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Have You Used an Elizabeth Arden Foundation Before?

13 October, 2018 - 09:04pm by - First Lady | 251 Comments

poll posted by BR Tabatha

Applying foundation is a tricky task.  It really is a skill that you learn through trial and error.  Brush, wedge, sponge, your fingers - each tool has it's pros and cons, and each tool works differently depending on the format of foundation. 

Today we're looking at a cream foundation, which generally, are great for providing medium to full coverage, being easily buildable.  And this foundation comes complete with its own applicator too!  Oh.  And one of the  Actual diamonds!

Recently Elizabeth Arden improved their best-selling and beloved Flawless Finish Sponge-On Cream Makeup. The new formula delivers more of what was great about the orginal foundation:

  • more radiance-boosting benefits
  • improved complexion-perfecting ingredients
  • increased moisturising
  • a natural luminous finish that lasts all day.

Infused with micronized diamond powder, this light-reflecting foundation manipulates and scatters light to diffuse the look of imperfections. Immediately, the look of fine lines, pores, blemishes, scars and dark spots are diminished. Skin appears smoother and more even in tone, as luminosity and radiance are boosted. This moisturising formula offers medium to full coverage that feels comfortable and lasts all day. 

And if you think the formula sounds amazing, how about the double-deck compact that's great for travel and on-the-go touchups. Open the top cover to reveal the cream foundation and a mirror, and flip up the bottom level for a contoured application sponge. 

So, we think the interest in reviewing this for us is going to be high, so without further ado it's time to put your hand up.

How easy do you find it to apply foundation? If your regular foundation comes with an applicator, do you use it?  Or do you have a favourite foundation tool, independant to the foundation itself?  And what about your experiences with Elizabeth Arden foundations? 

Get chatting below - we might choose you to review this for us!

Have You Used an Elizabeth Arden Foundation Before?

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12th December, 2018

I have never tried an Elizabeth Arden Foundation before, am always looking for a good foundation, as i have really fair skin and it can be hard to match my skin tone.

14th November, 2018

I got sent an invite like a month ago to trial this but the item hasn't been shipped yet as far as I know...

5th November, 2018

I have never tried Elizabeth Arden before but it is one brand I have always been curious about. I always use the applicator that comes with foundation. If there is no sponge I just use my hands!

4th November, 2018

I have tried elizabeth arden before, got colour matched in store and when i applied it a few days later, i was told it was very orange! I looked like an oompaloompa. I find this a lot though when they colour match me under flourescent lights its not the same as when I'm in normal light or daylight lol. Aside from that though, the foundation was ok, found it a little light in coverage which I don't really like. I prefer medium to full. I haven't tried doing my whole face with the sponges, only use a brush

30th October, 2018

No never have tried an Elizabeth Arden Foundation before, am always looking for a good foundation, as i have fair skin i find one hard to match my skin tone.

28th October, 2018

This product looks so lovely and the packaging so luxurious. I would love to give this foundation a go. I currently use Chanel Le Beige tinted moisturiser, which gives a lovely sheer glow. But I would like to find a go-to medium coverage product too. xx

27th October, 2018

I work long hours and have problematic skin and would love to trial this foundation, I also generally buy the lightest shade of foundation from other brands that are still too dark for me so it would be cool to see how this would work on my skin colour!

24th October, 2018

I can't wait to try this. I have tried one pump bottle of liquid foundation before long ago but it didn't sit very well on my skin. High hopes for this one.

23rd October, 2018

OMG i have never tried Elizabeth Arden products but have dreamed to one of these days, i always here great things about their products so would loooove to try for myself

23rd October, 2018

It's been a long time since I tried an Elizabeth Arden foundation. I think they kind of got forgotten about as other brands have been more trendy and spoken about more among influencers. EA's maybe a bit more of an 'older generation' brand?

23rd October, 2018

You cant beat an Elizabeth Arden product. Thes beautiful products have been around for decades and the just keep getting better. I have used a lot of EA products. The foundations have always been excellent.

22nd October, 2018

I have never tried Elizabeth Arden before but I would love to try it. I absolutely love trying new products especially products I wouldn't usually be able to afford. I don't wear alot of makeup but when I do I love a nice light flawless foundation and I will usually apply it with a sponge. I really hope I get the chance to try this.

22nd October, 2018

I apply with a foundation brush, premoistened with setting spray. Historically, I have used my hands as I found that my body heat blends the product well. It also minimises waste- I have found sponges (especially when dry) tend to suck up costly foundation. I have recently been drawn to Elizabeth Arden after reading about the history if the company, the support of the suffragette movement and protest. Arden also feature Reese Witherspoon as a spokesperson, and she is a preppy goddess. So in short- I would LOVE to try Arden foundation! I have had good experiences with supplied brushes- except for those awful pokey foam eyeshadow dabbers. I have even kept some of these tools after exhausting the product.

22nd October, 2018

I personally use a beauty sponge to apply foundation as I find it goes on a lot more evenly and it comes out flawless! My foundations that I use which is L’Oréal True Match and Revlon Colorstay did not come with an applicator, which is fine as I like to use my own anyway. I have never used an Elizabeth Arden foundation but I would honestly LOVE to try this as I have heard many good things about the brand and the fact that it is a cream, it’s luminous and helps complexion sounds like my kind of foundation!

22nd October, 2018

I've never used an Elizabeth Arden foundation before, but am always on the lookout for a new foundation. I tend to apply it in the car in the way to work, so liquid or cream foundations are easier. The trouble is finding one that gives me enough coverage without being too heavy and making me look old, plus one that lasts the day without going oily looking (I work in an office with aircon, you'd think it wouldn't be a problem!).