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How to Match Your Lips and Tips...

10 January, 2021 - 12:44pm by - First Lady | 12 Comments

images: Istock,  Revlon and Anna Sui

Article by BR Nat

Back in 1952 Dorian Leigh modelled for Revlon's Fire and Ice campaign.  The tag line was "For you who love to flirt with fire...who dare to skate on thin ice".  And so began the trend for matching lips and tips.

The trend oozed sex appeal and cosmetics companies followed Revlon's lead and bought out complimenting shades.  Soon any 50s fashionista worth her powder puff was matching her lips and nails.

Like a lot of trends, what started as a statement became mainstream.  And when mainstream became synonimis with boring people began to rebel. 

By the early 80s only the prim and proper would always coordinate her lips and her nails, but for the fashion-foward the trend fell out of favour.

The trend for matching nails and lips may have ebbed and flowed but it is a trend that for 'occassions' never really goes away and for 'everyday' wear sees a revival every few years. 

Perfectly Matched Tips and Lips.

Pale pink nail polish and lipstick will subtly turn you in to a demure lady - perfect for a wedding or an afternoon date. 

Matching bright and bold colours will pack a power punch and are a great way to add a splash of colour to your LBD.

Brands are once again selling perfect matches.  Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) sell Lip Tar and Nail Lacquer sets and Anna Sui not only sells shades of lipstick and nail polish that compliment each other, they also win the prize for creating cosmetic packaging that makes Boudoir-Gothic just so darn cute.

And, in case you were wondering - it is still possible to buy the Revlon Fire and Ice Lipstick and Nail Polish!

Match your lip OR nails.

If you're struggling with the perfect hand and mouth match why not try keeping one neutral and matching the other to your outfit.  Maybe team your pink outfit with a pink lip and a simple French manicure.

You could even try complimenting your eyes and your nails.  Match your classic smokey eye with a deep gun metal grey nail polish and keep your lips muted with the perfect nude.

Whatever the match...

Always choose shades that work for your skin tone - don't try to force a red lipstick to match your nails if it's the wrong shade of red for your face.  If you have fair skin you'll find matching nudes, pinks, sheers and pastels easiest.  If you've got a medium or olive skintone, try playing with lacquers and lipsticks in shades of gold, orange or red.  Avoid blue tones.  For dark skin you can make a gorgeous statement with deep shades of wine, chocolate and berries.

So - what do you think of matching lipstick and nail polish?  Should they match or is it too prissy for you?  Or maybe you regularly match your lips and tips?  Get chatting below!



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18th January, 2021

I really struggling with nail polish selection as I like to be quite colour coordinated, so anything other than neutral colours will eventually clash with an outfit I want to wear.

18th January, 2021

This is not work for me i’m always changing lippies.

15th January, 2021

I find it so hard to find a nail product that won't chip and won't destroy my nails! To the point that I tend to go for less and my natural nails are a point of envy now!

15th January, 2021

I prefer natural, Cute, or simple but elegant style nails. So you would never see me putting on a matching bright red Lippy with red nails. And the colours i would use on my lips if any, i usually wont choose as a nail colour.

14th January, 2021

I like matching lipstick and nail polish. I think it looks classy.

14th January, 2021

Oh but for the record, I don't do it since I was young. I don't have the patience to be too fussy with myself now I'm older.

14th January, 2021

I wear different lipstick daily so it would be impossible admin wise to match it to my nails, as I don't change my nail colour more than once a week. I do try to match my polish sometimes to my outfit, if I know I'm gonna wear a certain outfit the next day, I will pick a nail colour that matches with that outfit.

12th January, 2021

Great idea. I love makeup but find I'm way too lazy for nail polish

18th January, 2021

I’m lazy too . I just go and get them done lol

11th January, 2021

I don't wear lipstick so can't match mine but I think it looks good!

11th January, 2021

I think it's classy to match the lip and nail in any colour you like. I love the pink, black and gold mani on the header page and those containers from Anna Sui gorgeous.

11th January, 2021

I think it's classy to match your lips and nails but only if there's a lipstick color and nail polish color you like to wear. I love how some people can pull off gorgeous red nails and a red lip. But for me if I can't do the lip I wouldn't match it to the polish. Although in cases like with pinks I can do and have done the same color family.

11th January, 2021

I like it both ways, depends on my mood or how much I can be bothered making an effort.

10th January, 2021

Oh cute! I actually think it’s pretty! I’m not too daring with my colours but if I was going to a wedding or something I might try and match up