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Is This The Worst Makeup Artist Ever!?

16 November, 2017 - 10:43pm by - Head Pixie | 15 Comments

By BR Kellie

Comedienne Tanya Hennessy first came to our attention when she created the laugh out loud video 'Everyday Make Up Tutorial' in which she showed us how she applies her makeup 'youtube beauty guru' styles - but with a twist.

'Then I take this MAC Hot & Naughty 2 Lash mascara, that I got, I think, God, this would be six years old now.'

I cringed. In fact I cringed a lot throughout the whole video. All with a giant grin on my face. Which only widened when she recreated the 'self-indulgent' beauty shots with a line below asking people to stop doing those because they're hard to watch (I'm glad I'm not the only person who thinks this!).

The woman is honest, self-deprecating and real as anything. She's a crack up. (Word of warning - there is the odd expletive - so if you're not a fan of those you might want to back away from the play button...)

Tanya popped up on our radar again with her video 'Big Boob Issues' - and as a member of the big boob club I can safely say she got it spot on.

It got us thinking though - hold on - she has videos. There must be more than those, so we looked her up on YouTube and surely enough there were videos. Many. Lots of them are beauty-centric, and they are hilarious! 

'Things People Say To Massage Therapists'

'Thoughts You Have Watching Make Up Tutorials'

'Things People Say At The Make Up Counter'

Our latest favourite? 'I Do One of the Worlds Best Make Up Artists' Make Up'. in which she does the makeup of Rae Morris, who has not only won Australian Makeup Artist of the Year four times, she is also considered one of the world's most influential makeup artists. So, she knows her stuff. And yet she put herself in the hands of Tanya. The woman is talented, and brave.

It's... an experience to watch. It's possibly an ab workout, it's that funny. Also, if you're all about creating perfect makeup looks, well, you're going to find parts of this painful. 

Spoiler alert - but not really, because you see the end result at the beginning of the vid - but this is what she does to Rae Morris.

All I can say is that I'm glad makeup washes off... and Tanya, if you ever want to make me laugh while putting all sorts of muck on my face... game on, girlfriend!

So, have you discovered the joy that is Tanya Hennessey? Are you a fan? Will you be blocking out an hour of time so you can binge her vids? And most importantly, would you dare to book her as your makeup artist for an event? Chat away! 

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Hahaha these videos are great, I watched the 'Everyday make up tutorial' one and had to laugh at "Thomas! could you go outside? - Im so sorry hes such a burden" :P

haha omg so funny

You are so right -lucky it washes off -They say you have to have cheek to be successful don't they .

I find her videos so funny! Excited to see there are more out there!

I just looked her up... yeah nah. I wouldn't let her near my face, and not because shes bad at makeup. she annoyed me instantly, and then finding another of her "normal" videos, she was less irritating but still not my cup of tea. shes probably lovely in person but everyone has a persona on the internet - and I don't like hers.

Ohhh I looooove Tanya! She is so bloody awesome, I love following her on IG and snapchat, she always makes me crack up!! She is just so real and says what everyone else is thinking!


Yikes! It's funny for youtube but not on my face hahaha

totally agree

18th November, 2017 at 11:28 am

Yeah true :)

20th November, 2017 at 7:40 pm

I've come across her videos on Facebook. I find them pretty entertaining and funny.

She is absolutely good for a laugh, cant be taken seriously though!

Oh that's so funny! I'd watch her videos for a laugh, but not book an appointment with her anytime soon...

Awesome! Hehe love it

I'm a bit on the fence about her. I've seen her videos pop up on my facebook feed and just can't help but wonder what's she like in real life? At times it seems a little too try hard but it is a good laugh.

I am so going to check these out later today..A good laugh is very much what I need right now

Haha not booking her, these are good for someone you are planning to impress and then shock them by getting their makeup from Tanya


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