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Is Your Skin Ready For The Silly Season?

28 November, 2021 - 01:54pm by - Head Pixie | 7 Comments

by BR Tabatha

The silly season is upon us! Time for parties and picnics, meals out and more! Not only that, it's the time of the year where those of us who usually keep things pretty casual when going out and about might like to make more effort with our makeup, and those of us who like to wear a full face on the daily can go next level and really amp things up! But, much like building a house, you need a good foundation before you layer up your makeup, which means prepping your skin before trowelling product on. So how can we get our best party skin ever? Read on...

Mask Up

My best pre-party skin trick? Making sure I put an intensely hydrating mask on for fifteen to twenty minutes at least eight hours before an event. That means if it's a morning party, say a champagne breakfast or brunch, I put on a sheet mask before bed, that way I wake up to glowing skin. If it's an evening event? I mask up in the morning.

Why do I mask up hours before heading out? As much as I love a good sheet mask, they do have the tendency to make my makeup pill if I apply it soon after using one, so treating my skin to a mask hours ahead of the event gives the mask's ingredients the chance to do their thing, while still giving my skin those beautiful plump and glow benefits that a mask creates.


It goes without saying, but I'm going to say it anyway - before you apply makeup you need to cleanse your skin, because the last thing you want to do is to take skin that has a day or night's sweat, oil and grime and then further clog it with a heavy layer of makeup. That's just a breakout waiting to happen.


Exfoliation is a must before layering up the makeup. It whisks away dead skin cells and will help minimise the look of any rough or dry patches.


Once you've cleansed and smoothed out your skin, then it's time to tone. Toning using an alcohol-free toner will work to remove any last traces of dirt, while helping to soften, balance out and (depending on the toner) hydrate your skin. 


The more hydration the merrier! Once you've toned, apply a little serum to further plump up your skin.

Eye Cream

Concealer and powder can go a long way to making us look older than we are if our eye area isn't properly prepped pre-party. So now's the time to dab on some eye cream.


Finally, a good moisturiser is a must. It will further plump your skin, give it a glow, and provide a good base for those who prefer to skip priming their skin before applying foundation. At this point it's also a great idea to apply a lip balm and let it sink in so that your kissers will be super plush before applying a lippy.

Face Base

Now that your skin is well and truly prepped and primed, you're set to create your best face base ever, and BR Amelia has all the info on that here. One last tip for your best skin ever this party season? Don't forget to take your makeup off at the end of the night, and be sure to show your skin some love by slathering it in serum and moisturiser before you hit the hay. Your skin will thank you for it the next day!

So, will you be celebrating this silly season? And do you amp up your skincare and makeup before stepping out in style? Chat below!


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25th January, 2022

Good reminders - I definitely neglect this! I need to make more time to do this properly!

5th December, 2021

Love me a good skincare routine .

1st December, 2021

Good reminders, thank you! I'm trying to get better at daily masking because my skin is very dry at the moment.

30th November, 2021

Don't have any serum at the moment, but have everything else down pat.

30th November, 2021

At the moment my skin is not looking so good and in all honesty I am putting that down to stress and those annoying masks we all have to wear.I wash the damn things after each use but still irritating my skin lol.

29th November, 2021

I'm a good girl and look after my skin - never go to bed with makeup on. Use serums and moisturisers and a face mask and exfoliate. Also use subscreen

29th November, 2021

No! My frown lines are back plus acne and I've been sweating more from the heat and I burn!

1st December, 2021

Wearing masks makes it worse doesn't it? I swear I get more blackheads!

23rd December, 2021

Same...I'm getting a bit of 'maskne'.


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