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Want To Save $$$ On Beauty Products!?

24 September, 2021 - 09:32am by - Head Pixie | 10 Comments

by BR Kellie

It's a running joke in my household that my Scottish heritage runs strong in my veins due to my love of a bargain, a saving, my 'look at what I picked up for next to nothing' attitude. It's not that I'm ungenerous, or that I'm cheap, I just like to see value in what I buy. And if it saves me a few bob, then I'm even more for it.

This attitude especially runs deep when it comes to buying beauty products. I like quality, but I also like to get the best price. And if I can save even more with a little DIY at home? Even better. So what are my tips and tricks for saving a beauty buck? Read on...

Choose Wisely

At its heart, this comes down to knowing when to pay the luxe price and when to pay less. In my experience the supermarket brands can easily be as good as those that you find in a fancy department store. For example... Marula oil. I've tried the fancy stuff and the basic stuff, and saw no difference between the two. The same goes for lipstick. I could spend $60 on a lippy, but Maybelline looks just as good on the lips. So how can you know when to go for the more affordable option?

Do Your Research

Not to blow our own horn, but Beauty Review is a great place to start when deciding whether to go high or low when buying beauty products. Our wonderful members have given honest opinions along with well thought out reviews, which makes it easy for us to figure out which product in any beauty category is truly worth opening your wallet for. Also, it helps to...

Know Your Dupes

The internet is filled with videos and articles from people revealing their dupes for more expensive cosmetics and skincare. Why spend plenty of pingers on NARS Orgasm when Milani Luminoso does the trick? Why buy Tatcha Silk Canvas when e.l.f's Poreless Putty Primer is as good? You could drop dollars on Too Faced Better Than Sex, but why would you when L'Oréal Lash Paradise is every bit as superior?

Shop the Sales

There are certain brands of skincare that I ADORE but can't justify paying the full price, so when I see them come up on sale at 40% off, I buy multiples. Yes, it's more expensive at the time, but you save big time in the long run. The same goes for more affordable products that I love. If they're a bargain price I go big, then go home, complete with an 'I just saved a million dollars' glow.

Use Up What You Have

Another way to save money is to stick to what you've got until you've used it up. As tempting as it is to buy another neutral eyeshadow palette, is it really necessary? Is anyone paying that much attention to your eyelids other than you? Get what you need, then buy fresh when it's expired, or when the pan is empty. The same goes for lipsticks/glosses/blush. Sure, a couple of different colours are nice, but how many shades of red/nude does one person really need? 

Get Scraping

Speaking of hitting pan... You'll be amazed how much extra product you'll find in a tube of skincare that's apparently empty. If you can, safely cut into it and get a few more days of product on your face. 

Go Homemade

The kitchen cupboard is filled with products we can use to create beauty products that cost a whole lot more at the supermarket or department store. Olive and sugar/salt make great body scrubs. Coconut oil is the ultimate multi-tasker (check out BR Tabatha's article on that here), and one tub can replace tonnes of different products.

Avocado, honey, egg, oatmeal, apple cider vinegar, lemon... All these things can be whizzed up to create affordable beauty concoctions for your hair and skin. The recipes are just a Google away! (Be sure to patch test first!)

Beauty on a budget is possible, and also ridiculously satisfying! It's a simple as doing your research, keeping your ear to the ground for bargains, and knowing that a bigger price tag doesn't always equate to a better product.

So... Do tell... Do you like a beauty bargain? What are your tricks and tips when you find yourself on a beauty budget? And have you found any dupes we (I) need to know about? Sharing is caring!


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30th March, 2022

Great tips, I love a bargain but only if quality isn’t compromised!!

23rd December, 2021

Yes, I like a bargain, and appreciate affordable quality products. It's great to be able to read reviews here, and watch YouTube videos to see what products are best.

5th October, 2021

I love that you can get points for just reviewing products seems worth it and a money saver

1st October, 2021

I do some home made, but I also shop on sites like Kiss and Makeup and Brands so that I can get some good deals.

29th September, 2021

I am not a fan of pump bottles because there is sooooo much product left in the bottle after the pump can't pump any more! I cut them open (if plastic), and scoop the rest of the product out into an empty clean tub. (Lush ones, or hair conditioner tubs are great). I can get up to a month more out of that product! After seeing my beautu therapist doing it, I also cut open tubes of stuff. Again, there is heaps of product still left.

28th September, 2021

Love a good bargain especially products that are natural and hydrating. Using up what i have before i buy has always been my goal. As i love stocking up. Oops.

28th September, 2021

Adore bargain shopping. Haven't been project panning much this year. However, a big fan of empties and using up products before they expire. I have a "got to get your money's worth" mentality.

27th September, 2021

After trying high end brands , there’s no difference really . I always go back to drugstore brands.

27th September, 2021

I've definitely been working hard at using what I have - especially with my skin care and samples etc! I've got some pricey tried & true products, and then there's others where I'm happy with supermarket brands. Facial oils is one of those - I like Essano, Skin Food oils, as much as I love Trilogy - and they're all well priced! Mascara's the supermarket brands are my favourite.

27th September, 2021

This could not be more true. I got put on to my fave moisturiser by my doctor years ago, it took me a while to realise it wasn’t medicinal, it just didn’t have the majority of unnecessary ingredients. I’ll still stray to other brands out of curiosity but I’m yet to find anything as cheap or effective so quickly

29th April, 2022

Me too.Love a bargain.


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