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How often do you buy beauty products?

1 November, 2020 - 11:14am by - First Lady | 9 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

We've known each other a while now right?  So I don't need to play coy.  I like shopping.  Specifically, I like buying beauty products.  I don't care if it's a much needed new cleanser, a not-so-needed new lipstick or a most-definitely-not-needed-but-just-look-at-it palette - I enjoy the thrill of the shop.

And my love-hate relationship with technology most definitely crosses over with my shopping habit.  I mean, the internet just makes it so darn easy to buy stuff doesn't it?  You can read what makes Angelina Jolie look so great, tap the product name into Google and be checking out within 5 minutes.  Not to mention the fact that you can buy beauty products everywhere in real life too, it seems.  The pharmacy, gift shops, markets, the supermarket.  Now this ease of shopping, be it physical or online might be great for the shopping high, but not so great for the rapidly dwindling storage space in my house.  

Remember when Gmail changed their inbox settings so there was a separate tab for promotional emails? I thought "well this should help me resist temptation". It didn't work.  Instead it seemed to highlight the amazing deals even more.  

Now, I am lucky - I do have a job that conveniently allows me to label an beauty purchases as 'research'.  I mean, I have to know all about the latest trends and must-haves right?!  But nonetheless I can't help but wonder if buying beauty products at least weekly is a little excessive.  Crazy even.

So am I alone?  Please tell me I'm not.  How often do you buy beauty products?  Do the essentials just get popped on the grocery list as you run out, or do you shop for shopping's sake?  Buying what you like, when you like?  Do you get a little shopping high placing an online order? Do you constantly have tabs open, with half full carts in different stores, just waiting for payday, to push 'Buy Now'?

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How often do you buy beauty products?

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4th November, 2020

It depends on how I am feeling but I certainly am looking up products on the daily scoping a bargin

4th November, 2020

I was literally unpacking a parcel and some shopping (none of it needed) when I read this. It really is an addiction for me. I have back ups for back ups.

3rd November, 2020

I usually buy just BBBEs and only an occasional other product. I am getting a bit low on perfume and I need some concealer so I'll probably have one big spend on a few products at once.

3rd November, 2020

Skincare I mostly buy as I need it and sometimes try new products that have great reviews. In the past I've been shocking with makeup purchases but now I have a big collection so I've slowed down THANKFULLY

2nd November, 2020

I was buying beauty products all the time then I started getting quite a stash. I do still buy lots of pretty things that catch my eye, but they have to be something I don’t have (though it’s amazing how creative one can get justifying different shades or finishes).

2nd November, 2020

I think about 3ish weeks? Unless its a sale or i go shopping with my sisters. Usually always end up picking something up then.

1st November, 2020

Probably fortnightly I try and space it out so hopefully I’m not buying all at once

1st November, 2020

Weekly more often than not to my husband's dismay lol. They just catch my eye and jump into my basket.

1st November, 2020

I get paid fortnightly so usually buy something every fortnight. But in saying that it is usually something that I have run out of.....usually lol.

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