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How To Make Your Makeup Do Double Duty!

13 March, 2022 - 08:41am by - Head Pixie | 11 Comments

by BR Tabatha

No, YOU read BR Kellie's article on decluttering her stash and freaked out about the state of your own! Okay, me. It was me. I had a moment. You see, much like the rest of the crew (with the exception of our beloved Queenie, whose ability to keep things pared back would make Marie Kondo proud) I have a lot of makeup... and I do not like the idea of throwing it out. Which means I need to use it. As much as possible. In all the ways. But how?

What products can we make do double duty? Which are multi use? What are the hidden talents of the cosmetics in our beauty collection? Read on...


A good old fashioned cream lipstick has got to be the ultimate multi-use beauty product. You can create a monochromatic look with it by simply using it on your eyelids, on your cheeks and on your mouth. And if you've bought a super light, nude or brown shade of lippy that works with your skin tone you can also try using it as a contour or highlighter!

Lip Liner

Speaking of monochromatic... if you want to go a little extra with your lipstick look, take a similar shade of lip liner and use it as your eyeliner! Have a darker lip liner that you don't use all that often? If it works with your brow colouring you can use it to fill in your brows!


The obvious extra way to use eyeshadow is to take it under the eye and use it as eyeliner. However, the right eyeshadow shade can make for a great contour or highlighter. When mixed with a clear balm eyeshadow can become a tinted balm. You can even take a shade that's similar to your brows and use it as brow powder. 


No eyeliner? No problem! Take a small, stiff makeup brush, run it over your mascara wand to pick up product and then use that to create your liner! Have a few grey hairs and no time to hit the salon or do a home dye job? A mascara that matches your hair colour will cover them up! And if you need to groom your brows, a clear or coloured mascara (that suits your eyebrow shade) will do the trick!


Fancy being the owner of a beauty spot for the day? Or wanting a handful of freckles? An eyeliner will get the job done! A matte white eyeliner can also work as a brow highlight. And a pitch black liner is a must during Halloween for creating a broken doll look or for drawing spiders or other creepy crawlies on your face!


Run out of foundation? Take your concealer, mix it in with a touch of your favourite face moisturiser and you'll have a skin tint that will give a decent amount of coverage! If your concealer's not quite the right colour - too dark or light - it could well work as a liquid contour!

Blush & Bronzer

Blush and/or bronzer can make for great eyeshadows when you don't have anything on hand. And, much like eyeshadow, you can also crumble them up and mix them with a clear balm to create a lip tint! (Great for when you buy one and decide you're not a fan of the shade but don't want to throw it out!) Have a cream blush that needs using up? It also makes for a great lip product!

Oooooh, just seeing that list makes me feel calmer. Now to pull out some products I know need finishing up...

So, my lovelies, are you a fan of making your makeup do double duty? What are your tips and tricks for getting the most out of it? Get chatting below!



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22nd March, 2022

I think I've tried most, if not all of these tips!

21st March, 2022

I have definitely used eyeliners for brows and even drawn with a brown one contour lines then smudged it to blend with foundation. I've used consealer as foundation and Lipstick as blusher. I do like multiple use makeup

21st March, 2022

I love all these ideas! I have done double duty with a bronzer (what did allvthose thin lizzy ads teach us!) for a while as well as eye shadow. I'm intrigued about the lipstick- will have to give that to try!

18th March, 2022

Great tips for reducing waste!

17th March, 2022

I love this! I’ll all for multipurpose anything!

17th March, 2022

I have double dutied lipstick and concealer once or twice. I used a brown eyeliner once as an eyebrow pencil and brown eyeshadow to cover a spot of regrowth.

16th March, 2022

Great ideas! I’m inspired to go through my lipsticks and try a dark one as a face contour as my cream contour stick has just about finished.

15th March, 2022

Oh such a lot if great ideas here , l also keep all my lipsticks that have that unreachable bit at the bottom and scoop out in to a small plastic container, melt in the microwave, and poor into lipstick cases, l have made lots like this and they work very well . Especially great for a special lipstick case you want to keep using . Great article BR

15th March, 2022

Out of desperation I used mascara on my brows a few times (only mildly successfully) and added some old lipstick to my lip balm base to make a beautifully tinted balm (very successfully), so I'm game to give some of these other tips a go, for sure. Thanks!

14th March, 2022

I don't have any tips, but these are good.

14th March, 2022

oooh great tips - thank you :)

17th March, 2022

That is such a great idea.


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