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Is This The Most Seasational Look Ever?

3 January, 2018 - 09:22pm by - Head Pixie | 29 Comments


By BR Tabatha

Rainbow hair just grown up and become all shades of sophisticated!

Meet Abalone Hair. Or as we Kiwi folk would call it - paua hair.

Look at it. Just look at it. You can almost hear the shushing of sea on sand, the crashing of waves on rocks.

To be fair it's a look that has popped up here and there for a while now, but it's new to us and we're obsessed. It's chic yet playful.


AND - it's a colour that can be rocked no matter what length of hair you have. 


While some hair colour trends have us going 'yeah, nah' this is one trend we would be more than happy to shell out for. Pun. Intended.

So... what say you my beauties? Are you a fan of paua hair? Is it a pearler? Or a pass? Chat away...



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24th January, 2018

These look stunning but I can just imagine the upkeep would be CRAZY expensive!!

21st January, 2018

This looks awesome havent seen anything like it before

21st January, 2018

This look is gorgeous,would love to pull this off definitely a pearler :)

19th January, 2018

LOVE this!

19th January, 2018

I love this but im too lazy for the upkeep!

19th January, 2018

Love it , especially the bob but yes looks like this would keep the wallet empty in upkeep

17th January, 2018

Love it!!! My hair is shorter but I would love to colour it like this

16th January, 2018

I love it! So pretty - I wonder how it looks with darker hair in between. I currently have pink and red and blue in there but maybe should go for paua hair next time!

14th January, 2018

Pass... If I tried it it would just look like I'd been swimming in chlorine too much!

13th January, 2018

So pretty but not something I would do

7th January, 2018

Yesssssssssssssssssss I love it unicorn rainbow I love the shine in the top and last photo but youd need to be blonde or have light natural hair first right? which can be a tough process

7th January, 2018

Oooh that is stunning! The effort to dye it and to keep it looking great though would be a little too much for me.

7th January, 2018

WOW those hair colourists have amazing skills. They should really be praised for achieving a difficult result.

6th January, 2018

So beautiful! I wish I could get this on my black hair without bleaching it

6th January, 2018

I love this but not brave enough the up keep would worry me too much