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Is This The Scariest Nail Look Ever?

18 September, 2017 - 09:00pm by - Head Pixie | 19 Comments

By BR Kellie

I know when a beauty trend is worth looking into when I get two back to back notifications on social media telling me to check something out. Recently, within an hour of each other, I had a notification on Twitter from a friend and another on Facebook from BR Nat telling me I had to check out a nail look. Clearly my friend and BR Nat were hoping to give me nightmares, because what I saw sent me reeling from the screen, then saw me slam the laptop screen down with a giant 'nope, nah, uh-uh, not doing it, not writing it, not having a bar of it'. Except sharing is caring, so of course I'm going to show you all that which freaked me out.

Take a gander at this nail look...


Once I put on my big girl britches and braved up I found myself rather entranced by this design created by Visual Illusion Artist Dain Yoon. I mean, look at the different expressions on the faces - all of which she painted herself. Her nails are emoting! How awesome is that? And what's crazier and cooler is...


That's not just any old face she's painted - it's her own! And if you scroll through her Instagram account you'll see she recreates herself quite a lot, and in the most trippy of ways. The woman is crazy talented. I can't even imagine how her brain works. My brain hurts even thinking about how one would replicate one's face upon one's face. If you get what I mean...


I think my favourite thing of all is that she trimmed the hair on her nails. She gave her nails a hair cut. I do enjoy a sense of whimsy and it appears Dain has it in spades.

So do tell my beauties - is this a look that will creep into the darkest depths of your mind and scare you silly as you sleep? Or are you a little bit in love with it? Or is it a case of just keep scrolling? Chat away!

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Umm no thankz

This creeped me out when I first saw it too, then I saw more examples of her work and I kinda 'got it'. Still creepy, but also fascinating!


Clever and well done as an artistic theme but no thanks not for me.


Lol that's awesome

The long-haired nails remind me a bit too much of The Ring movies for comfort!

First thoughts:OMG, WTF, what is that? No way.

Oh gosh that is really quite terrifying! Not scary terrifying just CREEPY with a capital NO THANKS!! I don't get it and I never wanna but on the flip side she has an amaze imagination.

The detail on the faces is amazing. The use of actual hair ... no! Imagine having to eat something with those hairy nails on the end of your fingers. I can think of so many potential issues, just in day-to-day life, and it would probably catch on everything. Ugh!

That is seriously creepy!

I did see that on facebook and as skill full as she is this bit of art is creepy since its hairy nails, plus also the nail would probably get really dirty and matted after a day of doing things and washing your hands.

How could you go toilet with those nails lol Freaky as .

That is some serious talent. Totally impractical, but proves that beauty is art.

Wow She's incredibly talented!! but it's a big glass of Nope from me lol


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