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How To Get Poker Straight Hair!

10 July, 2022 - 09:35am by - Head Pixie | 8 Comments

by BR Amelia

As much as the trend right now is for hair to sport big curls and texture and mermaid waves, I will always have a soft spot for poker straight hair. There's something so pulled together about it, so controlled, so elegant. I envy those born with hair that falls in a soft, silky, shiny sheet down their back. Thankfully, there are steps that those of us with more temperamental locks can take in order to create that which some enjoy naturally.

So how can we create poker straight hair? Check out this step-by-step guide.

Step One

Blow-dry hair first for best results - especially if your hair is on the curly side! (If your hair is naturally quite straight or just a touch wavy you can skip this step.) Shampoo and condition your hair, then gently blot your damp locks with a towel until as much moisture as possible had been removed. Next, run a wide-tooth comb through it and apply a smoothing, heat-protective serum (I love the KMS Therma Shape Straightening Creme). Next, get your trusty hairdryer, attach the concentrator nozzle, and start blowdrying, doing your best to keep the angle of the hairdryer so that the air runs down the direction that your hair grows, ensuring a smoother finish.

Step Two

Your hair must be bone dry before straightening. If you detect ANY dampness you need to pick up the hairdryer again, if not... grab a sectioning clip, your straighteners and a can of light hold hairspray. Why light hold hairspray? Simply because anything heavier will leave your hair look weighed down and possibly even feeling crispy and crackly. Whereas a light hold hairspray will work to leave your locks straighter, longer, while helping to keep the frizzies at bay.

Step Three

As tempting as it is to simply grab chunks of hair and run your straighteners through it, the key to getting that salon straightness is to section off small amounts of your hair, give it a light dusting of hairspray, then pull the length of hair taut and run your straighteners down all the way from the roots to the ends. Creating tension will help make your hair straighter, while also ensuring you won't need to go over the area more times than necessary, which, along with straightening in smaller sections, will result in less damage. 

Step Four

Finally, once you've got your hair to a state you're happy with, give it a final light go-over with the hairspray, then you're ready to rock the world with your sensationally straight style.

One final word... As much as I'd like to enjoy this look on the daily, it does put a lot of stress on the hair, even if you do use heat protectants. So keep it for special occasions only. If you'd like your hair to be poker straight all the time, I'd suggest looking into having your hair chemically straightened.

So, is it your goal to get poker straight hair? Have you managed to do so? And what are your best tips and tricks to achieve it? Sharing is caring, so get chatting below!


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9th August, 2022

Great article! I have trouble with the back of my hair as well. I will be trying a lot of those tips tomorrow morning. Thanks for the tips.

7th August, 2022

Poker straight is the natural state of my hair, and no matter what I have tried in the past, it has always returned to this pretty quickly. Needless to say that I've always wanted wavy hair...

2nd August, 2022

I would love to have straight hair.When it was long I always had a kink on one side and religiously straightened it. Then I chose to grow my hair and donate it to someone less fortunate.Now I have almost curly hair.I am amazed that having had it cut very short so I could donate ,my crazy hair is wavy and a bit curly.OK I havent been near the straighteners yet

15th July, 2022

If only I could ace this at the back of my head

15th July, 2022

My hair is shortish at the moment but I am trying to grow it a little, make sure you use a good thermal heat protector as you can burn your hair easily!

11th July, 2022

Love the look. Not enough to do it myself, too lazy. Looks great when people do it for me!

11th July, 2022

Good ideas some l will definitely have to try on my long curls . Thanks

11th July, 2022

I love my hair poker straight! I blow dry then spray with Matrix mega sleek iron smoother then my steam straightener and a spritz of hairspray. Stays straight for days!

26th July, 2022

YES. I recently moved and my god the new bathroom has a mirror that manages to show you your reflection from the front and sides at once. Such a dream for getting ready in the morning


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