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How to choose the right deodorant for you!

8 February, 2015 - 10:15pm by - First Lady | 24 Comments

Article by BR Amelia

Whenever you're asked what beauty product you couldn't live without you probably think of your mascara.  Moisturiser.  Or maybe your hairspray.  We so often overlook one of the most powerful weapons in our beauty arsenal.

Think about it - just how much of a Sweaty Betty would you be without your deodorant?!  Be it a roll on, stick or spray, the humble deodorant does a lot for us.  It stops us worrying we stink.  It helps prevent pit stains.  It deals with that strange area of our bodies - our armpits.

Hands up, who uses a deodorant daily?  That's what we thought!  But are you using the right one for you?

The Basics.

Deodorant - these essentialy just mask body odour.

Anti-perspirant - these prevent the body from sweating in the first place.

Fragrance - Fragrance is added to both deodorants and anti-persipirants to help mask body odour and leave you feeling fresh.  Like most beauty products you can find fragrance free options if you don't want your deodorant competiting with your fragrance, or have sensitive skin.

The Urban Myth.

You might have heard that ingredients or parabens in some deodorant formulas cause cancer, particularly breast cancer.  Just like the rumours of dangerous levels of lead in lipstick and of SLS being a carcinogen; the rumours about anti-perspirants have been debunked by scientists, Cancer Societies and regulatory bodies the world over.

The American Cancer Society states: “There are no strong epidemiologic studies in the medical literature that link breast cancer risk and antiperspirant use, and very little scientific evidence to support this claim.” 

Deodorants by Format.

The key to finding the right deodorant format for you is to simply try different types and see which you like the best.

Roll On - These are a wet product with a ball on top to dispense product as you roll it onto your arm pit. You'll want to wait until your armpits are dry before you get dressed.  These are great for travelling and compact enough to keep in your bag.

Stick - These are considered a dry deodorant and are essentially a powder deodorant bound together in solid form.  They won't leave the skin wet after application, but they can be more difficult to wash off and are prone to staining

Gel - These look like a stick but gel is pushed up through little holes.  Gels are great for those who don't want to wait to get dressed and they dry clear - so you don't have to worry about residue when wearing short sleeves.

Aerosol - These are a wet product, much like a roll on but offer a wider application range. They dry to a powdery finish and offer great protection.  These are also good for families as the applicator never touches the skin, meaning they can be shared.  You'll want to check airline regulations before packing an aerosol.

Body Sprays - Like an aerosol these are wet, but they will not offer anti-perspirant options, and some won't even off basic deodorants - instead they may just offer fragrance to mask body odour.

Crystal - These deodorants are great for those that want to embrace truly natural products or have very sensitive skin. They are made of natural mineral salts which help prevent body odour.

Powder - These are sprinkled or patted on to the skin.  They don't need to dry, but can leave white marks. 

Deodorants by Formula.

If you have a particular need when it comes to body odour or sweating then you'll want to look for a formula especially designed to combat your problem. 

No marks - Seriously if there's anything worse than pit stains, it's deodorant marks.  From white marks on black clothing to yellow crusty fabric on your white t shirts, deodrants that leave marks just won't cut it. The new Rexona Invisible Dry Range has an anti-yellow, anti-white and anti-sweat stain formula, meaning you can wear what you want and wave your arms proudly!

Stress - Sweating derived from stress is different from sweat brought on by high intensity levels and some deodorants have formulas to target this type of sweating. 

High Performance - if you have a sweating problem then there are high perfomance deodorants that will help you with what can be a daily battle.  



So come on - surely for all it does for us, the trusty deodorant is now worthy of a place on your can't live without them products list?!

What do you think of our guide to deodorants?  Did you learn anything new?  Are you using the right deodorant for your needs or is it time to go shopping?

Get chatting below!



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12th February, 2015

Deodorant ...the product of confidence . It's got to be said that it's one thing that's always in stock in my house! I use a roll on, usually 'mum' dry. However I trialed Nivea spray and it was so crisp and refreshing.

10th February, 2015

I've got heaps of diffierent ones, both spray and roll on. I usually use men's ones though. Between hot flushes, thyroid and over-weight, it's a losing battle. Some days it's so bad I can't even get moisturiser on, let alone make up, and no products work to stop it anywhere on my body. Who ever comes up with an answer to middle-age/menopause is going to make a fortune!!!

10th February, 2015

I've defiantly learnt something new as I always do from the fabulous BR articles. I normally use a roll on or aerosol. I'm currently using the Nivea stress aerosol. Am hooked on that!

9th February, 2015

Rexona clinical protectent is honestly amazing and I haven't actually opted to buy the normal roll on because it doesn't cut the mustard anymore.

9th February, 2015

I always like to think I'm using the right deodrant but then the summer comes along and bang, need a better deodrant. I haven't yet found my go to deodrant but the Rexona one sure does sound interesting - could this be the one lol

9th February, 2015

After years of trying many types I have found Rexona Clinical Protection. I notice clothes that sit right under my arms get a white colour but usually comes out in the wash. Keeps me dry all day...and we have had some pretty deodorant challenging days in Auckland lately!

9th February, 2015

I only use sprays hate the feeling of wet deo!

9th February, 2015

I'm unfortunately such a sweaty betty and to this day still haven't found my perfect deodorant! I've used roll ons all my life but recently changed to stick formula's and prefer them finding they give far better effect however the staining is bad!! I think after reading this I'll give gel a go, sounds like the best of both worlds

9th February, 2015

I've been using the right deodorant for yeeeeears. Good old roll-on Mum. I've strayed a few times, but Mum's the only one to not irritate my pits or smell too deodorant-y. I wouldn't swap my Mum for anything these days.

9th February, 2015

I am and always will be an aerosol girl it offers anti-perspirent and works well at keeping me fresh and all times of the day even at the gym. I will never stray from this and my fave bein Rexona in Sexy scent.

9th February, 2015

Definitely helped to clear it up. Now I know I need an anti-perspirant and not a deodarant! Just need to find a suitable one now.

9th February, 2015

I currently use a spray but might try a gel next, it sounds quite good.

9th February, 2015

I have tried every kind of deoderant unfortunately as i am a heavy sweater nothing keeps away those embarrassing 'sweat patches' However aeresol keeps the odors away :)

9th February, 2015

Being a chronic sweater, I struggled to find a deodorant that really prevented excess sweating and didn't ruin your clothes. I got used to only having Tshirts for one season and biffing when the underarms were gross. That is until the clinical protection deodorants came onto the scene. I use Rexona Clinical Protection once a day and it is marvellous. I also use Nivea Stress Protect aerosol which I got to trial in one of BR's trials. I love this deodorant too. it is really effective and very gentle on the skin. Nowadays, I can wear anything and not worry about wet patches and discolouration.

9th February, 2015

I've used Dove Clinical Protection for years. It does the job but if I use it daily my body gets used to it so I find rotating my deoderants between different brands helps. I use a natural spray deoderant at night and another different brand during the days at home where it's not as bad if I sweat because I'm dressed in my workout clothes and I have my trusty antiperspirant I would never leave the house without it on. When it comes to deoderants I found it's best not to go all out natural.


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