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Have You Used Manuka Honey Skin Care Before?

22 June, 2020 - 09:33pm by - First Lady | 38 Comments

Poll posted by BR Tabby

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The buzz about Manuka.

Manuka Honey is truly a gift from bees.  Specifically the bees that pollinate the Manuka Tree.  Manuka Honey is anti-microbial because it contains loads of sugar and very little water; so micro-organisms can't form and spread. 

It also contains an enzyme that produces Hydrogen Peroxide, a proven antiseptic and antibacterial agent, which makes it great for acne prone skin, as it leaves fewer bacteria to infect pores.

Manuka Honey is packed with vitamins and minerals, proteins and antioxidents.  Which, if you've taken Skincare 101, you'll know neutralise free radicals; lessening skin damaging and aiding the regeneration of new cells and tissue. 

Manuka Honey is also a natural humectant - it preserves and retains the skin's natural moisture.


The Trial Team.

We're looking for reviewers to put two full sized skin care products to the test - a daily face wash and a treatment product. 

We're opening this trial team up to our teenagers too - so if you have a teen in your household who would be up for using a couple of new products; you can put your hand up for them.  You'll be responsible for placing their reviews (3 in total) and making sure they thoroughly trial the products.

CLICK HERE to take our survey and put your hand up.

After completing our survey, why not get chatting to us below about your experiences with Manuka Honey in skincare.  Is it an ingredient you regularly use or seek out?  

Have You Used Manuka Honey Skin Care Before?

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10th September, 2020

Both my daughter 13 and I would love to reviews these products. I have very sensitive skin with Rosacea.

18th July, 2020

I have used a few face products with honey in them and I love them I find they work amazing for my skin I would love to trial this one out

12th July, 2020

My tween would be perfect for this trial

9th July, 2020

oh my daughter would have been perfect for this

7th July, 2020

I love that there are so many great skin products that are utilising natural amazing ingredients. I'm very curious to see what these are like!

7th July, 2020

Manuka honey products are so soothing on your skin. I have used a lip balm and a handcream with it in before.

4th July, 2020

Used Manuka honey products before and I liked them, I can’t remember which brand they were from though sadly.

30th June, 2020

I haven't used any skincare that contains manuka honey other than a hand cream which I loved.

30th June, 2020

I have used some Manuka products before. They were nice but didn’t wow me enough to stick with them. The treatment sounds interesting.

29th June, 2020

I have never tried any Honey products before, my skin is prone to the odd break out and is dry and patchy skintone. These natural Honey treatments sound great, I would love to try them.

27th June, 2020

I love Manuka Honey. I have just finished the Wild Ferns manuka honey eye creme and loved it.

27th June, 2020

I would love to get these for myself and our 2 teens to try as to date they've had limited success with the various things that they've tried. I read some amazing things about Manuka Honey so it would be awesome to try these two products.

26th June, 2020

I have used the eye cream only , recommended by my daughter , been all natural she was very keen on my trying the whole range of Manuka Honey products .

26th June, 2020

Have used some Manuka honey skin products in the past and don't feel any which way about them. All for natural ingredients though. Look forward to reading reviews!

26th June, 2020

No teens in our house and I’m way past acne years, but look forward to reading reviews. I have used Manuka honey based body/hand creams on my sons eczema with great success so I think the healing and antibacterial properties of these types of products are fabulous.

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