ultimate big-lash look. Now in waterproof, too!

You say: Great mascara! Doesn't clump and it lasts throughout the day really well. A very affordable high street option. I always find myself reaching for it.  BR Member - leahsmithie

Lip Liner

Jordana Easy Lip Liner Pencil - RRP $8.85

They say:  Retractable, no sharpening required. Silky smooth soft glide formula. Excellent colour coverage; rich semi-matte finish. All-day wear.

You say:  The pigmentation of these lip liners are amazing! Especially for the price. They glide on really well and its so easy to over line my lips with. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for affordable lip liners. - sally05


Jordana Lipstick - RRP $5.10

They say:  Full coverage, dazzling colour, rich and creamy texture. Lightweight, smooth-glide application. Soft shine finish.

You say:  I absolutely adore this lipstick! It is honestly my go-to over luxury brand. The pigmentation is very opaque and full, it's lovely and creamy and doesn't dry out your lips. They are as cheap as chips so are affordable to virtually anybody. A true beauty staple! - fairyfluff

There you have it! Beautiful budget-friendly products that have given Beauty Review members a case of the star-eyes! Have these rocked your world? Do you feel a shopping trip coming on? Chat away!

* Each product mentioned is Top Rated with a minimum of twenty ratings against it.



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17th March, 2019

These are definitely budget-friendly. Finding good decent products that work and having them at a cheaper price is amazing!

14th March, 2019

I love these pocket friendly ideas. Tried a few of them to . I reccomend trying them.

11th March, 2019

Defiantly trying some of these

10th March, 2019

Nice, I want to look into the cover girl mascara

10th March, 2019

I feel a shopping trip coming on for the e.l.f. Baked Highlighter! Thanks for the tips BR member Candy, I like the sound that pink diamond shade.

8th March, 2019

I’d be interested in trying the Covergirl LashBlast Mascara and the LA Girl Glide Gel Liner.

8th March, 2019

Wow... so many good buys.. I think i’ll be happy to give the primer and foundations a try. It’s not easy finding my signature lip colour.. so maybe i’ll give the Jordana lipsticks a go as well =D.

8th March, 2019

I need a new concealer but have a hard time finding my shade I will check out the LA girl one.

8th March, 2019

I need a new concealer but have a hard time finding my shade I will check out the LA girl one.

7th March, 2019

I have got to get that e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit, it looks great. The LA Girl HD Pro Conceal looks good too.

6th March, 2019

I have been looking for a new mascara! That is affordable as well as good, so will definitely jump on to that cover girl one. Jordana has always been my favorite for lippys!

5th March, 2019

I’m definitely going to try the baked ELF highlighter. My duo has such a small amount of highlighter in it, and I prefer highlighting over the heavy lowlight

5th March, 2019

There's a few things there I'll be looking for. The e.l.f baked highlighter really looks like a product I would love. Such great prices!

5th March, 2019

Most of these are pretty cheap! I use Elf and find their products are actually very good :)

4th March, 2019

Does anyone know where we can purchase Jordana products in store? Tati speaks highly of their products, so I'm desperate to try it out!

5th March, 2019

Lots of $2/dollar stores stock Jordana but you can buy online now too!

8th March, 2019

Has anyone ordered from this Jordana page and know it's a branch from the US? Looking at their About Us page, I have doubts. There's a good range of Jordana available to NZ via Beauty Joint, I've bought a few items from there .

8th March, 2019

Elise if you are in Auckland there is a $2type store at St Luke's that has fresh product. It's the one on the very edge of the mall if you leave via the food court as if heading over the road. It's got road frontage in the carpark. Cant remember name

5th March, 2019

I haven't used any e.l.f products but it's time I did. I thought they were all expensive for some reason.


Last month we sent out the Olay Collagen Peptide 24 Serum and Moisturiser to reveiwers - the results are in and it's safe to say we'll be sneaking these into our trolleys when we're next buying groceries!

We're giving two of them away - all you need to do is tell us which product you'd most like to easy is that?!