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How To Treat Yourself This V-Day!

6 February, 2022 - 09:47am by - Head Pixie | 12 Comments

by BR Kellie

Kellie Confession: I have never cared all that much for Valentine's Day. If anything I've actively said to boyfriend's past and Husband current "no, let's not bother with gifts, it's all so commercial". And so, more often than not, we haven't done a thing to celebrate the warm and cosy feelings we feel for each other on the daily on February 14. This year though? I'm here for it. Sort of.

You see, maybe I'm getting old, maybe I'm mellowing out, or maybe this past two years has been so harrowing that I am taking every opportunity to do something enjoyable just to put some pep in my step, but this year I've decided to celebrate Valentine's Day by giving to myself. Yes, I'll tell the blessed husband that I love and appreciate him (like I do every day), but I'm going to be selfish and treat myself as a way to say thanks to me for loving my family, for being there for my friends, for taking care of me when things have felt a bit grim. Yes, if ever there was a year when we should give ourselves a little extra TLC on Valentine's Day, it's this one. So what can we do to show ourselves some luuurve? Read on...

At Home Spa

As commercial as Valentine's Day is, we can still show ourselves some good, lovin' without having to spend a whole lot. At home we can take a moment to soak our feet or hands in warm water (perhaps with a few drops of essential oil added in), then file our nails and paint them a colour that brings us joy. 

We could take a little extra time at the end of the day to cleanse our skin, mask up (I'm talking the beauty kind), lie back and relax while meditating, reading or listening to our favourite slow jams, then moisturise our bods and face before tucking ourselves up in a freshly made bed (clean sheet day for the win!) and relaxing some more before heading off to the land of nod.

A warm bath or lengthy shower loaded up with bubble bath, or a shower melt, followed by a good self massage with a body oil is another way we can treat ourselves without splashing out or having to leave the house.

Light It Up

The idea of sitting in front of a raging fire in February is hardly romantic, but there's something to be said for finding a YouTube video of a crackling fire, popping it on and then sitting in front of your television while watching a show on your laptop and eating your favourite takeaways. Cassanova, eat your heart out.

Alternatively, you might like to treat yourself by buying a candle you've had your eye on, taking it home and lighting it, then breathing in its heavenly scent while you go about your life, or giving yourself a bit of DIY self-care as above.

Treat Yourself

Want to really push the boat out? Break out the bank card and treat yourself to a professional facial, a massage, a manicure or pedicure, or all of the above! Don't feel like having a stranger danger touch you? Dinner for one at a nice restaurant is actually ridiculously enjoyable, as is going to a movie alone, or simply picking up something good to eat, heading to a beautiful spot like a beach or lake and watching the sun go down as you nosh away (don't forget to pack insect repellent).

As for me? My plan is to take myself to a local brow place and get my brows gussied up for the first time in two years. Happy Valentine's Day, Kellie. 

So, my lovelies, will you be giving to yourself this Valentine's Day? How will you celebrate you? Or is your plan just to let the day slide by and treat it as any other? Chat below!



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30th March, 2022

Always important to treat yourself!!

12th February, 2022

Might make the partner do a facemask with me

10th February, 2022

Not a fan of all the valentine's day hype and how commercial it has become but I do celebrate my Wedding Anniversary which is the day after usually with a nice romantic dinner out.39 years this Sunday :)

9th February, 2022

I don't like how commercialised Valentine's Day is, but looking after yourself is always a good idea :)

9th February, 2022

Ooh spa day FOR SURE! And dinner

9th February, 2022

Oh there is so many good ideas in that article, l will give myself a facial, soak in bath , maybe even do my hair , if only for my dog and horses to see lol , put a good movie on with fairy lights , takeaways with my son and a glass of wine , bless .

8th February, 2022

I might get flowers and chocolates from my partner I think I'm doing a course all day though and he will be at work. I think I have already treated myself to some new hair colours coming in the mail

8th February, 2022

I've never really celebrated Valentine's Day either - really just spending money that you don't need to spend

7th February, 2022

Last year I got my partner a bear and chocolates. This year I want to do something. Let's celebrate life even if is commercial . Try boosting morale in ourselves and everyone around us.

7th February, 2022

We don't do much for V day anymore

7th February, 2022

I'm single so I'll be buying myself some chocolate :)

7th February, 2022

I've not ever really been into it that much or maybe I've just never had a romantic partner lol. Single this year woohoo so I shall just let it pass on by :-)

11th February, 2022

Too true Macs. I hope you have a wonderful V day x


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