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Is it difficult to find the right cleanser?

13 March, 2017 - 10:57pm by - First Lady | 70 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

Out of all of the facial skin care products on the market, I reckon cleansers are the hardest to choose.  I seldom think twice about slapping a new moisturiser or serum on my face, yet I approach cleansing products with caution and suspicion.  Cleansers just seem to be more of a 'risk'.  They can be too drying, too harsh.  Too irritating.  Too abrasive.  They can unbalance the skin by stripping the natural oils.  Then of course if they're too gentle, they're uneffective and you end up having to use a bit of elbow grease to get the job done.  And of course, we're supposed to be gentle on our skin right? 

Now I'm lucky, my skin rarely reacts or shows any sign of irritation, but for our ladies with sensitive skin, cleansing can be the trickiest step to get right.  Sensitive skin is often prone to irritiation and even coming into contact with the teeniest amount of the 'wrong' product can lead to a painful flare up that lasts days.  Acne prone skin can be made worse by harsh cleansers that strip the natural oils, encouraging the skin to produce more.  Eczema prone skin can be inflamed and made worse.  Dry skin can be made so dry it splits. 

Yeap, for those with sensitive skin, there is no jumping skin-first into trying a new product.  You need to look at the ingredients and carefully weigh up if the product might do your skin some good.

We're looking specifically for ladies with sensitive skin to put Zeosoft's Natural Mineral Skin Cleanser to the test.  This gorgeous Kiwi product promises to cleanse, detoxify and wash away impurities.  It's a natural, mineral cleanser that can be used daily to remove makeup and refresh your skin.

It’s active ingredients are natural minerals called soft zeolite and Opal A silica, sourced from thermal spring valleys near Rotorua New Zealand. It gently removes makeup and other impurities on your skin leaving it feeling, fresh, supple and revived.

The product contains no parabens, no colorants, no artificial fragrances and is also environmentally 'positive' as it continues to clean when entering the waterways. 

We think it sounds wonderful - but as always it's not us who gets to do the reviewing - it's you!  So if you'd like to trial Zeosoft's Natural Mineral Skin Cleanser, tell us about your sensitive skin woes below.  How hard is it to find the right cleanser for your face?  Just how sensitive is your skin?

Is it difficult to find the right cleanser for your sensitive skin?

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Yep my bathroom is full of cleansers, deep clean, exfoliate, clear blackheads, 1 product that does a good job would be great

I am always looking for natural products and love to try them out but haven't found one that has made me change my current routine yet.

I have yet to find a cleanser that I love and that helps my skin

I've used various cleansers but nothing that really stands out as a regular fave would love to try this one

My beauty teacher always said not to use cleanser every day as it can get too hash on your skin. That's also the same with exfoliant. She says it's better to use a lotion cleanser as it's more better for your skin and not so hash. But I usually use simple. She recommends this one from your local supermarket if you cant afford an expensive one. It's voted top #1 and worth its price.

i react to a lot of cleansers and finding alone that fits my skin is hard work, i would love to give this a go

I would love to try is cleanser! I have dry sensitive skin, I am also acne prone and have allergies that give me eczema. I am always trying to find a cleanser that will work for my problematic skin... I love that this product is natural and hopefully I get the chance to try it out :)

my skin is total sh.... i need to find a great cleanser please id love to trial

I have tried multiple cleansers for sensitive skin but find it hard to find the right one which doesn't make my skin look red and patchy. I also have moderately oily skin and find it difficult to find a cleanser which helps this but doesn't go to the extreme and dry it out either. Would love to give this product a go!!

I would love to fond the right cleanser ! I have Reyes so meny with all of them promising the goods . They are either too hard, drying or all round yuk ! This product no only looks inviting but also being kiwi made makes me want to try before I buy !!

I have brought muliiple cleansers still to find one that doesn't leave my skin to dryed out and works I'd love to have a cleanser that does not either leave my skin feeling oily or that strips away the oils and leaves it dry and flaky.

I have extremely sensitive skin and I wear a lot of make up so finding one that will get my make up off yet be gentle for my skin is really difficult.

After dealing with acne for so long and using a lot of products, it has caused my skin to become sensitive. I'm on the hunt for a really good sensitive cleanser that it able to make my skin feel fresh.

Ahh yes, yes it is difficult. Why? Cos I have nooooo flippin idea what I'm even meant to be looking for! I *think* I have combination skin, but who knows! Help me out! :D

This product sound great. Yes please I would love to try it.


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