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The Beauty Vault - Aug
The Beauty Vault - Aug

Is This The Ultimate Nude Lipstick Palette?

27 December, 2017 - 08:00pm by - Head Pixie | 23 Comments

By BR Kellie

So I was just scrolling through Instagram, checking out the world and I saw something that stopped me in my scrolling tracks. This:


It was posted on the account of Dominic Skinner aka MAC Cosmetics' Senior Global Artist. All those nude shades. And a palette. I was intrigued. 

Not long after that picture was posted, another came forth. Once again nudes and an empty lipstick palette. But this time the nudes were arranged in a pattern. And what a pretty pattern it was. 


At this point my heart began to race a little. Was I seeing the beginning of something that I would give a good chunk of my pay cheque to own? Was this a new MAC palette in the making?


Later on his Instagram feed showed melting And pouring. It was glorious to watch! And the more I saw the more I wanted. And this was the finished result...


Nude. Lovers. Heaven. I was in. All in. But then I got down and dirty into the comments section hoping to see some confirmation that the palette was the beginning of something buyable. Alas, no. Dominic just loved his Nicki Minaj lipsticks so much he wanted an easier way to rock around with them, so he made his own palette using her lippies along with a mix of his favourite other nudes. 

It even has it's own cover:


While this doesn't look to be something we mere mortals can get our hands on easily Dominic did take the time to post a video showing us how we can melt our lipsticks and create a palette like his. You can check it out here

If I had more patience I would do this. Except I don't. Looks like I'll be sticking to the tube formula's for the time being while praying MAC sees the genius of this palette and recreates it so we can snap it up without any of the effort. 

So, does this palette rock your world? Would you buy it? Would you go the extra mile and actually create it? Should MAC just make it for us? Get chatting!

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I never liked lip stick palettes, because it's messy and like the others have said. You would have to carry around a lip brush which is annoying to me, I'd rather apply from the lipstick bullet.

It does look pretty cool!

I'd have to give it a miss (the shades are beautiful!!) mainly because I personally don't like lip palettes. I'd rather carry around 10+ lippies in my bag than a lip palette and lip brush.

i might be in if it also came with a lip brush or two - lip brushes are tricky to clean, and I only have one.

I find cleaning lip brushes in micellar water works wonderfully. The lipstick just seems to disappear off the brush bristles, no mess, no fuss!

28th December, 2017 at 11:29 am

I used a bit of my emulsifying oil cleanser the other day to clean my lip brush and the lipstick cleaned off the makeup really well. Two oil cleanses for the brush got off the lipstick and then a foaming brush cleanser and the tip was white again.

29th December, 2017 at 10:11 am


29th December, 2017 at 10:12 am

I did this two years ago, using an old eyeshadow palette and a bunch of nearly finished lipsticks. It worked well, although I did learn that long-wear lipsticks do not like being melted and reset, the seem to shrink in the palette after a few weeks and don't apply as well as the original. Ordinary, creamy types lipsticks work fine. Would I do it again? Probably not, it took hours to do, was messy and I don't really use these lipsticks any more than when they were in bullet form. I did post a pic to the photo wall back when I did it, if anyone wants to see it, they'd probably be able to find it in the photos section under my profile.

Looks nice but I'm too lazy to own a lipstick palette especially of nude lipsticks because nudes are the ones that are easy to swipe on when you're in rush to get out the door since the brighter and darker shades of lippy need more precise application with a brush. So I like to keep my nudes in the bullet.

I am a lipstick girl through and through but I would give this a go with a few lip brushes - why not I say it certainly can do no harm

Lovely palette but I like to have several lipsticks in colours to suit my clothing and are easy to carry.

It is quite cool.

I think a couple of my Mac favourites are in there! I wouldn't do this but I do have an old Christian Dior that I've kept to refill with the bits of lipstick in the bottom of the bullets. The packaging is way too nice to throw away so need to repurpose it. Problem is that I have so many lipsticks that they rarely wear down that low!

I have only used up 1 lipstick in my whole life! I'm 53.

6th January, 2018 at 4:58 pm

Bahahaha, Kim! I have used up more than one but they always tend to be of the same shade. And if I go to pick a new shade I'll go through all the most similar shades then chose the one I came in wearing.

6th January, 2018 at 8:16 pm

I prefer the actual lipsticks over palettes, just because lipsticks are more convenient to carry around.

It looks so cool! But palettes are annoying to use I find

I love lippies, however I could not use a lippy palette as I need to reapply throughout the day and a palette would be too big in my handbag

Oooooh I would buy this in a heartbeat (for my kit, not personal use)!

Ummm not really my thing I'm afraid. I'm yet to find the perfect nude, so I just use lipbalm instead lol


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