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How often do you breakout?

10 July, 2020 - 12:07pm by - First Lady | 93 Comments

Poll by BR Amelia

The importance of a regular skincare routine isn't something to underestimate.  Looking after our skin daily is the best way to ensure our skin looks and feels it's best - throughout those up and down teenage years, past our twenties, through our thirties and on it's way to ageing gracefully from our 40s and beyond.

But here's the thing - when it comes to breakouts, nothing is a guarantee - we can never say never - whether it be a monthly appearance (cos we all know good things happen monthly), once in a blue moon, or for some of us, a weeky occurence; we will face pimples and breakouts.  There is no magic pill to prevent them.

My tip for breakout management is to first figure out your go-to face wash; the one you can use daily to mostly keep your breakouts in check.  Then you need a spot treatment on hand, so when Mount Vesuvius erupts, you can zap it right away!

We're putting two products from the New Zealand brand Manuka Vantage to the test.

New Zealand Manuka Oil Face Wash with Aloe Vera and Manuka Honey.  

 This face wash contains the combined action of anti-inflammatory Manuka Oil and the antibacterial properties of premium certified Manuka Honey that assists in improving problem skin. This gentle wash unclogs blocked pores caused by the everyday environment and helps to remove bacteria

New Zealand Manuka Oil Blemish Gel with Rosehip and Manuka Honey.  

This treatment gel contains the combined action of anti-inflammatory Manuka Oil and the antibacterial properties of premium certified Manuka Honey, that assist in keeping the skin clear and blemish free.  This acne treatment gel penetrates deep into the pores to absorb excess oils and actively eliminates bacteria,the cause of acne and blemishes.

If you fancy a spot on this multi-product trial team why not tell us your thoughts on skincare routines and those dreaded breakouts.  

We're opening this trial team up to our teenagers too - so if you have a teen in your household who would be up for using a couple of new products; you can put your hand up for them.  You'll be responsible for placing their reviews (3 in total) and making sure they thoroughly trial the products.

Get chatting below!

How often do you breakout?

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19th July, 2020

I would absoltely LOVE to be a part of this trial. I am constantly breaking out, especially around my chin and t zone.

16th July, 2020

My skin is super stressed so I have constant breakouts around my chin - UGH!

16th July, 2020

Yeah I dunno why I’ve been getting acne .

14th July, 2020

Lately I've been focusing on rebuilding my skin after years of stripping it with harsh acne products. The breakouts I have now are much less aggressive, but still won't stop! I would love to see how manuka oil affects them

13th July, 2020

I used to never break out...until I got pregnant. I’m halfway through pregnancy and I’m wanting find a product that is a tad more natural. The last one I tried was very harsh and caused my face to peel and leave redness. I would love to trial this product as It also comes with the face wash (as that has been a little tricky to find one that helps).

13th July, 2020

My youngest sister has sensitive skin this could be a good product for her

13th July, 2020

Mainly on chin and nose, I Would live a product to help this

13th July, 2020

Sometimes have breakouts on my chin and nose, be great to try out this product.

13th July, 2020

I have quite a few breakouts on my chin and they're not healing very well, would love to try this product!!

13th July, 2020

Annoyingly I've been breaking out more than usual lately, during and following lockdown - I guess the stress of everything is showing in my skin, darn! I would love to give these two a try, to see if they can get my skin to calm down a bit and sort out the breakouts I've been getting!

13th July, 2020

I thought that once I was older I would stop suffering from breakouts but unfortunately that has not been the case, I still breakout and suffer from scarring. I have tried a range of products but nothing seems to help so would be keen to give this a go

13th July, 2020

I would love a chance to trial this. I suffer nasty cystic acne which I've had since my teens (now in my mid 30s). I've heard great things about manuka as a a soothing and healing ingredient so would love to try skincare containing it. I use a strict daily regimen with skincare but I still haven't found the right products yet.

12th July, 2020

I would love to try this as I am desperately trying different solutions to my KP problem.

12th July, 2020

The manuka honey will be very kind to the breakouts, gentle but hopefully effective. Will be good to try.

12th July, 2020

Luckily my skins pretty good when it comes to breakouts. I look forward to seeing what people think of this product though


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