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Do you use SPF all year round?

2 June, 2018 - 11:39pm by - First Lady | 137 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

The key to young looking, healthy skin that ages gracefully is to look after and protect your skin, as soon as you start a skin care routine.

A proper daily skin care routine consists of cleansing, toning and moisturising.  And if you're especially dedicated you might even use a serum to target key concerns.  But what about protection from the harmful rays of the sun?  Is that in your daily routine?

You might answer that queston a few ways;

  • Yes, I use SPF daily in the summer.
  • Yes, I use SPF when I'm on holiday.
  • Yes, I use SPF on super-hot days.
  • Yes, I use a high SPF all year round.
  • Yes, some of my products have SPF 5 -15  in them.
  • No, I never use SPF.

Now we know all of the excuses for not using sunscreen - it's greasy, it leaves your makeup looking less than perfect, it smells funny.  And we'll say it again - in this day and age there are formulas to suit all skin types and needs.  There is no excuse to face the New Zealand sun unprotected - whether it be in the height of Summer or on a bright, crisp Winter's day!

We're putting the Olay Complete Defence SPF30+ for sensitive skin to the test.  This daily UV lotion is enriched with Olay moisturisers for daily hydration and SPF30+ UVA/UVB broad-spectrum protection.  It'll help to protect your skin against premature ageing and the damaging effects of daily UV exposure. Best of all, the unique Olay formula is light enough to wear every day! 

The light, non-greasy formula is enriched with vitamin E, aloe and green tea extract; and absorbs quickly into your skin to replenish moisture, without leaving skin greasy. 

We need a trial team of great reviewers to tell us if Olay Complete Defence SPF30+ is the answer to our sunscreen woes.  Can it get even the most naughty girl wearing sunscreen all year round?

If you'd like to put your hand up for this trial team, tell us your sunscreen habits below.  Do you use it religiously regardless of the season, or only in the Summer when you're reminded to slip, slap, slop?

Get chatting below!

Do you use SPF all year round?

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18th July, 2018

I try to find a moisturiser with built in SPF! In NZ we are affected by harsher UV rays and sun damage to the face can age it and result in lines at a younger age. I try to make sure that I am always protected and if I want a tan, I will use a fake one :)

11th July, 2018

SPF is key in my products - extra protection is never a bad thing

9th July, 2018

I would love to try this product! I have dry sensitive skin and am always keen to add suncare to my daily regime. So great to have a 2 in 1 product!

20th June, 2018

I guess I'm part lazy and part unsatisfied. There are so many formulas on the market that either leaves the skin greasy or unable to breathe. I've tried to purchase moisturising sunscreen, foundation, or BBs with sunscreen protection but those end up even worse with greasy patches that wipe off.

17th June, 2018

Eek this is something I never do unless it is in my moisturiser or foundation which it isn't always. I do think about it but then forget when I am at the shop. Must get in the routine of adding a SPF!

11th June, 2018

Im a bit slack with this but this product looks amazing would love to trial!

11th June, 2018

I try to use a SPF every day even in winter!

11th June, 2018

yes i use SPF - and i want a 30 - i dont like the 15 , not enough - and i dont like the 30s that go white and pasty, and take forever to rub in , and then some are just plain greasy- i like Olay in other products so wd love to give this a go.

10th June, 2018

I would love to try this product as I am getting older and I know I should be wearing it most of the time when I am out in the sun.

9th June, 2018

I always use a moisturizer with an SPF and my current one is only a 15. If I am going to be out in the first time of the day I will apply sunblock to the rest of my body but early in the morning and late evening I like to get some vitamin D and lots of it because I really need ir for my health.

9th June, 2018

I am concerned about sin damage but have sensitive skin so most products with SPF aren’t great for me. A sensitive cream sound perfect

8th June, 2018

Yes I need this! I always use SPF because I get sun rashes when I don't. I am very picky with what SPF I should use because I have a combination skin type and it gets oily when I put on the wrong product.

8th June, 2018

I have sun damaged skin from having very fair skin and not being able to find a SPF product that works for me against the sun rays. I would love to trial this product and find out how good it is on my skin

8th June, 2018

I use SPF all year round because even if I don't necessarily need it every single day, I'm a creature of habit and it's usually just in my moisturiser anyway...

8th June, 2018

I have used SPF all year round, in the form of not actual sunblock, but with my Moisturizer that also gives me benefits of SPF15 in it. But i can see some great benefits in Olay Complete Defence, and would like to try it out. Thanx