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How To Beat The Stink

5 November, 2015 - 08:57pm by - First Lady | 22 Comments

By BR Kellie

I’m sure we’ve all smelt it, that not-so-fresh odour that tells us we may well have forgotten to apply deodorant in the morning or reapply after the gym. That rather pungent scent that ensures we keep our arms firmly pressed to our sides for the rest of the day while trying to avoid being near fellow humans in order not to offend.

Ah the joys of body odour. One of the good things about winter is that B.O doesn’t tend to play such a potentially embarrassing part of your day but summer is upon us, the temperature gauge is slowly climbing, layers are being peeled off and our armpits are feeling the heat. 

Luckily we live in an age where there are plenty of options to help us beat the stink, from all natural to scientifically concocted and because options are great things we thought we’d present them to you.

Now the first one is the one that comes to my mind because it’s my favourite and it’s the only kind of deodorant I ever saw growing up – the good ol’ reliable roll-on. Reliable? Well mostly. Sometimes that ball can get a bit sticky and refuse to roll the deodorant over your pits in which case the drag would have you going ‘ow ow’ then fiddling with the ball and then forgetting you fiddled with the ball and then putting your fingers in your mouth at some stage and then getting a taste of Mum Shower Fresh deodorant… what? Just me? ‘Kay. But in all seriousness, roll-on can be a great option as it’s small, portable and comes in a range of scents. 

Stick deodorant is another option when you don’t want to do a Le Pew. This solid form of deodorant is also compact and is simply screwed up when you require more. Upsides? Easy to use, effective (especially if it’s combined with an anti-perspirant) and portable. Downsides? Marks can be left on clothes if you use too much and don’t let it adequately dry before dressing. 

If you’re looking for a quick-drying deodorant an aerosol may well be your best friend. However it does have its draw backs in that you have to be careful about how you position it, otherwise you could end up with spray on your clothing, or in the air (where it’s rendered useless if you want to beat the stink) or in your mouth or eyes. And I don’t know about you but the only eye stinging I’m prepared to put up with is from sweat rolling down my forehead into my eyes whilst I sip on a cocktail on a stunningly hot day. 

If you like to keep your underarms smell-free naturally you can always get your hands on a crystal deodorant, such as those made by Body Crystal. Crystal deodorants are made with mineral salts and works by stopping body odour-forming bacteria in its tracks. The trick with these though is that they have to be applied as soon as you’ve cleaned yourself. Putting it on once you’ve started smelling is akin to putting on SPF once you’ve started to burn. Those who use crystal deodorants, and use them correctly, swear by them as you can see by Beauty Review member’s reviews

Another form of natural deodorant to come to our attention is the balm. Bossy Cosmetics’ Bossette Balm to be specific. Before we saw this pop up on their website we’d only heard of the crystal, roll-on, stick and aerosol options, but this one has us intrigued! According to Bossy’s website, their Bossette Balm ‘fights the bacteria that causes odour gently without using harsh chemicals or aluminium’. Sounds good to us! Application is easy too, you just pat a small amount onto your pits and off you go. Easy peasy. 

So do tell, what is your deodorant of choice? Will you be changing it up this summer or will you stick to old faithful? Chat away…



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8th February, 2020

I have tried so hard over the years to find a natural deodorant that really really works and it's really hard. There are a few more that seem to have good reviews so I'll try them next! I'd like to avoid aluminium if possible.

21st November, 2015

The roll on is my preferred choice of deodorant. Although I haven't tried any natural deodorants.

11th November, 2015

I use roll on mainly due to price and the Rexona seems to work well. I would love to try a paste and a natural/organic one I think is best. I know that the roll on that I buy is full of aluminium and all sorts of crud, antiperspirants also clog your pores up which can't be good.

I'm going to have a look on BR and get some reviews on some of the natural paste deodorants and buy one :)

9th November, 2015

Since the first BRBB I have fallen in love with the Rexona clinical protection and also the dove equivalent, I use the same year round

8th November, 2015

I'm a roll on girl! I find aerosols make my armpits itchy and rashy, not to mention the suffocating smell they leave in the air! Mitchum is my go to as I find it helps stop me sweating. But keen to try a clinical protection or the bossy one to compare!

7th November, 2015

Rexona Clinical Strength stick is my go to but i really want to try the Bossy Bossette Balm.

7th November, 2015

I have been using Dove but would like to try the Body Crystal one, it sounds good.

6th November, 2015

Um a roll on chick I always need layers with a spray in top but have since stopped the antiperspirant spray for a few years now it was a religious affair first some dove roll on followed by dove anti perspirant spray. I sweat vicariously. I use to suffer major anxiety which would set me in the sweats. Now I jump between the special roll on when it's on special or just the dry dove roll on. It doesn't matter what time of the year my glands express the sweat. Help me find what works best to subdue & if possible hide the scent of body odor....

6th November, 2015

I usually go for roll on as I don't find sprays last. But I am going to have to try these other options.

6th November, 2015

I usually use roll ons and aerosols but aerosols sometimes give me a headache. I've tried sticks and quite like them, but I've never tried a balm before. I use a lot more now that I'm carrying extra weight - so it means more frequent applications in summer unfortunately.

6th November, 2015

Roll on summer and winter.

6th November, 2015

My ultimate fav is Rexona clinical protection deodorant, that stuff is amazing! I sweat so much and often, this plugs it up perfectly especially in Summer when I need it the most!

6th November, 2015

I am all over and all up in Bossy Bossette Balm currently. It's my life! It has changed my entire view of deoderant and I have to say my white tops love me for it!!!

6th November, 2015

I haven't used any spray deodorants since I was a pre-teen ever since I found out how they are harmful to the environment. Not sure how true that statement is now, but I'm much too used to using roll-ons now to switch back. It has always annoyed me having to wait for them to dry though or else I end up feeling icky when I put tops on.

6th November, 2015

I'm a roll on girl, not sure why but it's all I've ever used really. I was recently brought the Nivea Aerosol pictured above though & I like that... it works well. Just not purse friendly though.

6th November, 2015

Thanks so much for the insight Shana, I'll be adding this to my next Bossy order :-)


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