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How Many Hair Colours Have You Had?

11 October, 2020 - 10:26am by - First Lady | 11 Comments

Article by BR Natalie

As you can probably imagine, we chat a lot at BRHQ.  I mean we work hard, but when you're talking about makeup, beauty products and hair care, it's only natural the conversation is going to digress into personal experience right?

A recent article reported that the average woman changes her hair colour only three times in her life.  This surprised me.  It did not surprise Queenie, aka the founder of Beauty Review, Merilyn.  Merilyn has had 2 hair colours in her life - blonde and red.  And that's only if her dying her hair red to go to a fancy dress party as Miranda from Sex And The City counts!

Me on the otherhand, well, where do I start?!  I wasn't allowed to dye my hair until I was 16, so I probably blame the parents for my fickle nature when it comes to hair colour.  I was born blonde which eventually darkened to that most awesome of shades - mousey brown.  Well except for one random inch wide section on my crown, that still, to this day, grows blonde.  At 16 I added some highlights, which were about 3 shades lighter than mousey brown.  And then I turned 17, got bored, chopped my hair off and dyed it pink and black a la Kelly Osbourne. 

Since then I've had bright colours - red, purple, blue, pink.  I've been raven black, iced chocolate, returned to light brown.  I've been all over violet and all over blue-black.  Then at 23 I grew bored of the upkeep and grew out my black hair.  Several years later I was rocking my natural shade until I decided to ombre it - my first proper foray into blonde. That lasted a year until I decided I wanted to funk up the mum bun with a hidden rainbow.  Which changed colour every six weeks. 

And now...well I'm pretty much back to natural mousey brown again...and hoping those first greys just sort of blend on in...!

So now it your turn to tell us - how many hair colours have you rocked in your life?  And why is this the case?  Do you see approach your hair as you do your accessories and like to play around with it, chopping and changing colour often?  Or do you stick with what you know suits?

Get chatting below!

How Many Hair Colours Have You Had in Your Life?

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16th October, 2020

Hmmmmmm I have been black, red and now blonde!!!

15th October, 2020

I’ve had 5 different colours throughout my lifetime. I recall using my first nordic blonde lightener back in high school lol and it looking orange.

14th October, 2020

I wish I could say I tried more but I just haven't had the moolah especially since dark hair requires bleaching for the colors to pop.

13th October, 2020

I've always had dark brown hair with goldy streaks as an adult, as a kid I had light brownish blonde hair. Started getting the odd grey hair in my late fifties so had coppery balayage streaks put in, then a full head medium brown put in. Will go back to my natural dark brown colour next time.

12th October, 2020

I stick to dark brown these days but definitely tried quite a few when younger! I own a lot of wigs now so I experiment with them :)

12th October, 2020

Currently have red purple and blue in my hair

12th October, 2020

Red, purple, blue black , chocolate , brown, blonde ,pink, blue you named it , I love every color on my hair , life is to short to stick to one color ! now that I', older I'm giving my grey hair a chance , I will be using some fun colors if I get bored , but not more permeant colors for me .

12th October, 2020

Always had long thick hair so have never ventured into a salon for what I really want, purple hair. Have tried a lot of box dyes, various purples, red once, black, blue black and chocolate brown. Actually like a lot of those looks but can never be bothered with the upkeep.(redying regularly) just let it all grow out to boring dark brown.

11th October, 2020

My hair is naturally dark. I've had sooooo many colours. I tried blonde hahaha and got a lovely shade of ginger lol! Red, blue, purple and black. My go to colour is black now, usually blue-black which I love.

11th October, 2020

I've had loads. We used to get Effecton semi permanents and try different colors every week. They were so simple to use.

11th October, 2020

I've had most hair colours already, my natural brown, lighter dyed brown, black, purple, red, ginger with blonde highlights, pink and currently blonde. For me definitely changing hair colour is like having a new beginning, I love to change my hair colour as a new start and it's fun as different makeup and outfit looks go with different hair colours differently. Now that I've had plenty of unnatural hair colours I will stick with natural as my work industry frowns upon crazy hair colours.