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How To Lift Your Lash Game

5 October, 2017 - 09:09pm by - Head Pixie | 18 Comments

By BR Tabatha

There's nothing like a good mascara. It can lift, volumise, lengthen. It can make you look like you were born with the most fabulous flutterers ever. But, it's easy to find yourself reaching for the same shades, the same formulas, creating the same look day in, day out. So why not break out of your mould, try something new and amp up your lash look!

I remember back in the day coloured mascara gave you the option of brown, blue and green. These days the selection is much larger and really rather magnificent. You can rock a turquoise or pink lash, a violet or aubergine lash. You can mix and match it up. You can colour up your lower lashes. Or your top. Or both.They're your lashes. You do you!

So what's out there that can rainbow up our little spindlers?

Not only is Minifies a fantastic shop to pick up your special effect makeup bits and bobs, it also carries ranges much lauded by makeup artists, such as Kryolan and Ben Nye. So it was the first place I investigated in my search for coloured mascara, and of course it didn't disappoint - up came Ben Nye Bright Mascara, which comes in a range of colours, such as aubergine, blue and purple. Of course, if you're only dipping your toe into the realm of coloured mascara you might want to try a more affordable option first, in which case...

At just $16.45 a tube (from Farmers) NYX Color Mascara has a wallet-friendly price, making it a great product to try your hand at the coloured mascara game. How gorgeous is that purple? I can just imagine it emphasising a hazel eye!

Fancy a Sephora haul coming on? Then head online at throw one of their Sephora V For VOLUME mascaras in your cart. With vibrant colours like pink, turquoise and violet, this mascara is not for the shy and retiring! (Although they do have more muted colours if that's what you're looking for.)

One tip... if your lashes are fair then go crazy with the colour. But if your lashes are dark then be sure to use a white-coloured priming mascara first, like Blinc's White Lash Primer, otherwise the colour payoff may well be nowhere near as impactful as you'd like. 

So, are you onboard the coloured mascara train? Is it a look you'd like to rock? If so, which is your favourite? Or is there another colour you wish someone would bring out that you could coat your lashes in? Chat away...

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Love the purple and the blue. Guess I am one of those who will need to apply white base coat though

Ooooh I love the purple! My eye lashes are black so only dramatic colour is best for them I did use blue in my youth - it was pretty cool even then.

My eyelashes are black too and this is the main thing putting me off from buying a coloured mascara. Did it turn out well? I did consider getting one of those white mascara primers but then how often am I going to wear coloured mascara?

5th October, 2017 at 10:56 pm

Yes I had purple and loved it.

6th October, 2017 at 6:58 am

Oh my, that purple!!! I would so rock purple-tipped lashes! And I'm all aflutter for turquoise, though not sure it would suit my eyes as much. So many potential looks you could try.

I say give it a whirl especially with Halloween around the corner.

I remember using a dark purple years ago and loved it .These colours are much superior and look to be a lot of fun.

Ooh I love the idea of colourful eyelashes...takes me back to when I was around 14 and I always wore dark blue mascara....dunno if I could pull it off now though??? Haha

I think navy and some really dark violet shades look good on green and hazel eyes especially on girls with lighter colored hair. For me I stick to black it works best.

I have never ever thought of putting a colorful mascara on my lashes. Just nope not for me lol

I have black lashes and have tried successfully dark blue mascara which I really liked but found I didn't really have an occasion to wear it much.

I've got the purple NYX one. I used this wear purple mascara as teen so it was a 'reliving my youth' moment. The colour is good but the mascara only really just adds colour. Doesn't lengthened or add fullness at all.

I've used purple and blue mascara before. But I generally prefer black mascara with a coloured eyeliner.

The coloured mascara looks amazing on some people, but I think I will stick to the black mascara

I used to wear coloured mascaras in the 80's haha - loved rocking a lapis blue (I think that was the colour?) with matching eyeliner haha. I would definitely try some coloured mascaras again :)

Doh! I never thought to get a white to go on first for a better pop of colour!

I love idea of coloured mascara, but I dont think I would ever reach for it...


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