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Is your mature skin dry?

15 June, 2022 - 10:18pm by - First Lady | 132 Comments

poll posted by BR Amelia

A common factor of ageing skin is dryness. As we age our skin thins, collagen production lessons and we lose oil glands.  All of these factors contribute to increasingly dry skin.  Add to that the fact that dead skin cells do not shed as quickly and the turnover of new skin cells decreases slightly. 

Now we're not going to give you the 'prevention is better than cure' lecture again, nor will we tell you again to always use sunscreen.  If your skin is already dry with age, the bottom line is - you're going to need to amp up your moisturising routine and start repairing!

L'Oréal Paris Age Perfect Cell Renewal Revitalising Day Cream SPF 30 is formulated for mature, dull skin to boost radiance and help prolong skin vitality.  And SPF 30! Thirsty!  How awesome is that?!

We're looking for reviewers to try it out.  If you fancy giving it a go comment below and tell us about your skin.  Do you consider it 'mature' and is it dry?  Have you begun an anti-ageing skin care routine yet or is it now time? Get chatting below!

Is your mature skin feeling dry?

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29th June, 2022

Yes my skin is very dry. Not all skin products are effective in ensuring my skin stay soft and supple. Without the right products my skin quickly can become flaky and rough in patches. I would love to try this L’Oréal product

28th June, 2022

This product seems great, id love to give it a try. But definitely skin gets dries up quicker as we get older

27th June, 2022

I am definitely finding that my skin is drier as I get older and I’m starting to notice fine lines and wrinkles. So I’m trying to focus my skin care on anti-aging as well as hydration.

27th June, 2022

I'm getting closer to 40 and noticed my skin is starting to get dry patches, especially around my nose and my forehead. I always had my head in the sand about aging but I really can't hide from it anymore! I always try to choose a moisturiser or cream with SPF in it, but I think I need that next step in anti aging skincare now and to remember I'm not 21 anymore so I have different needs from what I used to.

27th June, 2022

My skin is starting to age and I notice that it gets dry around my mouth, especially when I wake up in the mornings. I would love to trial this product because i think it will help with hydration and youthfulness, please pick me!

25th June, 2022

As I get older I feel that my skin is getting more and more drier! Not a nice feeling, I would love to give this a go

25th June, 2022

At 46 I'm definitely in the mature dry skin category. I'm sure my cells need some help in the renewal department. I would love to give this product a go

25th June, 2022

im 35 years old and have noticed a change in my skin over the last 6 months . sometimes it can be very dry around my nose and between my eyes and also wrinkles are starting to appear. so im now starting to look into anti ageing skincare but im unsure where to begin.... im trying out a few different moisturisers and creams to see what works for me. i would love to try this product and see if it is the one for me!

23rd June, 2022

i’m 64, pale freckle skin. I haven’t worn much makeup or even used much product over the years. its time now especially with wearing a masks for 9 hours a day. i have notice that my skin is getting dry as i’ve never used a moisturiser. i don’t know where to start so this would help make my decision

22nd June, 2022

In my early-thirties now I’m not sure I’d say I have mature skin however it is dry and I’ve began to notice the early signs of aging - loss of elasticity, dark circles and puffiness, forehead and frown lines etc so I tend to choose skin care that targets aging. I’ve also yet to find an spf that I can be bothered applying everyday over Winter so I’m looking for a moisturiser with added spf that I can forget I’m wearing a sunscreen.

22nd June, 2022

Over the last couple of years I have found that my skin is needing more and more moisture to keep it feeling hydrated. I would love to try this product to help give my skin the hydration and sun protection it needs.

22nd June, 2022

Yes I would love to trial this. As I am aging and in peri menopause my skin has gotten so dry it would be great to have cell renewal and love that it is 30spf.

22nd June, 2022

Would love to try this! My skin has become so dry and flaky in the last year!!

21st June, 2022

I don't like to admit that 'yes' my skin is 'mature' one of the many words I don't like to use when describing my skin. I suffer from dry skin however in Winter my skin is dryer than the Sahara Desert. I haven't started a skin care regime as I am yet to find the right product for my skin type, which is why I would love to try this.

21st June, 2022

The big 40 has been and gone and I'm now nearly 45, my skin has definitely started requiring a bit more attention of late. Dryness and fine lines, aka wrinkles, are just everyday occurrences now. I'm always on the lookout for a decent moisturiser especially one with sun protection


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