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How old are your hair straighteners?

20 October, 2021 - 10:49am by - First Lady | 154 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

When we purchase a piece of technology it's generally an investment right?  We set ourselves a maximum budget and we buy the best product we can afford, and use it until it no longer works.  But here's the thing about technology - it's always moving forward!

What was top of the line 5 years ago (heck, even 1 year ago) is now the equivalent of a Tamagotchi compared to a Nintendo Switch.  Of a Nokia 6310 to an iPhone 13.  And hair technology is no different.

Compare straighteners now to straighteners 5 years ago.  The difference is astounding!  We now know the importance of choosing straighteners with plates that evenly distribute heat.  We know different hair types require different maximum temperatures.  And how many of us have been saved by the handy auto-switch off function?!

And by using old technology straighteners, chances are you're actually damaging your hair - so rather than waiting for them to die the ultimate techno-death, it's time to reassess your current straighteners now!

We're putting together a really exciting trial team which will see 20 reviewers put a brand new straightener to the test.  Here's where it gets interesting.  These aren't hitting retail stores until around the November 1st and we can't publicly talk about them until then.  Neither can the trial team!  We can say they are going to retail for $439.99 and are based on the latest in STEAM straightening technology.  Christmas really will come early for the members of this trial team!

Steam Technology.

  • Steam technology acts as a conditioning mist, infusing hair with moisture while transforming it into long-lasting, poker straight hair that shines and feels soft and satiny.
  • The mystery straighteners offer you the option to use the base station to automatically fill the straightener in seconds, or you can fill the straightener reservoir directly.
  • The plates are titanium plates, max wide and cushioned to provide the ulitimate temperature stability for poker straight hair in one pass.
  • There's a removable detangling comb that allows for 3D straightening, sectioning and detangling hair as you style it!
  • You'll experience super controlled styling with 5 heat settings up to 220°C and integrated sensors to prevent excessive heat.
  • Hair will stay straight for at least 24 hours!

WE KNOW!!  It sounds amazing!!  

So if you'd like to put your hand up to trial this super secret, super amazing product you'll need to take our survey to put your hand up.

CLICK HERE to take our quick hair care survey and put your hand up to join this Trial Team.

Then why not come back here and tell us all about your current straighteners - we'd love to hear how old they are, what technology they utilise and if they need an upgrade!

How old are your hair straighteners?

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20th October, 2021

I’d love to trial this, I’m using a Remington and it doesn’t help my hair but it’s really what I can afford at the time of purchase..My hair is naturally wavy and uncontrollable so I need to straighten my hair daily!

20th October, 2021

I’m literally using a GHD right now that I got back in 2009, so very old! I have frizzy and pretty hard to control hair. So being able to straighten and de-frizz my hair is very important to me. When I haven’t straightened my hair it’s quite unmanageable. But I know I need a product that’s better for my hair and also hopefully saves me a bit of time!

20th October, 2021

My GHDS are nearly 10 years old. Every year I say I'll get a new pair but I never do! Really should upgrade though

20th October, 2021

My GHD's were like the boss of straighteners 15 years ago when I got them, lol. I'm pretty sure they are not doing the same job these days as there doesn't seem to be much difference after I use them, but I keep trying, lol!! I'd love to be considered for this trial, my hair is floofy and I hate it! Did that keratin straightening once, loved it but who can afford that every 3 months! I'd rather put my $ towards a new straightener! :-)


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