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How To Beat Stank Breath

9 October, 2017 - 09:18pm by - Head Pixie | 14 Comments

By BR Kellie

It's funny where article inspiration comes from. Well, it's funny if you think being horribly embarrassed when meeting someone for the first time is funny. You see recently I got my brows gussied. And this wasn't any quick grip it and rip it scenario. This was an up close and personal three quarters of an hour appointment, where the therapist measured and plucked, and waxed and trimmed, and made my brows look beautiful. And the whole time she worked her magic I was silently cursing myself for adding raw garlic to the vinagarette I'd made for dinner the previous evening. What was I thinking? That poor woman. I mean if I could smell the stink on my breath, then surely she must have too? 

So it got me thinking... what measures can one take when they're faced with a stinky breath situation? Read on...

Invest in a tongue scraper. Not great for people (like myself) who have wicked gag reflexes, but if you can handle the jandal this handy contraption works to remove the bacteria on your tongue, which contributes greatly to your smelly breath. The other option is to make sure you brush your tongue with your toothbrush twice a day once you're done brushing your teeth.

Swill water on the regular. Bad breath can be caused by having a dry mouth, which is basically a breeding ground for bacteria (EW!). All the more reason to get that eight glasses a day into you.

Get your gargle on. Reach for a minty mouthwash and go for gold. This won't cure bad breath competely, but it will take the edge off for a tad.

Reach for the herbs and spices. Chew a clove (just the one because those things are STRONG), reach for a sprig of parsley (you'll probably want to floss afterwards), and let them work to refresh your breath.

If you're really in a jam, grab gum or mints - but make sure they're sugar-free because sugar is really good at growing bacteria in one's mouth, therefore exacerbating breath that could have come from the fiery pits of hell.

Lastly? Well sometimes you just have to do what I didn't do and think about what the heck you're doing the next day. If you're going to be in close contact with someone, whether that person is your dentist, your beauty therapist or a potential pash (do people still use that word. I love that word.), don't put anything in your gob that you're going to regret the next day. Back away from the garlicky, oniony, spicy food. Or the bottle of booze. Or, god forbid, the coffee. Stale coffee breath... ergh.

One last word... bad breath isn't always caused by what we eat or drink, it can be from lack of oral health care or an underlying medical issue. So visit your dentist regularly, brush regularly, floss regularly. And if you find your case of the stinks continues consult with a health professional.

So there you have it. Tips and tricks to beat the stink! Do you have any other tips to share? Or do you fancy joining me in my pain and sharing a stinky breath situation? Sharing is caring... 


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27th October, 2017

I bought my husband a water flosser, he loves it! I use it as well, I also have mints in my bag. Bad breath is a fear of mine.

17th October, 2017

This is really helpful. I hear cleaning your tongue should be done regularly as it helps!

17th October, 2017

Oh gosh I try so hard to do the tongue scraper thing but major gag reflux here. Even the toothbrush, but I do my best. Mints are always in my bag or at work. I do need to drink more water though, so will definitely start doing that. Will be easy in the summer once it gets warmer. Thanks for the tips x

16th October, 2017

Oh, and I also sometimes use Sinu-cleanser which squirts saline through your nose and into your mouth to wash out the sinuses which also harbour bacteria and can cause an odour that seems like it's coming from your mouth but is actually your sinuses.

16th October, 2017

Coconut oil pulling helps, and apparently clove oil improves that too - which I have been meaning to try but haven't.

15th October, 2017

I really wish people would floss regularly. Not sure what it is but in years of late I can smell unflossed teeth when people are talking to me. Its always a similar gross smell. It's very distracting. A few drops of vinegar in water make a good mouth freshener.

11th October, 2017

I’ve tried oil pulling and my bad breath goes away

11th October, 2017

A word of advice on the tounge scraping; you might get an upset tummy it is something to do with disruption of the good bacteria

10th October, 2017

I always brush my tongue after I brushed my teeth it was something that my mum taught me to do from a young age. I feel like I make a huge difference for fresh breath

10th October, 2017

You could go on a cleanse. I remember going on two week cleanse and during the middle of it I noticed that I didn't even wake up with bad breath and my deoderant worked better.

10th October, 2017

I never thought of my breath before . Great tips

10th October, 2017

One staple I must have in my bag at all times is a packet of dental floss. If you don't have one in your bag, get one as you never know when you will need it!

10th October, 2017

Floss, floss, floss. Food particles trapped between teeth, need all the help they can to get out lol.

9th October, 2017

I'm definitely keen to try the parsley and clove trick! I can also highly recommend tongue scrapers.

16th October, 2017

Really? that's a good tip that I will try Ringy!

18th October, 2017

It's meant to kill the bacteria that causes the smell.


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