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Is This The Yummiest or Yuckiest Lip Gloss Ever?

3 April, 2018 - 07:41pm by - Head Pixie | 22 Comments

By BR Tabatha

Oh, April Fools Day, you're a card! We don't know about you, but every year we at BRHQ find ourselves guarding against any potential tricks and pranks that fall on this day. Every bit of beauty news released is considered carefully... Could it be real? Is it a joke? Have they suckered us in? 

This year we saw LUSH bring out 'Sunshine Shower' shower water and 'Eau de Aqua' body spray. They even made a very convincing video, which made us look twice before we face-palmed ourselves and realised it was a joke. The Queen's of all things warm-toned, Tarte, teased a new cool-toned palette, which wasn't for real, except people got all excited and thought it was and were disappointed when it wasn't... awkward. And while it's not strictly beauty, Burger King's chocolate whopper had us going for one hot second. (And yes, we would.)

But the one that gave us a good grin? The fabulous YouTuber and Beauty Guru Extraordinaire, Chloe Morello's DIY vegemite lip gloss tutorial!

Sure, we knew immediately that it was an April Fools joke, but yet, there's something about it that had us entranced. The idea of whipping out a tube of Vegemite gloss and spreading it on our lips? Delicious. At least, half the crew thought so. The rest reckoned Marmite would've been better...

So how does one create their own Vegemite lipgloss?

Simply spoon Vegemite into a bag, chop off an edge of the bag so it looks like a piping bag, then squeeze the Vegemite into a clean lipgloss tube. Stick on a Vegemite label and it's good to go.

The result?

Well, according to Chloe it burns, but she flipped that round and decided at least that the burning meant it had a beautiful plumping quality to it. Best of all, if she's hungry it's a snack on the go! 

Chole, you're wonderful, you're funny, that truly gave us a giggle.

But what say you our beauties? What are your thoughts on a Vegemite lipgloss?

Vegemite lip gloss. Would you?

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Sounds yuck, colour would be great, but it looks patchy on her lips?

I love vegemite but no, besides look at it, it's patchy!

Bhahaha so good! I put mine only on toast though.

Either it be vegemite or marmite, it's not going to taste nice when I lick my lips

Best on Toast -Good One !

I'm a marmite fan I ime it as food not as cosmetics. Unique idea though.

I'm a Marmite girl all the way. It was a struggle when the factory closed for a while :P But I still appreciate the video, as I wouldn't try it anyway.

I've never bought marmite until it returned after the earthquakes, because I just had to see what the fuss was about. Turns out I still prefer vegemite. Funny.

4th April, 2018 at 11:21 am

Haha the irony.

4th April, 2018 at 7:53 pm

Erm no thanks. I'll have it on toast tho!

With some butter as primer, and switch to UK Marmite, I could be convinced. It's a snack on the go!

No thanks. Give me marmite ! lol

At least she got amongst the spirit of things haha

I am in the unpopular 10% of people that are all for it. Vegemite toast is my fave food in the wide world above anything else so a vegemite lipgloss (made properly) I would be all in face first lol

I love vegemite toast, anywhere, anytime!

6th April, 2018 at 6:33 pm

hmmm Chocolate would be much tastier lol

I love vegemite.......on my toast!

it does not look too bad but I will keep it to the toast :)


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